Desert roses… (Episode 1)


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Scene in bangalore (morning around 9:30)
A girl is running on the road,she is wearing a cream croptop over a black jeens wch shows her perfectly shaped figure, tiny droplets of water is tipping frm the left out tendrils of her hair wch is tied up into a messy bun indicating that she had no time to dry her hair, she is continuously checking her watch with her tensed eyes n biting her lips wch has red lipstick applied on it wch adds extra hottness to hr look , and finally she reaches the bus stop n enquires a person wethr d particular bus hd left n fr her luck she gt the reply as no wch gt a slight relief in her, later she sat on the bench near by n thought ‘thanks krishna ji today u savd me or else i wld hv got skrewd up totally by that khadoos senior….u know krishnaji most of the time i feel that he insted of being my senior scientist he shd hv becom a ringmaster etc uffffff why is this bus nt yet come’….. As she ws lost in her thoughts she saw her phone ringing, it ws hr bestfriend anu , she exitedly took the headphone frm her bag n asked hr to hang on fr while n climbed the bus wch had just arrived later took d ticket n sat on the seat near by n started to talk ‘hiiiiii gm how are u????? Thank god! u cald me coz i had almost thought that u had completly forgotten me’
Anu: RAGINI (yes guys its our ragini) hw can u think i wld forget my bestfriend huh??!!
Ragini: chuck it baba i was just jokin n tell me how are u??
Anu: i am absolutley fine infact i called u to tell that i am getting married in a few days….!!!!
Ragini: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome Congrats yaar………. Its such an awesome news
Anu: n guess what u know the guy……. Its arjun
Ragini: arjun?? Who arjun??
Anu : u forgot arjun.. Remember “Modern high school-delhi” where we studied ??
Ragini: ya………!!
Anu : so u shd remember the group ‘Trouble Makers’ of our batch
Ragini: ya.. I remember n arjun singhania belonged to dat batch i rem nowww bt hw cum you both r gettin married..???!!!!
As these convo was going on the scene shifted to new york( its night) at a big appartment where a party in going on…. A guy in black jeans n a red t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it is seen he had a perfectly shaped muscular body he was well dressed with a perfect haircut adding hotness to his dashing look ,his eyes looks intense n had pain hidden deep into the eyes n coverd by layes of humour anger etc , his height added a little more spice to his look, he had a glass of beer in his hand wch he gulped in one shot n started looking around fr the waiter so that she could get some more, at the same time he heard a voice from behind ‘ are you looking for me ‘ hearing this a smile caught his lips n a sense of naughtiness climbed his thoughtes n went to her n replied ‘ lara.. ( lara ws an indian girl who was working with him frm past few years with whom he only used to flirt) why wld i search u, u always stay in my heart’ said the guy in a flirty way
Lara: LAKSH ( yup this is our hero laksh) really??!! I didnt knw u miss me so much ?!!!!!…….
Laksh : Ya beby i will coz u r my dream girl 😛 [ laksh never meant anything by all this coz evrything he used to do with most of the girls was nothing but flirting] As he said these cheesy lines on her, she pulled him to the dance floor n both of them started dancing
After a while their dance was disturbed by the vibration in his pocket, as he took out the mobile it flashed the name Arjun, looking at the name a kind of exitment n happiness filled laksh, so immidiately je rushed out to some place silent n took the call
Laksh: heyyyyy dude….. Hw r u????
Arjun: hi buddy i am fine n wbu??
Laksh: i am fine n i am sooo happy dat we r speakin aftr a long time!!!!!!!!
Arjun: me toooo……. n i called you to inform that i am getting married…!!!!!very sooooon
Laksh: OMG!!!!! congrats man!!!!!!!!!!! N who is the girl???
Arjun: she is one of my far relatives n infact u know her, she in the same school n in the same batch Anu!!!!!!!
Laksh: ya i remember her bt hw cum suddenly ur marraige gt fixed??!!!
N the episode ends with the exited faces of ragini and laksh……….

Sry guys n no swara n sanskar in dis epi bt i promise in the next episode the will be there… Love u all

N happy Mothers day to all the mothers here u ppl r d best!!!!!!!

Credit to: S

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