Desert roses… (Episode 5)


Ragini wiped her tears n thought ‘ i know why u r behaving like this laksh n i dont blame becoz i ws the one who forced u to do this…… becoz i knoe u deserve much better…..’. Later she fixed her dress and went back to the party. On the other side Laksh told ‘ till today u have only seen my love for u but from now u will see my hatred towards u ragini’ and then went back to the party
In the party swara was serching sanskar n at she spotted him with a girl, seeing this she got angry n ran towards him n held his hand tightly n said

Swara: sanskar where were u?? i was searching u all over and what are u dng here(pointing towards the girl)
Sanskar:(by removing swara’s hand n moving away from her) swara this is my business partner kavitha ( now he went near her n whispered in her ears) arey yaar she is the one whom i like
Swara: soo if she is ur partner what is sdhe dng here??
Kavitha: hi swara ummm..i am anu’s relative so i am here….(n gave her a smile)
Swara:(in a rude tone) i didnt ask u okay..!!! but any way nice meeting u bye. Saying this she stormed out of that place
Sanskar: ahhh i am sorry kavitha she sometimes behave like this just ignore it
Kavitha: its okay sanskar no problem i didnt take it seriously don’t worry
Sanskar: (smiling) thats very sweet of u
Kavitha: but i want u tell that she likes u very much, that’s the reason she didnt like me
Sanskar: no no that’s nothing like that we are childhood friends thats it
Kavitha: its ok i just told wt i felt n anyways lets resume to our conversation.. Saying this they both started talking again
Ragini who witnessed this whole scene went to swara who was sitting in one corner n crying
Ragini: ( keeping hands on swara’s shoulder) do u need a hug??
Swara looked up n was about to speak but ragini didnt give her a chance n said
Ragini: see i saw what all happened in the party and i know that u like sanskar from the school days itself soo dont try to convince me or urself

Swara now broke down completely n hugged ragini tightly n cried like a kid. After some time swara stopped crying n thanked her and both went back to the party
Laksh who was standing alone with a glass of wine in the party spotted sanskar n went towards him thinking to apologize but seeing laksh sanskar moved to someother place along with kavitha leaving laksh alone. Then laksh was just looking around just when he saw swara cuming along with ragini , seeing this anger filled his body n he immediately rushed towards them n went to swara
Laksh: swara what r u dng here with her??
Ragini:( in a calm tone) uhh.. laksh she was Before she cld complete Laksh started speaking…
Laksh:(turning towards ragini) listen i am not talking to u ohk??!! i am talking to my friend so dont interfere n now leave coz this is my friend’s wedding

Ragini:(listening this she became angry and sad,she felt like someone justripped up her heart but then controlling her emotions she said calmly) laksh listen and again laksh cut her off
Laksh: (shouting) cant u understand i am asking u to leave us alone n if possible get out of this place also
Ragini:(now became very angry) listen u are no one to talk to me like this n what is this my friend’s marriage?? dont forget anu is my friend n this is her marriage too soo back off n i am not gng out frm here!!!
Laksh:(who was stunned to see his love,his ragini shout at him like that n this made him more angry and held her arms tightly): first of all i am not at all interested in u n second i dont care whether u stay here or not but i cant tolerate that a stranger like u interfere in my personel things so stay away..!!! As he spoke his girp on her arms became tight, it seemed moreblike he is taking out all his anger that he had from past few years

Ragini:(tears started flowing from her eyes)laksh leave me ur hurting me plzzz laksh…
and as she tried to release herself his grip tightened n at last she gave up.Later laksh saw ragini’s wet eyes n left her but again went towards her
Laksh: just remember to stay away from me saying this he was about to go just then
Ragini: first of all make this clear in to ur mind that i dont have any interest in u n u also stay away frm me
Saying this she left the place n laksh also left the place leaving swara confused. later when swara was about to leave she saw sanskar standing there shocked wch indicated that he had seen all those what had occurred now. Swara went towads him n asked’ did u understand wt just hapnd here??’ to wch sanskar nodded in negetive
Later laksh went outside n started to cry n said ‘why am i feeling bad for hurting u???? why am i still loving u???? why????

The episode ends with swasan’s cofused faces and raglak’s sad faces……

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