Desh Ki Beti Nandini 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 16th October 2013 Written Update

Granny and Gatri Devi GD ( Meri Ila Aunty) have an argument over Rajveer joining PRP party, while sophisticated Naarad Shashikalaa chaachi enjoys it with her facial expression ( what is the problem of this lady? Seems she does not like GD and thus keep on instigating granny politely). Granny in stern tone tells her to stop fulfilling her dream through her son. They belong to Royal family so rule royally not beg for the votes. This politics killed hubby of mine and yours. GD does not give up and tries to prove her point that dreams are her FIL and hubby and Rajveer needs to understand it and this needs to explain to Rajveer.

Both women are not in giving up mood thus scene shifts to Nandini’s father who with his wife and ritu on way to buy freeze. Nandini is already

waiting at shop for them, Family start shopping for the freeze but mom is hyper excited about it and does sabki bolti band. ( even salesman has expression kaha se piece utha ke laaye ho yaar). They first like expensive one but then settled for 15 k one ( I thought they have only 7K) . Mom at the counter shows her gavarupan. ( OMG she is behaving such an uneducated woman) iss se accha toh GD and granny ka intellectual argument tha).

Rajveer is thinking about his mom’s announcement in the press conference, when his sister walks in. ( what is with her why she walks so stiff) SHe tries to make him understand. He says she always supports mom when she understands him as well. She explains him why she supports mom as after their father’s death her mom was forced to take care of party. She tells him some time we need to share forced responsibilities. He firmly tells her that he is not meant for politics, he loves music. She gives their mom’s example how she managed after their father. How she had handled it as a challenge. SHe adds mom as single parent has sacrified a lot now it is pay back time for us. try and understand her. ( boy this gal will make good politician)
Rajveer comes to his mom who is doing her favorite time pass standing in-front of hubby’s picture. He first apologizes for hurting her unknowingly then with conviction tells her how music is his world how it is spiritual odyssey for him how he feels connected to GOD when he plays piano. He requests her to let him live his dream. he too wants to feel proud like her for his achievements when he stands in front of father’s portrait.

Same time parallel it is shown that nandini trying to convinve her sir to not send her in political gathering. Her colleague sharad is on leave and she has to cover it. She tells him she likes decorating wedding, party, engagments etc but not political meetings where all are fake, fake smile, no emotions and even color is also white. Her sir after listning patiently replies fine do not go but then do me favor get me an honest efficient worker like you. ( I wish this could have been true in real life too. Honest and efficient worker suffers the most)
GD replies to Rajveer that try to understand she is help less at least for a month take care of this then go and live his life. Other side nandini’s sir tries to do same with her aka just do the part work for a month until sharad is back. Nanveer think ad finally both agree to do respective PRP work for a month for them. Screen split between rajveer and nadini before freezing. ( haila I thought at least today they will come face to face. My bad luck)

Tomorrow: Nandini bani road fixer
Ravi falls and has serious spinal injury due to bad road. Dr advice him total bed rest, his mom worries as his physical exam for police job is due next week. Nandini promise colony people to get road fix at any cost.

Update Credit to: md410

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