Desh Ki Beti Nandini 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with,
MLA Jagadish yadav checking the list of file and asks his PA what to do with the list. PA suggests MLA to do as what he used to always. Meantime Nandini enters MLA cabin and gets shocked to see MLA throwing file to PA. PA catches it.
Nandini gets choked hearing to MLA’s words on the insult he had at colony cycle racing. MLA Orders PA the road should never be repaired under his ruling. Nandini listens to everything . PA throws the fiel into dustbin and gets shock to see nandini in the room.

Party Office : Conference Hall
Abhay explaining GD & Co, the way to win hearts of Common man.

MLA Cabin
Nandini looks angrily at MLA. she doesn’t utter single word. and silently takes her phone and the file from dustbin

about to leave the place. PA requests Nandini to give back the file and it might fall into dustbin by mistakenly / unknowingly. Even MLA too insists Nandini to give back file.
Nandini with sad tone and tears , explains him that, what MLA has done is wrong. These are not only simple papers, this is the pain of common people. With false promises he has broken the hopes and throwed their problems into dustbin? Common people tears will never get dry.. When the right time comes, those become strong to clear out the problems..

Abhay still explaining about his strategy to win common man hearts.

MLA Cabin
MLA says, he can understand their pain.
Nandini replies, she has seen everything.. she wants to say one final word that, common man lives with hopes… Playing with their hopes is nothing but playing with their lives. No one has permission to do that.. When the hope breaks down then the chair of leaders too will break down. History has several proofs .. and don’t play with common man emotions and don’t play with their hopes.
MLA shouts on PA. PA runs out to chck.

OUTside of MLA room.. Pandey ji and others start discussing that , their life going to be changed as Nandini is there to support them. Nandini reaches there with tears. Nandini’s father says with sad tone.. When Nandini was born, his relatives all taunted them for having a girl child. Now the same nandini with her psoitive attitude trying to bring life to their hopes. Nandini hides the file inside bag. They start praising MLA jagadish yadav and says all political leaders are not similar. Then they praise nandini that always she is right.. Who tries only, win wll be theirs.

RV asks abahy, what he has to do exactly. Abhay gives a smart smile and says you can take rest for today ,,, you will get to know everything tomorrow.
(so RV ji slowly you paying interest in Party tasks )

Nandini home,
Nandini in her room thinking about MLA’s words and so disheartened . Pandey reaches there and asks what had happened. Nandini unable to control her tears.
Pandey asks the reason for that. And shocked to see the file in nandini hands and questions her hw she got the file when it was given to MLA.
Nanidini breaks down and says, all leaders are smiliar there is no difference. Common man instead trusting political leaders, why cant do something else.
Pandey says, Life goes on trust only.
Nandini ” what will happen with that trust now everything broken. And explainins to pandey everything that she witnessed in MLA’s room.”
She breaks down with tears about the common man problems and how their trust and hopes were broken.
Pandey consoles her, there is no mistake of ours. The people who doesn’t understand common man destiny they are doing mistake. What ever happened its bitter only but don’t break . Common man never breaks down.. and says her to reveal the bitter truth to everyone in the colony.

Next Morning,
GD mansion
Alarm buzz, RV stops the alarm .. He wakes up listening to door knock. Servant comes in and says, Abhay has asked to get ready.
RV combing hair all set dressed.. meantime abhay enters room. Both greet good morning. Abhay asks RV to change his attire and he shows RV different kind of dresses and accessories to wear in laptop (i think flipcart). RV denies to change his watch as its his lucky watch. After checking up of many dresses, Abhay selects white kurta and paijama with black over coat.
RV comes out of dressing room.. Abhay gets so impressed seeing upon the new make over and says.. now RV appears as perfect indian leader.
Abhay and RV coming down … Gayatri devi gets impressed seeing new RV and remembers his husband. Gayatri Devi is so admired seeing RV in new make over which is similar to his father. GD stares at RV speechless. She touches the over coat so affectionately with tears and kisses RV’s forehead. She says to RV, “if your father is alive , he will be very happy seeing you like this.. I was confused for few minutes that your father is here only. ”
Both will go to vijayendar’s photo .. GD self talk to vijayendar ” Today RV took initiation to fulfill your dream”

Nandin oepns door. RV and nandini will have a eye lock.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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