Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 10th March 2014 Written Update

RV comes home. Dadi is happy. She says.. I’ve been waiting for so long! Where were you? Where is Nandini? Then Nandini reaches in another car. Dadi does aarti n praises RV for winning. She blesses them both n asks Divya to take a snap. Divya asks RV to put an arm around Nandini n pose. RV does that.

Someone calls Dadi. Dadi happily informs there is a rishta for Divya. All tease Divya. She is shy. Swaroop taunts Nandini indirectly n says Divya’s marriage will be done with a nice guy who is from a big family. Dadi agrees sternly. She asks swaroop to start preps n says she got a gift for Nandini.. asks her to collect. Nandini smiles n nods.

RV-GD talk. GD says.. why tore the papers? I talked it all for you n you tore the papers in court? RV says I realized my

mistake n corrected. GD says.. you made Nandini’s life complicated. What if she thinks you did it out of love? RV says no… cleared all with her. GD says.. a girl will keep pinning, hoping she’d get love in return for love. So its better if you give divorce. RV says.. cant, this marriage might be a lie, but its our truth. Nandini is a nice girl. I want to know why she blamed you. I want to find out who called me as a fake reprter. GD is tensed n diverts him asking him to work. RV nods n leaves.

Nandini enters n taunts GD. She says her not to play with RV’s career anymore. GD says, why r u pushing so hard? You do so much for a guy who doesn’t love you. Nandini says patience will pay, she will get love in return. GD warns her. NAndini says you should be worried for yourself! What happens when he’ll know ur truth? She leaves. GD says she’ll create huge rift b/w her n RV very soon..

Sidharth comes with sweets n Prasad. He gets halwa for Nandini. Cute bro-sis scene. RV comes takes a sweet n thanks him. He leaves. Nandini asks Sidharth to go and sit in her room. Sid knocks the wrong door, sees Divya in a scary avtar. Divya has her face pack on n both shriek in horror. Finally they both recognise n greet each other. Sid makes fin of Div’s face pack n they get into a cute fight.Sid comments about girls, Div applies some paste on his t-shirt n on his face n asks him to leave. Sid leaves grunting. I see something here may be Sid-Div’s Shaadi in future

Nandini bids Sid good bye. She’s adjusting the garland hung upon RV’s dad’s photo n slips from sofa. Abhay holds her on time. (Aww they look adorable, I dunno Abhay looks so cute! more cute than RV these days ) GD comes n sees them holding each other. She smirks.(GD…) Nandini thanks Abhay n says he must have come for GD. Abhay nods n goes to meet GD.
GD says, we need to create huge MU b/w RV. Abhay says how? GD says through YOU… Abhay is stunned!

Precap- GD forces Abhay do her task. He denies n asks her to accept her defeat as Nandini won her bet. She warns him. He says he will resign, cant do her tasks anymore. GD is shell shocked! Wohhooo go Abhay!!

Update Credit to: Priyam

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