Desert roses… (Episode 2)


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Lets start with our story

Scene starts with ragini and anu’s talk
Ragini: so wen did arjun n ur scene start dude??!! U ppl nevr spoke in col also..!!! Plzzzzz tel ur love story….. Or else i will get heart attack( meanwhile she reached her office)
Anu: arey baba there is no love story. Actually he is my far relative n few days back our parents decided to gt us married, later we both spoke to eachother n we liked eachother…….. Thats it no love story atall
Ragini: ohhhhhhh kk den wen is d marraige??
Anu: aftr 6 months but the engagement is next week in delhi n u shd come
Ragini: omg congrats n i will surely come
Anu: and thats not it aftr the engagement all of us are gng for a trip to manali n plzzzzz dnt say no coz all our school friends are cumin…
Ragini: engagement is ohk bt trip…… U know my position i cant cum
Anu:u hv spent all these years fr that atleat spare a month, u hv spent ur whole life fr others plzz take a month fr urself n rest is ur wish bye
(saying this she cut the call)
Ragini(had tears in the eyes n said to herself): whatevr u said today was just a part for my rejection bt hw can i tell u that i wasn’t cuming becoz of…….. LAKSH!!!!!!!!!!!

(The scene shifts to laksh )
Here arjun hs also told him about the manali trip
Laksh: arjun its really difficult man i hv a lots of work here bt i will try my best dude
Arjun: what hapnd to u laksh ?? U are changed.. Wer is that laksh whom i saw in school who ws my friend, who ws always exited about vacations n friends ?? What hapnd to u 2 yrs back…….. Leave it u wont ans asuaual. But remember i will waiting fr u. Bye( saying this he kept the call)
Laksh( now was sitting in a corner n looking at pic in his mobile n said to himself): why ragini?? Why did u leave me ?? My life changed aftr u left me….. Hw can i tell my friends that i am nt cuming back bcoz of u ( saying this he wiped the tear drop at the corner of his eyes n saw a pic of him n ragini…..)

The scene shifts to delhi where a guy is driving a car(he looks dashing n hansome) he is speaking to a girl in his phone
Guy: arey why r u not understanding laksh will nt cum this time also je has changed i think we shd also ohk??
Scene shifts to that girl where she is on her bed applying nail paint n speaking ovr her mobile(room is painted pink n has her photos all over, it is not less than a princess room)
Girl: why r u angry on him?? He must be busy n its his life so u dnt take stress
Guy: u r right SWARA (yes the girl is swara) leave it n tell hw r u?? Gt any boyfriend??
Swara: no SANSKAR( n the guy is our sanskar) but i will in some days n wbu??
Sanskar: idk coz i saw a girl here n she ws really pretty( sanskar ws blushing)
Listening this swara’s smile faded
Swara: ohhh thats gud k bye i hv to go
Saying this she cut the call n started to cry
Swara: why cant u see my love fr u sanskar?? Wy??!!! ……..
Sanskar(to himself): what hapnd to her?? She sometimes behave really wierd bt anyways i am exited about arjun’s marraige

N the episode ends with sanskar’s exited face n swara,laksh n ragini’s sad face

Guys sry the epi ws long frm nxt time it wont be love u all bye

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