Desh Ki Beti Nandini 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 15th October 2013 Written Update

Gayatri Devi (GD) Mansion
Rajvir is searching for something everywhere in the room. Abhay knocks the door and asks what RajVir (RV) is searching for. RajVir replies that searching for his watch. Abhay asks that he can get new watch and tell the brand which he seeks. RV replies that the brand is LUCKY and Lucky watches doesn’t have Brand. Abhay aplogizes RV. RV clears him that No need to call SIR and can call freely with his name. Abhay and RV shakes hand.

Nandini reaches Party office. Nandini seeks Security Guard for permission to meet RV as she is having sme stuff belongs to RV. Guard laughs at her and says as everyone here are waiting for the same purpose. A politician comes there and recognizes Nandini as National Decorators employee and takes Nadnini inside

Mansion Along with them
In carridor, RV & Abhay’s disussion about PRESS CONFERENCE.
RV asks when he is not joining into politics then what is the purpose of the Press conference. Is it for a Formality? Abhay replies that people will get to know that whole family is together and its only 10 – 15 mns job , after that RV can leave the conference.
Nandini is waiting for RV . The same politician who took Nandini inside reches to abhay and takes him to Nandini . Nandini introduces herself to abhay. Abhay recognizes her and enquires about Patient’s health. Nandini explains him that she has come here to return back RV’s Watch. Abhay takes the watch and says is that she only brought RV to home that morning from JOG. And asks Nandini whether she knows the price of watch.
Nandini replies ” Time is more Valuable than the watch” (waaw waaw what an answer… Nandini you are the great . everywhere you prove urself best) and leaves the place.. Abhay seems to be impressed about Nandini’s answer.

Press conference.. Suryaman is attending Reporters. Meantime Aakanksha, GD ji enters the place along with RAJVEER. RV gets impressed with the decorations and says “INTERESTING” (Afterall our great Nandini decorated the place.. Everyone must be impressed). Suryaman starts his speech and announces as today’s press conference is so special as a special family member accompanied the conference and anyone can ask questions.

One person asks, “Rajvir returned India after a long time. What do you feel??? The happiness belongs to only Family members or Party Workers too. ” (Good Question )
RV confused with the question.. Before RV answers something GD says “Party is also our family. WE are all Happy “.
One reporters asks, “Who will lead the Party. ”
GD replies ” You all will get to know very soon.”
A lady reporter asks “India;s most eligible bachlor and most handsome personality is Rajvir, So wht does he think about marriage?”
RV replies smartly “RT present his focus is on work and carrier only.”

(Waaw interesting questions one by one.)

One more question, “How does he feel returning back home”
RV answers “Obviously, its most happiest moment.”
Waaw another great question by a lady reporter, “RV ji, Home means is that Country or Raghuvanshi mansion”.
RV gets shocked little bit and confused to answer ..RV stares at GD. She signs him two fingers .
RV replies “BOTH”.
One more question, ” Other than party, what else hobbbies RV does have?”
RV says happily about his passion “MUSIC”

Questions are getting critical one by one.

Aakanksha helps this time with her smart answers.
Some one asks GD ji to announce officially that today onwards PRP office leader will be RAJVEER.
All Rajvnshi’s along with abhay turn silent as they don’t have answer. Suryaman answers to wait for the right time to get the answer.
One more lady reporter asks, “when exactly the Right Time comes, Eveyone are aware that RV will lead PRP. But there is no confirmation and official announcement about that from Party.”
One by one reporters demand to announce who will b the leader of PRP office and whether RV will join the politics or not.
Shockingly GD gets up and announces strongly that,
“RAJVEER will join the politics.”

RV and Aakanksha shocked to hear the announcement.
GD continues her declaration as,”this time PRP will win in coming up elections under leadership of RV” .
RV is upset & gets upto leave conference. GD hold his hand to stop him and continues her speech.. ” she has lot of confidence on RV and under his leadership Party will have effective growth. RV still in shocking stage and leaves the conference.

Nandini reaches Decoration office. Enters into office and greets all the colleagues so pleasantly. She settle down in her seat Enquires with a colleague Rohan, about a Birthday party requirements whether things have been sent or not. Rohan answers that he forgot to send. Nandini gives him speech and suggests to note down everything so that he will not forget. Nandini’s boss comes there and shouts at rohan. After that Nandini requests her boss for Rs.7000 as advance. Boss denies to give and clears to everyone that not to ask advance. Nadnini apoligizes and says she will never ask again.
Boss with happy tone.. Nandini can get advance and gives her 8000 rs . Nandini returns him back 1000 and says she require only 7k. Boss enquires Nadnini that she has got incentive, but now is there any problem that she requires extra money?? Nandini clears him that everything is fine at home and seeks for two hours permission for some personnel work and will return back on time.

GD mansion
GD and suryaman ji discussion, GD’s declaration about RV’s entry into politics.
GD explaints him that She will not force anyone. But the decision was taken for the Parity’s future. Suryaman asks her to pay attention to RV’s passion.
GD, ” A mother knows which is good for her children and she too has done same . She showed a way.. Now its RV’s turn to reach goal. She is having confidence on RV that he will be her side.”

Meantime Abhay enters the place.

Suryaman takes permission to leave the place.
Abhay and GD start dicussing something (silent discussion).. Suryaman stares at them from the entrace of the room (he is ltl bit suspicious seems to be).. for a while then leaves the place.
RV’s chachi informs RV’s Naani, about GD’s decision . Meantime RV enteres home so angrily and rushes towards his room without paying attention to his Naani. GD enters home..Gd’s mother in law shouts “Gayathri”.

Screen freezes on GD’s face.

Precap (Quite INteresting):
RV trying to convince his mother that he too want be proud of himself infront of his father’s photo after fulfilling his dreams. But the right way is not the politics
Nandini explains his boss that she doesn’t have any interest in the political ralleys and she doesn’t have confidence even she could do it better. Boss says he is helpless and no other option he does have.
GD says RV that she is helpless otherwise she wouldn’t have compeled RV towards Politics.. Its only one month deal after that he can do whatever he wish.
Rohan tries to convince Nandini that its only one month job and accept it.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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