Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 11th March 2014 Written Update

Abhay and GD have very heated argument over Rajnidini. He refuses to be part of GD’s all the conspiracies against Rajnidini. GD threatens her then fires him from the job. He walks out in anger. Entire conversation was over heard by nandini. ( kyuki nandini listens all, makes me think it is GD-abhay’s plan to trap nandini. Kutte ki pooch kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti period. I refuse to believe abhay has conscious)
Nandini walk in clapping to GD. Now GD-Nandini argue over anhay. Nandini firmly tells GD if she does not has abhay back in job then she would send notice of explanation on behalf of PRP to GD. GD calls abhay to tell he has not sacked. On asking how come she has change of mind, he was told to ask nandini.

GD pretends to be stressed as soon as she sees

RV walking in after meeting his music teacher. He of course asks her what is the problem. GD smoothly fills in against nandini. Rv believes. ( I understand she is his mother but how come a educated guy can not use his own brain or lack of reasoning and logical power?). The moment RV enters in his room he inquires about it. nandini gets the GD’s tactic about using him. She makes him understand in political language how important abhay is for PRP.Now RV believes her ( hmm basically he does not use his own brain if he has one)

Abhay gets a congratulation call from GD. It has revealed that GD-Abhay was acting of having an argument to trap nandini, so that now on wards she would trust abhay and think he is in her team.
some kids throw colors on divya, turns out it was sid’s act to be equal with her.

Abhay asks GD if she is sure she wants to do this or go so far. GD has full confidence and tells him soon nandini would be out of RV’s life, he should just follow his direction.
RV-nandini coming downstairs when power goes away. She truns to get emergency lights and trips. RV holds her, eye lock, both are very closed, power is back. daadi watches them says noting.
They go to GD’s room and nandini apologizes for her interference in GD’s work. GD asks her to get coffee as she is having headache. GD tries to convince RV to focus on party work and his time in politics, also tries to asks how come nanidi favors abhay. RV gives her fitted answer that it is good for PRP as he is excellent political strategist. He also mentions that since he has won the competition he would like to focus on music and wants to resign from PRP, making GD speechless. She does not know how to react. Nandini comes with coffee after RV is gone. She tells GD to stick to her promise and let RV focus on music. GD stays mum

Daadai reading Satyavan-savitri story and wants nandini to join her. She happily does. While talking about story daadi tells her she ( daadi) says nothing but notices all, She adds that she knows RV loves her but not saying it, so nandini should fight like savitri for her hubby’s love to the extent that no misunderstanding gets in between.nandini says she would try and let her know about Rv’s surprise party

Divya gets home and let nandini know sid did it to get even with her.
Abhay comes to andini to thank her, She replies she has helped an human in him as ever one should get one chance. He offers a hand of friendship that nadni refuses saying what he did against rv is unforgivable. he asks her to at least let him help in his B’day party preparation. She does not reply. he begs for one more cahnce, finally walks out when naidni stops him to know he can help him in arrangments of party. GD hears all and promises herlsef that it would be nandini woh get the surprise. She would make sure to create such a rift btwn her and RV that would not never fill in.

RV sees Nandini-abhay doing high five. he questions abhay on it. GD conspires more against nandini and tells Abhay to play his next move

Update Credit to: md410

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