Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nandini’s Family waiting with AARTI plate for refrigerator.. Neighbours are envy at Nandini’s family still they congratulate them. Regrigerator van enters colony.Finally Nandini mother’s wish fulfilled .. she is amazed seeing the refrigerator at their home..The moment seal is open, door handle falls off.. All are shockd and disappointed.

GD mansion
RV talking in phone.. Meantime he listens Chachiji shouting on servant. RV goes to Chachi and asks her not to beangry. She replies, to manage the big house she need to be perfect.

Nandini home,
Nanidni’s mother shouts on the delivery boy. He complains that road is very bad due to that the handle breakage happened. Nandini asks to replace the item. The delivery boy replies that

they can get only Warranty coverage and replace is not possible. Nandini asks him to find out another way. The delivery boy says give 8000 rs , then handle will be fixed. Nandini gives him the 8k and requests to fix the refrigerator handle. Ritu asks her mother what to do the sweets. She is very upset and starts blabbering. Nandini’s family hear Someone screaming all will run out of home . Ravi, while cycling falls down due to the bad roads of colony. All will go to see him.

Ravi’s home,
Ravi’s mother enters and worried seeing her son’s position. Nandini’s father consoles her not to worry and doctor was called anytime he will arrive. Dr. examines ravi and says he had spinal injury and two months bed rest required. Nandini remembers about how Ravi was excited to give physical test for police job. Ravi and his mother are worried listening to dr. words. Ravi starts to cry due to his situation he is unable to give test. All are upset seeing Ravi and his mother.
Colony people meeting about ravi & bad roads. Everyone expresses their POV and starts bad mouthing about government. Nandini tries to convince them not to think about any violent actions. She explains about her idea through which the problem will b solved. Few people will laugh at her as Nandini seeing dreams. Nandini replies, I will promise everyone that now this Road will not be reason of anyone’s tears. She will make it done.

GD mansion
Pooja room. Daadi gives Arti to RV, Aakanksha and GD. RV tells his daadi, that he has decided to help his mother for one month in Party campaigning. Daadi gives him blessings and also says not to give up what his heart says.
Nandini & Co. goes to meet an MLA to complain about the bad Road in their colony. They meet MLA’s PA to seek permission to meet MLA. He denies to give permission. Meantime MLA enters the place. MLA asks them to take appointment and then meet him. Nandini says, They have come here to give an invitation. He takes invitation and informs PA to send them into his cabin.
MLA’s cabin, He opens up the invitation. Nandini says, “Cycle race is planned in colony and requests him to attend as chief guest. MLA nags that he doesn’t have time for that. Nandini pleads him to attend and says he has got 80% of votes frm colony in laste year. PA suggest MLA to attend the function as this is good opportunity. Finally MLA accepts .. screen freezes on happy face of Nandini & Co.

MLA enters into colony. Nandini requests MLA to inaugurate the cycling race.. MLA falls down while cycling.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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