Desert roses… (Episode 3)


episode starts with fb
It had been about two weeks by now aftr raglak’s meeting, laksh saw some change in himself aftr seeing ragini, her melancholic face appeard before him every now and then ,he at times used to sit quite and remember her how she was in school sitting nearby the window n enjoyed hr free time by observing out of it etc, he had never felt like this before, someting changed n change was only bcoz of her….
His thoughts were disturbed by his coulege Kiran
Kiran: hi laksh wats up man? did evrything get settled in the new house?
Laksh:(nodding in negetive)no Kiran but i am trying my level best (laksh had got a new appartment a month ago but he cldnt fix it, fixing his house was nt less than a war to him)
Kiran: dont worry ull fix it one or the other day n i came here to ask u whether u wld come with us to hv some coffee, pointing towards his other couleges
Laksh who also needed a break accepted to go with him
the scene shifts to a coffee shop nearby
here laksh cldnt concentrate on his coffee as his thoughts wer on different things like work, house and ragini n as he was sippin his coffee he saw ragini n thought that it ws his imagination bt again saw her gng out with her frnds n became very happy n gulped his whole hot coffee at a time n went away frm der telling he hd some work leaving his frnds surprised
outside the coffee shop he was searching ragini n finally saw hew at a distance so he ran after her n called out her name loudly runnig behind, ragini who heard her name turned n gt surprised n equally happy to see laksh, meanwhile laksh had managed to reach ragini n they had a cute eyelock for few second, later they came into their senses n turned around to see amused faces looking at them but didnt know wt to speak so
Laksh: hi ragini(paused fr a while to think of a reason) i just saw u here so came to tell hi
Ragini:( who knew the real reason) ohhhh thats a gud thought laksh hie..!!!
as they were talking they heard someone nearby pass a comment that they looked like heer ranjah wch made both of them blush n ragini’s frnds giggle n then as they spoke their talk ws iinterrupted by her frnds saying that they wer getting late wch made laksh curse them n both having left with no choice bid bye to each other n left frm that place n as laksh turned to go he saw asll his frnds giving him a smirk n laksh thought’ aaj tho meri lagg gayi’
the same night laksh was sleeping on his bed n thinking about ragini n how his frnds teased him at his office wch made him blush bt suddenlyhe gt a call frm an unknown number n as he picked up he heard a sweet voice telling hello n as he recognised his voice he ws surprised n replied
Laksh: Ragini..???!!!! hiee!!!!!!
Ragini:(a bit tensed ) did i disturb u??
Laksh : no ragini ntg like that infact i liked that u called me as i was thinking about u( n immediately bit his lip fr wt he said) n there was a moment of silence btw them ,
the last sentence brought a smile on ragini’s face as she had cald her frnd, lied a lot to her n tricked her to gt laksh’s no
n again both started talkin on random topics n decieded to meet the next day
laksh comes back frm the fb n doses of to sleep
the next day laksh decieds to got to arjun’s engagement n evn the trip n face ragini again in his life
scene shifts to ragini who had decided to go for the eng n trip n already had started packing, her mom who was helping her to pack kept her hand on ragini’s cheeks caressing it asked her to takecare of her self n hugged ragini affectionately n left frm ragini’s room,later ragini sat n the bed thinking how to face her past, her Laksh …..
on the other side swara had decided to confess her feelings to sanskar…..
and sanskar was wishing that atleast this time he wld meet laksh

n the episode ends at ragini, laksh, sanskar n swara’s face

bye guys love u all!!!

Credit to: S

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