Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th March 2014 Written Update

Daadi talks to nandini over phone. NAndini tells her she did not say anything as RV has no trust in her and had doubted her character. She tells daai what has happened at farm house. How she had fallen sick, how she was not aware of RV coming, going from farm house etc. Daadi is shocked to know that nandini fell sick and was not aware of GD-RV visit to farm house. RV hears conversation and breaks the mirror in his room in frustration.
Daadi walks in to console him. He is regretting for not trusting and questioning nanidini’s character. He tells her he had made mistake and would correct it by bringing her back. Daadi says yes it is her home go and get her.

At nanidni’s home. Ritu defends nandini where as her mom asks her to be quite as RV is nandini’s hubby.

Pandeyji too supports Ritu when door bell rings. RV is at the door. He requests his in laws to let him talk to nandini. He apologizes to them for pointing finger at nandini’s character. Pandeyji tels him to solve it between themselves as it is matter between hubby and wife.
He walks to nandini and apologizes in front of whole family and requests her to come back home. Her mom tries to tell her to forgive him and go. She gets water instead for RV and tells him she would never forgive him for doubting on her character, before going to her room. She closes her room. RV and rest of the family try to convince her to open the door. Ritu insults RV, finally pandeyji asks Ritu-sid to shut up.

RV apologizes again to nandini tells he had life until she was in his life. He requests her to open the door so that he can see her once before leaving. She does not react.
He starts leaving when reaches at the door she opens the door. He turns back goes to her room she closes the door again. ( this is the most funny scene) leaving pandeji and gang out side
RV starts counting her positive points and what ever she has done so far for him including his music love. He asks her to forgive her friend and come home. nanidni replies, you married me for political interest, I never got treatment of your wife and top of it you pointed finger at my character so what konda friendship is this? She tells him I accept openly that I am in love with you but am afraid that if I come with you and same happens again then love would turn in to hate. RV says I do not want this to happen so it’s better we stay apart. He leaves.
Her mom tels her she should ahve gone with him.

GD with abhay explains party worker to give grand welcome to RV as soon as he comes. RV comes and greeted by garlands, flowers etc. He throws all making GD_abhay shocked. RV tells GD he made blunder, by doubting nandini she was planing surprise party. GD thinks abhay told him, she asks RV says does not matter who said what the fact is nandini has gone. He says he met nandini if she would ahve been at fault she would happily be back but she has self respect and she is hurt. GD tries to convey that nandini is the one who made move, RV cuts her saying even if that is the case Abhay is equally responsible then what is he doing here why has he not gone why punishment is for her only. GD tries to defend but RV leaves saying he has lost his friend.
GD thinks it was boomrang but good at least nandini is not back.

Daadi tells Rv to get nandini for holi and divya’s realation gonna fix. RV speaks to his mother in law requesting her to bring nadini for holi, who promises to be cupid. Uttara wants to put color on RV who replies will play holi first with nandini only. GD is shocked

Update Credit to: md410

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