Desert roses… (Episode 4)


Laksh reached arjun’s house n as he went inside he saw all his frnds sitting at the living area, as he goes inside anu noticed him n asked him to get inside, immediately arjun got up n hugged him n dragged him inside asking one of the servents to carry his luggage to the room, evry1 became happy to see him there and as laksh looked around the room he saw sanskar standing at a corner n staring him having tears in his eyes, then laksh walked towards him bt saw anu nearby so hugged her n congratulated her n then went to sanskar bt seeing laksh, sanskar left the place angrily bt laksh followed him calling out his name

Laksh: Sanskar!!!!!…. wait what happend??!! where r u gng??!! plzzz stop plzzz
Sanskar:( by this time sanskar stopped n looked back) what shd i stp for laksh??!!!!
Laksh: why r u talking like this?? i have come here aftr a long time n ur fighting???!!! i am ur friend blo*dy hell!!!!!!

Sanskar: friend??!!!!! u must be joking our frndship is ovr long ago
saying this sanskar left the place leaving laksh shoked, then laksh felt a hand on his shoulder, as he turned back he saw swara who witnessed the situation so she asked him to give sanskar some time n hugged him n went behind sanskar leaving laksh sad near the passage
meanwhile ragini who had reached arjuns house long back decieded to see the whole house along with anu, as they reached near the passage both laksh n ragini who were facing opposite direction felt eachother’s presense turned bt as before laksh cld turn arjun dragged laksh away telling that he had some work with him thus both cldnt see eachother then anu asked ragini to get dressed as there ws a function that evening..

Evening at the function
ragini was getting fr the function, she was wearing peach coloured floral lehenga n she looked perfectly beautiful then as she sat before the mirror she went into a fb
laksh: u know ragini today ur looking soo pretty, ur eyes ar soo attractive like pearls, ur lips looks like juicy honey and he continued to praising her going near her step by step
Ragini:( blushing) laksh what happened to u? why r u behaving like this? saying this she tried to leave that place bt laksh held her by her waist n pinned her to wall nearby
Laksh:(having a naughty smile) really dont u know?? saying this he went near her, ragini closed her eyes n held laksh’s collar tightly n at last laksh locked his lips with ragini’s n then they started kissing eachother
fb ends n ragini had tears in her ears, later she wiped her tears got ready n went to the function
laksh had already reached there n tried to talk to sanskar bt in vain then heard some guys nearby talking about ragini

guy1: arey yaar u remember ragini?? omg she looks rally hot
guy2: yaaa dude she is looking sooo s*xy!!! i want her
listening this he clenched his fist in anger n was gng towards her bt he dasshed with someone n the drink fell on lakh’s kurta so went to a room to clean it ,at the same time ragini also reached the same room to fix her dress, she went inside the room n locked it n cldnt see laksh as he ws in the washroom ,then she sat on the bed n removed her pallu, at the same time laksh came out n ws shocked to see ragini and ragini who saw laksh stood up shocked frm the bed n her pallu wch was on her lap fell on the ground.Both laksh n ragini had tears in their eyes n then laksh came near ragini n remembered the guys outside talking about her so he picked up the pallu n covered ragini with it, but ragini was standing still by just looking at laksh lovingly . Then laksh went close to her cupped her face caressed both her cheeks with his thumb n let out the word ‘ RAGINI’ n a tear drop oozed out frm his eyes this made ragini close her eyes as she clenched her lehenga, the suddenly as laksh was gng to kiss her he remembered a fb

Ragini:(crying) i hate u laksh!!i dont love u !!…u r ntg fr me in this world n can never become one, all these days i was in an illusion that all that we had btw us was love but today i understand that its not so plzzz stay away frm me n dont try to contact me GET LOST!!!!! saying this she walked away frm that place leaving laksh heartbroken……
fb ends

remembering this laksh came to senses n pushed ragini wch made her fall on the floor, seeing this he felt bad but didnt help her n then walked away telling ‘ I hate u’ n slamming the door behind him.Ragini sat their crying vigouresly and laksh came to the garden n kicked a box nearby n fell on the ground n screamed ‘why did u do this to me ragini??!!! why?? now i cant love anyone becoz of u…!!! u were my 1st n last love.!!! why???!!!’

N the episode ends with Raglak’s crying faces

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