Desh Ki Beti Nandini 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 24th October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nandini opening the door, Rajvir asks her whether he can come inside, to which Nandini says ‘ YES ‘. Rajvir looks clueless after seeing no one to welcome him in the house. Nandini hesitatingly asks him ‘ you, here? ‘ Rajvir tells her you are behaving as if you don’t know anything. Nandini is confused, asks what she is supposed to know ? Rajvir remembers Abhay’s words about how people will recognize him immediately and celebrate him being at their home. He tells himself that these people aren’t event doing their job and Abhay this is an insult to me” Just when Nandini’s sister comes and looks delirious seeing The Rajvir Raghuvanshi at their home, She asks Nandini to pinch her which Nandini does.

Ritu says its conformed that Rajvir Raghuvanshi is at their home, saying this she faints. Nandini goes outside to get some water, while Rajvir tries to wake up Ritu thinking she is just overacting. He further tells her that she can get up now as people aren’t watching them and there was no need for this kind of loud reaction ( Rajvir still thinks Ritu is acting according to Abhay’s instruction ). In kitchen Nandini tries to tell her mother about Ritu, her mother is busy listening songs while doing her works. Nandini snatches her headphone from her , informs her about Rajvir Raghuvanshi being at their house and Ritu fainting. Even Aanchal becomes overexcited, confused whether she shoud take care about her daughter or welcome Rajvir. Ritu gains conscious, they ask Rajvir to sit down and Ritu sits besides him making Rajvir and nadini further embarrassed. Ritu tells Rajvir that’s he knows he has come their hime to thank her didi , Rajvir is super confused , wonders what Abhay has told them, meanwhile Nandini whether he got his watch or not.

Mr Panday,his son anfd Mishra Ji in road , they see few people riding towards their colony , inquire them what’s the matter. They tell them about the visit in Panday Ji’s house. They all wonder why he has come to their house.

Back to Nandini’s home, Ritu explaisn him how he is a youth icon in India even though he lived in London. She says she wants to inform her friends about him being at their home, goes to make calls. Panday Ji, Mishra Ji and a group of people comes there running, Ballaji (the secretary of colony) express his excitement of seeing him n there ( actually he tries to tough Rajvir which obviously made Rajvir uneasy )

Meanwhile, Abhay is in search of Rajvir , he calls him on his number but Rajvir isn’t picking the phone. Abhay wonders where Rajvir has gone.

Back to Nandini’s house, everyone trying o talk to Rajvir , when Panday Ji asks to him about his visit there, Rajvir replies he was told to meet the people and interact with them, hearing which Nandini understand that he hasn’t come there to thank her and its all about political matters. All the women trying to get a picture clicked with Rajvir. Abhay is still trying to find about Rajvir’s whereabouts. Back to Paday house, people fighting over whether Rajvir should give autograph or click pictures with them. Rajvir finding himself in a uncontrollable situation, tells him self he is falling sort of oxygen now. As everyone tries to take picture with him, Rajvir looses him mobile while trying to message Abhay. After Ritu asks people not to trouble him, Rajvir asks them if they can put the AC on? Colony people answer how there is only one house that has Ac coonection , even that AC is to be repaired. Rajvir wonders how can they live in such condition without AC. Nandini tells they can go to terrace to which everyone including Rajvir agree and take him there.

Media people make their entry; seeing them Rajvir gets relived as this no so pleasing event can come to an end. One reporter questions him being in that colony, to which Rajvir replies that he wanted to see how the life of people in Delhi has changed ( Nandini gives a ” oh really huh ” look ). When Reporter asks Nandini how is she feeling about Ranjir’s visit. She replies that according to her Rajvir is just a guest at their home and will be treated by any other guests. Her response amuses Rajvir. When Nandini is about to go to prepare tea for him, he stops her and says Its lunch time and since he is hungry he will have the food that they all have.

In Raghuvanshi mansion., Suryaman ji and Gayatri D waiting for rajvir’s news to be telecated , get shocked to hear Rajvir went to D block not P block.

Pre-cap : Rajvir hears someone calling the colony as D block, understands he has come to the wrong place, gets up without saying anything and goes away much to the disappointment and confusion of the colony people.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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