Desh Ki Beti Nandini 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 14th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts where it ended…GD tell RV that he should not bond with Nandini much as she has to leav from Raghuvanshi mansion after sometime… RV aaout to say that she is his wife but stops and says she is his best friend and she can live here till she want… and he leaves… GD’s selftalk friendship always convert into love and then she calls Abhay and tell him she have some work for him…

(at RV’s room) Nandini tells RV to charge his phone 100%… and ask him why he didn’t call her from driver’s phone… and then tell he must be not remember her number… RV selftalk he remember her number… RV tells Nandini that tomorrow is special day Nandini looks at calender its 14th feb valentine’s day… but RV tell her its last day of budget challenge

tomorrow… Nandini tells that its late and they should sleep… midnight Nandini wakesup and wish RV Happy Valentine’s day… and put a gift besides him (RV sleeping)… Nandini sleeping and RV wakesup and wish Nandini Valentine’s day and imagine dance sequence with Nandini

at morning Uttara and swaroop discussing abt budget challenge… Swaroop says She impressed with Nandini cause she managing well with 10k… Uttara made plan to stop Nandini from winning challenge… GD order vit-grass juice to made… Uttara do something with mixtures wire… and when made making juice shokesurcuit happens and mixture is damage now… Uttara ask Nandini to brought new mixture… but Nandini have only 1k… and she is worried now Nandini ask Kishan singh ji if he knows some mixture repairer..

kishan singh ji made a call that man tells Nandini if mixture is important then repair cost will be 2500Rupees… Nandini calls her mother and asks for mixture but Anchal tell her that there neighbor borrowed mixture… Nandini is worried and saying to her self that she failed to manage kitchen and lost challenge… RV listen this…

Nandini comes outside… Ambika… Uttara… Swaroop all are there GD asks for juice which she ordered… Nandini about to say something just then RV comes he brought juice for GD… all are surprised Nandini asks him that mixture was damage then from where he brought juice.. RV tells he repaired mixture… he gives juice to GD and ask Nandini what was she wanted to tell GD ? Nandini gives 1k to GD and tells after completing week she saved 1k from 10k … Uttara… Swaroop…GD all are shoked(upset) … Dadisa declare Nandini as the winner of challenge … RV happy Dadisa praises Nandini and says that she manged in just 7k as her 2k gone missed and 1k she saved… she gives Nandini a Golden ginni and tells that she is the best DIL… RV is proud and happy… GD upset… Nandini happy… Episode ends

PRECAP :- RV telling Nandini he will come home by 6o’clock…so stay at home… GD calls Abhay to make sure RV’s Valentaines day plan fails… A woman calls Nandini and ask for help…Nandini agrees

Update Credit to: divya

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