Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts where it ended… Abhimanyu kaul(jackkey bhagnani) helps Nandini…those goons apologize and leave from there .. Abhimanyu praise Nandini for her bravery the way she came to help a strange girl… he also gives message that Youngistaan can change the system… and ask her to support Youngistaan… Nandini agrees and tell him to introduce his self… then he introduce his self and leaves..

(At Raghuvanshi mansion) Suryavanshi family arrives both family introduce each other… that boy Gautam and divya meet each other … lol that boy is brand consiouse he likes divya… RV waiting for Nandini.. Suryavanshi family ask about Nandini RV says that she will come soon.. some family talks going on… divya also ready for this marriage and relation fix all are


In auto Nandini sees that They are at Raghuvanshi mansion and she ask Anchal why they are here… Anchal tell her to ask about it to her father… they reach at Raghuvanshi mansion Nandini ask her father why he lied to her ? Pandey ji says that he doesn’t have any other option… because he thinks that RV deserves second chance and she should forgive him.. Nandini goes to RV who standing at door and ask him why he manipulating her family… RV says he want a chanse and they can be friends again… Nandini angrily says that they never can be friends again.. she is about to leave just then both family comes outside..

dadisa introduce Nandini to Suryavanshi family .. Nandini meet them happily.. that boy Gautam taunt Nandini’s family about there middle class status… RV interfere and take Nandini’s side… he says that common-men make india and it doesn’t matter how person travel or what wears (good one to that idiot).. Suryavanshi family leavs from there.. Nandini also leaving.. Dadisa try to stop her… Uttara and Swaroop again taunt Nandini about her character Nandini ark RV thats why he called her to humiliate her… RV try to explain but Nandini leaves … RV is upset and GD comes to him and tell him to accept that Nandini will never return back to Raghvanshi mantion… dadisa comes and says to RV not to give up and try to woo Nandini back..

at society pandey family arrives…all celebrating holi… Nandini also applied color to her father’s face.. Nandini’s selftalk she will do anything for her family’s happiness.. she turns back as she feels someone there.. RV is there they see each other there eyelock (BG meri Ashiqi ab tum hi ho).. Episode ends..

PRECAP :- Nandini in her home asking for towel,. RV gives her towel,. Nandini ask what he doing here ? RV says that he will stay there till she come back with him

Update Credit to: divya

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