Desert roses… (Episode 7)


Hey guys thanks for all ur support and plzz continue that and ruhani i am not sharon

episode starts with raglak giving eachother a deadly look
Laksh:(breaking the silence) u r unbelievable ragini!!!! u know what just a few minutes back i thought i was wrong n we shd give this relation another chance but now u proved that i was wrong and u havent changed, u r the same highly self esteemed, cruel, over ambitious girl!!!!….
laksh’s words made ragini feel like hell but at the same time she felt angry that her laksh would talk about her like that..
Ragini: u have also not changed laksh ur the same cheap, egoistic, manipulative mcp to whom girls are only for physical relation
Sanskar: ragini u must have misunderstood laksh is not that type of guy…. ya he flirts with girls but he doesn’t stoop so low
Ragini: even i had this misconception that he is good a few years back butnot now Saying this she gave a disgusted look to laksh an was about to leave, suddenly her foot got twisted n she was about to fall, laksh who observed this ran to save her butmhos foot got twisted n both raglak fell on the ground. Ragini was above laksh, they had an eyelock, they were lost in eachothet’s eyes, their heart wanted that moment to freeze but their mind wanted to seperate, between the battle their mind won n they tried to get up but again got slipped n fell on each other and this time their heart won the battle. They continued to stay in the same position for a while until sanskar faked a cough, this bought both to sense n they immediately goth up, composed themselves n left the place embarrassed.
Sanskar(to himself,smiling): both tell that they hate each other but it doesn’t seem like that i shd find what happened between them as soon as possible (he was passing through swara’s room, seeing her a stramge smile encroached his lips) this girl sleeps like a kid, her innocent face n her kiddish behavior has something that pulls me towards her… is swara the love ragini was taslking about?? ahhhhhhh this ragini she disturbed my peace i will not leave u(in a funny manner)

the next morning- engagement preparation was going on
Laksh was getting ready and sanskar came to his room
Laksh:(shocked and happy) h….i san…sak…ar u here??
Sanskar:why r u sooo shocked shouldn’t i come to my best buddie’s room??
laksh didfnt give any answer
Sanskar: ya i know i was angry on u.. so what i have all the rights to be angry on u!!!! u didnt contact me for a while so i shd be angry because ur my everything dude ur the only person i share everything with n u r the onlynone whoe understand’s me more than my mom soo i habe all the reasons to be angry ohk??!!
Laksh had tears in his eyes, immediately both hugged
After a while they broke the hug
Sanskar: this was possible only because of ragini, i shd thank her whatvdo u say??
laksh beca!e serious n didn’t answer
Sanskar:(changing the topic) ohk fine i heard that u got a watch for me n u haven’t given it to me whete is it???
they started talking for a while n then left to arjun’s room
arjun was getting ready
Laksh: see sanskar our friend is ready to fall in the pit(winking at sanskar)
Sanskar:(understood that laksh was pulling his leg gave him a little support) ya dude i pity him….. n made a sad face
Arjun:(already tensed n now his tension increased) see guys this is not the time for jokes so back off!!!!
Laksh: why shd we joke?? see after engagement they say u have become half husband soooo…
Sanskar: u shd carry sooping bags
Laksh: pay bills
Sanskar n after marriage ur gone!!!
Laksh: yaa u have to do all the household work like washing clothes
Sanskar: washing utensils, cooking n many more things
listening to all these arjun’s face turned pale n seeing this both sanlak burst out into laughter…..
on the other side ragini, swara are helping anu to get ready

The episode ends with raglak swasan smiling faces

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  1. Was waiting for ur ff… Super episode

  2. Very nice

  3. Superb update yr… Loved raglak’s cute moments.. I hope sanky finds out abt their misunderstanding… I’m really very sorry dr I thought u were sharon

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