Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with MLA and group entering to colony. Nandini , her father and their neighbours welcome him, Nandini thanks him for taking time out of his busy schedule and attending the Cycle Race event. MLA Yadav inquires her about the preparation to which Nadini replies smarty since he is the chief guest they would like him to start the Race competition by participating in it. MLA hesitates, but Nandini and group insists he participate, MLA in a fixed situation agrees since he doesn’t have any choice. Seeing the condition of the road, MLA is sure of hurting himself. As he starts his bicycle ride , after few seconds he looses balance and falls down. When his guards try to help him to get up, he shouts at them but soon realises that he in in front of public hence calms


Raghuvanshi mansion, Abhay and Rajvir greet each other, Abhay gives back Rajvir’s watch (which Nadini has returned to him ), Rajvir is happy to get his lucky watch back, asks about the person who found it. After knowing the same girl helped him again, he says ‘ Thanks to her agin

At colony, MLA feels humiliated by the people residing there, asks them if they invited him only to insult.To which Nandini replies calmly, that they didn’t have any other choice as No one responded to their plea. She further explains the difficulties they face because of the bad condition of the road; senior citizens and pregnant women not being able to travel and the incident took place with Ravi. Another person from the colony adds the problems with their pension and all. MLA listens to them calmly, asks them to write all their complaints or demands to him, asks Nandini herself to bring it to his Office., To which Nadini agrees. He asks them not to worry, moves off.

Back to Raghuvanshi Mansion, as Abhay and Rajvir arrive, many party members come to Rajvir and congratulate him, shake hands with him to which he doesn’t feel confortable. Gayatri D and Abhay notice his discomfort. Gayatri D asks Abhay if the presentation is ready, Abhay gives a positive response.

At colony, the secretary of the colony praises Nadini for making possible something even he couldn’t do. Nandini says every problem has a solution, its just up to them to find it.

Back to Raghuvanshi Mansion, Abhay proceeds with the presentation. He says its time they saw the strategies that can lead them to the definite victory. IN his presentation he classified the whole population in three categories: Rich, Middle class and lower middle class. He continues saying till now they (PRP party) have been focusing on rich which is one of the major reasons why they couldn’t achieve as the Rich people don’t even go to cast their vote. He says from now on they will focus on Middle class and lower middle class people who are used to waiting in line to get almost every administrative work done. So they are their actual voters, to addition to this they listen to their heart. And all they have to do is to listen to their problems.

Nandini is discussing with her mother about common man’s problems, goes to their neighbors house to take their complains / demands list, while Abhay is presenting Common man’s problems.

Nandini, her father and Mishra Ji at MLA’s office to handle the file (that contains the wish list of each and every person from their society) MLA promises that he himself will look in to it, happy about being heard Nandini and group make their exit from the cabin. Nandini wants to call someone, realises that she forgot her mobile inside the cabin, goes back to find it.

Raghuvanshi mansion, while discussing with common man’s problems, they hear someone telling loudly that he wants to meet Gayatri D and Rajvir. As Rajvir , Abhay and Akansha comes out, the man ( crying loudly ) falls on rajvir’s feet , begs him to save his son whose operation costs two lakhs. Rajvir is disgusted by his behaviour , aks Abhay to take care of his needs. Abhay promises the man that he will be helped, as the man is about to go away, Abhay calls him by his name ‘ ‘ and the man politly replies ‘ Yes Sir ‘. Akansha understanding its all Abhay’s plan , asking for an explanation. In return, Abhay asks her whether she knows that person, She replies NO , Abhay retorts saying that is the problem ‘ lack of human connect ‘he says the man has been working for them over 5 years and his Name is Santosh. He tells Rajvir this is what Rajvir need to do: to interact with people and know their problems.

Pre-cap : nandini who forgot the phone on MLA’s cabin, goes back to take it there, listens to MLA and his secretary’s conversation, where MLA asks what he has to do with the wish list to which his secretary replies the same that he always does.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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