Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th October 2013 Written Update

At Raghuvanshi’s house: Rajvir enters Gayatri’s room, tries to explain to her the reason for coming to how instead of attending party event, he says he had understood how the situation in party event would have been and how he is allergic to it. He further says that since he is back home after a long time, it was important for him to meet his family members. Gayatri disagrees with him, says even party members are his family and he disappointed them by not being there. Gayatri takes him from there, they arrive at the party event, Rajvir is stunned to see the crowd waiting for him taking his name. Gayatri lectures him about how the people are their strength and they have been waiting just to get a glimpse of him. She further says he got this kind of support only by being

the heir of Raghuvanshi family. Gayatri and her daughter wave hands to the crowd whle Rajvir doesn’t react, he then listens to his mother and wave hands to the crowd, Gayatri is satisfied.

At hospital, Nandini and her sister see Rajvir’s grand welcome ceremony on TV. A lady is asking for help from nurse, her son’s life in danger and they need O+ blood which isn’t available in the hospital. Nandini volunteers to giver her blood and shows her blood donation card (Good girl; I personally believe blood donation is the best of best charity one can do, after all you are given a chance of saving someone’s life) Nandini intrusts her sister about Mishraji’s medicines and goes to donate her blood.

At Raghu vanshi Mansion, Rajvir’s Chachi JI supervises lunch arrangements. Dadi, Rajvir with Gayatri D, Rajvir’s cousin, all of them arrive at dinning table. Chachi ji happily ( and proudly ) presenting all the dishes she has get cooked for Rajvir. Rajvir asks his Chachi ji about his chachaji (who isn’t introduced yet) she replies he is busy with his work. Another entry, Its Rajvir’s Bhabi, she apologizes for not being there to welcome him as she was busy with some designer friend’s jewellery store inauguration. As she goes away, Rajvir’s Brother In Law and nephew (his name is Yash) enter. Rajvir’s BIL say sthey are returning Raipur as Yash has his exams tomorrow. Dadi express her happeness on the whole family being together for lunch. Chachi Ji teases Gayatri D saying ‘ aaj toh Babhi sab hi hai yahan ‘ (today even SIL is here ) and Gayatri D replies Being in public service she gets less time to spend with family , to with Dadi gives a disinterested look ( looks like Jethani-devrani tiff, Saas VS bahu , all kind of wars are present in Raghuvanshi Mansion ) Rajvir’s phone rings, he excuses himself.

At hospital, Nandini’s mother and sister enter Blood transfusion ward. Nandini’s mother makes a scene there for donation blood, scolds the nurse for taking a great amount of blood from her daughter. She even get furious on the nurse for giving a cup of coffee to Nandini, asks her if she couldn’t give her daughter a cup of juice (Big deal!) As they all are about to return home, the lady (whose son needed blood ) calls them from behind, Nadini’s mom wonders whether she would ask for another bottler of blood from her. The lady thanks Nandini for saving her son’s life and blesses her.

In Rajvir’s room, Gayatri enters the room with a suit that her late husband Virendra used to wear often. She says from now on he owns that suit. She further says if he wears it people will see him as his father’s replica. She goes on telling about the roles he will have to play in party and how she has planned each of the meetings, events and campaigns they will be attending, say its about time PRP’s political campaign started. Rajvir is speechless. Gayatri express her wish on seeing Rajvir as Delhi’s CM first then PM of India. A stunned Rajvir asks GAyatri how coud she took this decision without even talking him about? To which she replies she has triesd to talk to him many times but he has always been silent on this matter. Ranvir says he is NOT interested in politics. Gayatri is shocked, Rajvir talks about his dream of being a musician and how it was his passion from his childhood. Gayatri tries to explains him the difference between hobby and career, say Music is his hobby not his career, she disapproves on a Raghuvanshi making his careen as a musician. They both ague about their respective POVs , Rajvir shows the tickets he has booked to go back to London after one month as he isn’t planning to settle down in India. He further says he booked tickets not only for himself but for her , Dadi and Akansha as he wants his family to see how well their son performs in his concert. Gayatri tries to talk to him, Dadi interrupts them telling Gayatri to let Rajvir decide his life. She takes him with her to show a surprise while Gayatri is left in thoughts. Gayatri in study room calls Abhay.

AT hospital, Nandini is talking to MishraJI’s wife, her boss arrives. He says he has called his number many time sbut it wasn’t reachable so he came to hospital after inquiring about her at her home. He say she has to go to PRP’s office right now, Nadini hesitates as its night he convinces her saying it Politicians matter and they are ruthless people.

Gayatri , Abhay and Suryamn JI talking about Rajvir’s decision, Abhay is dispointed with Rajvr’s decision while Suryamn JI tries to make both Abhay and Gayatri understand that if Rajvir doesn’t want they shouldn’t force him in politics . He suggests another member of family they can choose as the leader of PRP : Akansha. Gayatri disapproves saying Akansha is someone’s wife and a mother and she has her own responsibilities so they cant ask her this. She says they have one month to stop Rajvir from returning to London.

Pre-cap : Rajvir – Nandini meet

Update Credit to: Roshani

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