Desert roses… (Episode 6)


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The same day aftr the party
Ragini couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t get her away from the thoughts of laksh. She got up to drink some but the jug was empty so she went to the kitchen to fill her jug
On the other side laksh was walking near the pool side and thinking about ragini, sanskar and many other things and after sometime he left the place
Ragini who had filled her jug was returning towards her room just then her kurta got struk to the table nearby, she tried hard to remove it but in vain, suddenly she found a hand helping her and when she turned to see who that was she was shocked to see laksh. She kept on staring at him as he was helping through her loving eyes and suddenly laksh lifted his head to see her and they had an eyelock wch lasted for few seconds and then as it broke ragini kept on resisting him to stop but laksh didnt pay any heed to her but atlast when he cldnt tolerate he kept this index finger on her lips wch made her stop her talks and when he realized what he had done he removed his fingers n resumed to what he was doing. He tried his best to remove it and atlast he got frustrated n pulled the kurta with a jerk n tore it. Seeing this he made a puppy face n saw ragini who gave him a deadly stare, to wch he replied
Laksh:don’t worry I’ll get u a new one
Ragini: everything is not about ur money ohk?? i can buy one for myself
Laksh: Whatever!!! and any way dont forget that ” I hate u”
Ragini:who had already turned to leave again turned back an replied “I hate u too” and with this both left the place
Sanskar saw all that what happened n went behind ragini to the pool side.

Ragini sat near the water by keeping her legs half immersed in water, sanskar came there n sat in the same way next to her. Ragini gave him a smile
Ragini: hi!!!
Sanskar:hi… see i dnt want to complicate things so plzz tell me what is it between u and laksh??
Ragini:(giving a weak smile)there is nothing between me n him anymore ohk??!!
Sanskar:soo there was something between u both??
ragini didnt reply she sat silent
Sanskar:ohk i u dnt wanto tell fine coz i don’t want to invade ur privacy but i want to tell u that a small misunderstanding can break a strong love and everything should be given a second chance….
Ragini: look whose talking….
Sanskar: What did i do??
Ragini: u are angry on laksh for no reason n u want me to forgive for whatever he has done right?!!
Sanskar:i am nt angry on him for no reason…. he took our friendship lightly n i sometimes feel that he never considered it!!!!!
Ragini: u know i shouldn’t tell u but u know he spent his first full salary on u to get u an expensive watch for wch he didnt pay his rent n he struggled for next few months to get swara a Louis Vuitton n get his mom a saree n his dad a suit wch he didn’t give it to any one!!!! and u tell he doesn’t consider u, u know he loves u guys more than anything in this world
Sanskar: (felt guilty) ohk I’ll talk to him Ragini gave him a smile
both were silent
sanskar broke the silence

Sanskar: u tell u hate him and even then support him isn’t this wierd??!!
Ragini: no its called humanity
Sanskar: i don’t know why ppl hide their love to someone??!! why can’t u ppl keep love easy n simple??
Ragini: Easy love is no is not love untill ut laid waste by it,unless destroyed by it,ripped apart snd scared for life by it…… uwill nt uunderstand it coz u cant see true love
Sanskar: huh??!!
Ragini: u had someone love from years but u didn’t see that love instead u saw lust in some girl like kavitha but why asm i telling u ur whose friend Laksh’s it is expected coz u boys know only to break heart nothing else
Saying this she stromed out of that place furious but as she was passing she bumped into laksh who was listening to theor conversation
Ragini:(turning towards sanskar) see now he is listening to our talk and u wanto knowwhy hate him so listen
” he slept with someother girl to take revenge from me”!!!!!!
saying this ragini n laksh stared each other……

episode ends.

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