Do I deserve love? (One shot)

Do I deserve love? (One shot)

I woke up as the sun rays fell on my face. I saw it was 7 o’clock. I went to the washroom and freshened up. I came out wearing a jeans and a white crop top along with a black shrug. I combed my hair and wore black hanging earrings. I went down to the hall and opened the main door. I picked up the newspaper and went inside and settled down on our dining table. “Maa, what is there for breakfast today?”, I shouted. “Wait Twinkle. Let dad come”, my mom or rather I should say someone more than my mom, maybe my God shouted back.
I actually am or rather say, was an orphan and mom and dad adopted me from the adoption centre. My mom had some complications and she couldn’t conceive her own child. My mom was quite disappointed by the fact but, my dad always tried to cheer her up. After about a year, my parents decided to adopt a child. That was the time when they adopted me. I think I was an year old then. They’ve never let me know the fact that I wasn’t their own child. They treated me like their own daughter or maybe it would be better to say that the “princess” of Taneja empire. I got to know that I was adopted at around the age of 12 years. I couldn’t believe my ears. My parents were scared to lose me but, I was grateful to them. My mind flashed through all the memories, the gifts, the pampering, the love and everything and I hugged them tightly. “What if I’m not your own daughter? You’ve treated me like your own daughter and the princess of this entire empire. You both are my world and will always remain so”, I told them.
I came out of my thoughts as dad came and kissed my forehead. He said, “Good Morning princess!” I smiled and replied, “Good Morning Dad!” We had our breakfast while talking to each other and then I left for my college and dad for his office.

I got down my car and saw Yuvraj, my boyfriend waiting for me. I went and hugged him but, something was unusual and he didn’t hug me back. He looked disappointed. “Why do you look disappointed?”, I asked. He held my hand and dragged me to the dance hall which was completely empty. “What happened?”, I asked. “Are you an orphan?”, he asked me in a cold tone. His question brought tears to my eyes but, I controlled myself and said, “I was.” “What do you mean by you were?”, he asked me confused. “I was an orphan until mom and dad adopted me”, I replied with a trembling voice. “Twinkle, I’m sorry but, this relationship is not going to work out anymore. Mom would never accept an orphan as her daughter in law”, said Yuvraj. I couldn’t believe his words. “What are you saying? We love each other so much. You can’t do this to me”, I said while tears rolled down my cheeks. “Orphans don’t deserve to be loved. Moreover, I can’t spoil mine and mom’s relation just because of an orphan”, he said. I wiped my tears and made myself strong. “I think you’re right. It’s not that I’m not worth you but, it’s just that you’re not worth me. You carry on with your cheap mentality and I’ll spend my life as single. It’s all finished Mr. Yuvraj Luthra!”, I said and walked away from there.

Two years later,
It’s been two years now since that incident and I’m really glad that I had broken up with Mr. Yuvraj Luthra. He wasn’t worth loving. Anyways, I don’t want his thoughts to be reflected on my present. I came down to the hall and shouted, “Maa, quick. I told you na we’ve a presentation early morning today.” “Uff! How much do you shout? Have this”, she said handing me two sandwiches. I quickly ate them and was about to leave when a 8 year old girl said, “Rooko maa. Dahi shakar khaake jaao.” (Wait maa. Have sweetened curd and then go.) My daughter, Aisha fed me the sweetened curd and wished me luck. I thanked her and quickly left for office.

As I entered the office, everyone greeted me. My Personal Assistant, Sarah came to me and said, “Ma’am I’ve sent you all the details regarding the presentation.” I unlocked my phone and said, “Okay, I’ll check.” I looked up at her, smiled and walked towards my cabin looking into my phone. Suddenly, I bumped into someone. I was about to fall when he held me. We both had an intense eye lock and I felt some sort of connection with him. Sarah came and said, “Ma’am,..” I quickly stood up straight nd thanked the man while he smiled and went away. “Who’s he? Is he new?”, I asked Sarah while entering my cabin. “Ma’am, he’s Mr. Sarna. Mr. Kunj Sarna”, replied Sarah. She added, “By the way ma’am it’s time for the presentation as well as the conference.” “Take these files. I’m coming”, I replied settling my hair. Sarah went and after around 5 minutes I went to the conference room. The conference was a success as the Sarna Group of Industries decided for a partnership with our company. After the conference, I was going to go back to my cabin when Mr. Kunj Sarna came up to me. He forwarded his hand and said, “Helll, myself Kunj Sarna. I’m glad we’re going to be partners in some time.” I shook his hands and said, “Ms. Twinkle Taneja, glad to meet you. Hope we can manage it well together.” He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. We continued talking for sometime and after about half an hour I excused myself and went to my cabin.
From the next day, me and Kunj started handling all the projects together. Days passed by and we had become pretty close. Sometimes words were not needed for communicating. One fine day, I entered the cabin and as soon as I did Kunj said, “Can we meet in the evening?” Before I could reply someone called me out and said, “Maa, long time.” Aisha came running to me and hugged me. I hugged her back while I noticed the changing expressions on Kunj’s face. I pulled back and kissed my daughter’s forehead. Kunj raised his one eyebrow and said, “You’re married?” I turned towards my daughter and said, “Aisha, can u please go and talk to Sarah Aunty for sometime. I’ll talk to you in sometime.” Aisha nodded her head and went out of our cabin. “She’s Aisha. She’s my daughter but not my own. Actually I myself was an orphan. Mom and Dad adopted me when I was about a year old and they always treated me like their own daughter, like the princess of this Taneja Empire. Aisha also was an orphan. When my boyfriend told me that he couldn’t spend his life with me I decided to move on. I had my parents’ support but, still I somewhere felt an absence. Then, one day Aisha came into my life and everything changed. I adopted her and now, she’s my daughter. Though I didn’t adopt her at an early age but, she accepted me as her mother very easily.” I turned to face Kunj wiping the tears of happiness. I saw Kunj motioning towards me. I was about to move back but, he pulled me by my waist and kissed my lips. I immediately reciprocated but, after sometime I pushed him back. He asked, “What happened?” “What were you trying to do?”, I asked him. He said, “Twinkle, I love you.” I turned my face and said, “But, I don’t.” He again pulled me towards himself and said, “It’s clearly visible in your eyes that you love me.” “This is all rubbish. I don’t love you”, I replied back looking away. He placed his finger on my chin and made me to face him. “If it is so then, look into my eyes and say that you don’t love me”, said Kunj. I looked into his eyes and said, “I am an orphan Kunj. I don’t deserved to be loved.” “Who told you this? And, if it is so then, why do you love Aisha so much?”, replied Kunj. Silence surrounded the cabin while Kunj kissed my cheeks and kneeling down on his knees said, “Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me and my daughter Aisha?” I nodded my head in a no and said, “I would love to. I always wanted someone who would love me as well as Aisha equally. I love you Kunj.” We hugged each other and after sometime pulled back when Aisha came inside.

Seven years later,
It’s been four years of my marriage with Kunj. Each and every day has been the most special in my life. Kunj has given me all the happiness in the world. I was lost in my thoughts when Kunj came and hugged me from back. “Good Morning sweetheart. Happy Anniversary!”, Kunj said. I smiled and said, “Happy Anniversary to you too!” I turned around and he kissed my cheeks. Our 15 year old daughter Aisha and 6 year old daughter Misha entered the room and wished us. Kunj said, “Come, let’s take a selfie Princess Aisha.” Aisha came and stood beside Kunj while Misha said, “Paa, you always take selfies with di. You don’t love me.” I sat down on my knees and placed my finger on her chin. “Paa loves both of you equally. Okay, let’s click a family selfie. Come Aisha and Kunj”, I said. We clicked a picture of OUR HAPPY AND DESERVED TO BE LOVED FAMILY.
Hey all! Thanks a lot for commenting on all my previous one shots. I hope you all like this one too.

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    Nice nice nice nice *100..loved it..such a cute OS…muaaah

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      Thank you so much Shreya! I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Amazing dear

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    This was really very heart touching

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      Thank you so much Kruti! I’m really glad you liked it.?

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  5. Sayeeda

    Ohhh so Ria… u were telling me about this os ….well u said right that it’s so emotional to make one to wet his / her eye’s ….loved it …
    Today I’m gonna surely go to meet my orphanage frnds nd will let myself to tell ur os to them just a token of love from ur side for them nd I will let them know that somewhere or the other God has planned something special for them..
    Thank u soooo much for such a cute …amazing…wonderful nd a lovely os ..

    1. Ria

      Hey Sayeeda,
      I’m glad you liked the OS. Thank you so much.

  6. Was so nice and touching ,I loved the way it touched my heart.

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    Ria I have bcom ur jhalli fan.
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    this os touched me deep
    osum work
    plz do write more

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      Hey Arundhati! I’m glad you liked the OS and also, liking my writing. I’ll surely write more. Your support is the most important. Hope you all will keep supporting.?

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    Wow Ria u just nailed it dear keep writing thanks fr this diff one shot love u n also ur FF and one shot

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      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked my OS as well as the fan fic. ?
      Love you back?

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    Really loved it❤❤

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    Loved it Ria it was heart touching and so sweet

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    awsome dear ur ffs also but now os also

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