Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Ila aunty oops I mean GD asks RV to take blessing from his father before starting work. Her PA aka aakanksha tells her bro that she has seen mom’s favorite time pass urf standing in front of father’s portrait many times but today she is really happy for it. They take blessing together. GD asks her children to go with abhay to see the presentation

Now back to Nandini rani one of the colony member expresses his frustration about how easy to talk than get done. Rest of the residents defend nandini, blame political leader and then all start calling MLA murdabad. Nandini stops them, apologizes and says there is no night that does not end. So we will find a way. She says we ourself will make a road ( wow how?) Some one gives her reality check and she replies we can

fill the pits and gaps. Again a aunty give her pratical scenario how difficult and costly it would be. She suggests for the soldier’s contribution after little reluctance residents agree and her father starts by giving his share followed by rest. ( hola aise contribute karoge toh netas aur bhi kaam nahi karenge aur apni jebe bharenge). RV is skeptical about how crowd had followed him last time. Abhay assure him nothing would happen. RV tells him not to mess up ( Ab toh jarur you would end up at nanidi)

ABhay explains his strategy to aaknsha and RV. He askes them to go in two different locations of middle class residential area in Delhi. He tells RV specific colony and apt to knock at the door ( am sure he would some how mess up to end up at nandini’s house) to find out common man problem. He also tells him there would be media van to cover him and he would have to eat and drink there. RV UK return of course worried about hygine unlike me and refuses to eat-drink. Abhay now fills him in how it all is staged and food and water would be from 5 star hotel and mineral water would be filled in pots respectively. ( hmmm ab samjhi this is how leader works thing out . I like the idea of exposing reality through show, but public still do not get it).
one crow keep on coming to nandin’s house and her mom keep on shoo it away as she does not want any guest as addition in so costly living expenses. ( ammaji future son in law aane vaala hai, so do not shoo crow away)

RV is still skeptical to go when Abhay tells him not to worry you would be safe . This time you are moving in plan and protective zone so go ahead. ( ab toh I wanna bet anything ki panga jarur hoga and he will end up wrong house but for right reason)RV starts driving crosses two check posts correctly, abhay gets update for every moment. Abhay calls to tell RV after 1 km he needs to go Rajori garden Block P, right then RV gets important calls so he hangs up on abhay. The call is from UK whom he tells to take care business for a month as his family needs help and he should be back in time, while this conversation going on crow mahaatma does its job of beating in white that make block D looking like block P ( Oh so yeh tha mess up, or I should say love angle Crow, okay nandini you shud come to get the door).

RV gets out and notices no one around, steps in muddy water, abhay gets to know he has crossed block B has not reached yet C, ABhay calls RV and gets to know he is at P block. RV shows his concern again and abhay does what he does best assures him saying he has made road cleaned till house no 17 for him. ( haila road would be cleaned if at all he is at right place). Abhay asks him not to hang up but he does exactly what abhay asking him not to i.e. hans up. RV keeps on walking while taking on cell to his business fellow. Crowd see him, recognize and start following I guess.
Abhay calls his actors at flat no 17 to tell he has arrived instead he gets to know RV is not there. He tells every guard to go look for him, his actor comes out to serach for him too. Media people asks him when he tells he has to find him. media personnel make fun of RV. One senior member suggests why worry as our channel runs on PRP money, we getting extra incentive so let it go.
RV still waking and talking on the cell. crowd wonder where is he going. ( apni dilruba dillivali ke ghar)

RV sees the house no 17, crowd too find out he is going to nandini’s house. NAndini tells her mom she is going to office. RV about to knock the door and nadini open it and shocked. She thinks why is he here. he thinks why is she staring at me when she supposes to welcome me. ( man he is such a big guy, businessman and so poor memory. how come he not recognize her?) Screen faces on confused Rajini.

Precap: Hubby ke welcome mein no kasar
reporter asks nandini how would she feeling seeing RV at her house. ( oye tere ki aakhir abhay ne dhoond hi liya, RV will be more confuse thinking yahi woh ghar hai, he came at correct place) She replies for them he is just GUEST not Rajveer Ranghuvanshi and he shall get warm welcome as a guest in our house. RV is amused on her answer.

Update Credit to: md410

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