Desh Ki Beti Nandini 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 18th February 2014 Written Update

Rajveer about to go out from home …Guests visit Raghuvanshi Mansion.
Swaroop introduces them to Rajveer.when Rajveer wants to leave GD says that he should stay there.Dadisa asks GD why they were there.GD tells her they came there for a reunion.

Rajveer asks a couple about their marriage.they tell him how they fell in love n got married.Uttara tells Rajveer that kind of feeling is only possible in love marriage.He then asks another couple n they tell him their marriage was arranged.Dadisa takes him upstairs.

Abhay talks to his people…asks them how the shooter escaped.they tell him they don’t know.abhay observes a broken glass piece scolds them.tells them to go n search him before he tries to contact Nandini.Nandini gives money to her driver to

pay the Mechanic.she takes an auto to reach home.

Rajveer calls Nandini asks her if she is ok.she tells him not to worry n she is fine.after talking to her Rajveer leaves his cell on a desk there.GD listens everything n she switches off his cell.Dadisa meets one of their guests who was looking at stars.he tells her that he came there to wish Madhu(his late wife) on valentine’s day.he leaves.Dadisa explains Rajveer about Love. Rajveer gets Flash blacks of him n Nandini.Finally Daidsa says he is lucky to have Nandini in his life.Dadisa leaves.Rajveer realizes his love for Nandini.
Rajveer in his hallucinations …thinks Nandini came back.he says he loves her.
GD comes there asking him whom he was talking to…which breaks his hallucination.
Rajveer replies no one.Gd leaves.Rajveer’s self talk..says…’Nandini where are you? Nandini I love u’

Nandini calls Rajveer finds his cell switched off.Abhay’s gunde tries to catch shooter.he hides in a telephone booth and calls Nandini.he tells her that he was the Shooter.Nandini tells him to stop his nonsense.she was about to cut the call he says he called her to tell her truth about his boss.she says now he doesn’t need money.he says he don’t want anything from her coz he wants to take revenge on his boss.she asks him who is his boss.he says PRP’s Political Adviser Abhay Singh.Nandini shocked to hear her self talk…thinks why would Abhay planned an attack on Rajveer.GD trusts him.she thinks May be someone is playing a prank.

Guests say Goodbye to Raghuvanshi family.
Nandini calls a police officer asks him about the arrest which Abhay told them.Inspector says no such case was registered about a caller and they didn’t arrest anyone.Nandini comes to confirmation that Abhay was involved.

Nandini overhears GD saying that no one should know truth that it was her plan to attack Rajveer.
Nandini tells Gd that now she will tell the truth to Rajveer.
Rajveer wants to say something but Nandini interrupts him.

Update Credit to: eshi

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