It all depends on my family- A DevAkshi FF: Part 3

Hey guys, at last, after a long long time, I am back with the next part of my FF! I know I am really very late, I am so sorry! Hope you remember my FF…
So without wasting time, let’s begin…

RECAP: Sonakshi is going to work at Dev’s house.

Dev: Maa, I have hired a nutririonist for you.
Ishwari: Dev! Mujhe nutritionist kyun?
Dev: Par Maa…. (But Maa…)
Ishwari: Dev, main tujhe saaf saaf keh rahi hoon, mujhe nutritionist ki koi zarurat nahi hai! (Dev, I am telling you clearly, I don’t need a nutritionist!) Those doctors are such foolish people, they just keep telling you what to eat… they don’t have any other work! Kitne paise de raha hai tu usse? (How much money are you giving her?
Dev (hesitantly): 1 lakh.
Ishwari (shocked): Dev! You are giving a doctor 1 lakh, just to stop me from eating! Such a greedy woman. Did she ask you for so much money? How terrible! Shame on these greedy people! (she continues)
But, Dev’s attention is elsewhere, because he has just noticed that Sona is standing at the door.
Dev puts his hand up for his mother to stop, runs to the door where Sona is about to leave. She is going away, when Dev holds her hand.
Sona turns around, shocked.
Dev, at once, leaves her hand.
Dev: I am really sorry, Dr. Bose… Please come! You know, my mother is….
Sona: It’s no problem Mr. Dixit. I’ve handled many stubborn patients before. Rest assured, I’ll take care of your mum, and I promise, she’ll get well soon.
But, by this time, Dev (as usual), is already lost in her beautiful eyes, remembering her soft kiss on his cheek, and the way she tucked her hair behind her ears…
Sona (waves her hand in front of Dev’s eyes): Mr. Dixit! Mr. Dixit! (shouts) MR. DIXIT!

Dev (comes out of his dream world): Yes, Sona… I mean Ms. Bose… No, I mean Dr. Bose.
Sona: Are you ok? (confused) What happened to you?
Dev: No, no nothing. Come in!
Dev introduces her to all the family members… Ishwari doesn’t want her.
Ishwari: Are you Bengali?
Sona: Yes, Aunty ji.
Ishwari (irritated): Hmmm..
She walks off.
Dev (comes to Sonakshi, whispers): She doesn’t want a nutritionist in the house, but I trust you. I am sure she’ll be fine with you in sometime.
They smile at each other. Nikki runs to Sonakshi.
Nikki: Dr… no no, can I call you Sona di?
Sona: Of course! (turns to Dev) Can you show me the kitchen?
Dev: Ya, come!
Dev shows her the kitchen, and introduces her to Keechu, the servant.
Sona: Keechu bhaiyya, this is a list of what we need… Please buy this.
Keechu: Ji, Madam ji.

Meanwhile, Ishwari is thinking of what to do, to make Sona leave.
Ishwari (in her mind): I know what to do!
She slowly creeps up to the kitchen, and puts a banana peel on the floor.
Ishwari: Now she’ll fall!
Ishwari stands outside, as Sona comes towards the peel. But even Dev is coming from the other side, to tell Sonakshi something.

Ishwari is hell shocked, and hits her head, as Dev comes, slips on the peel, and falls on top of Sonakshi.
They both share an intense eyelock, with their faces inches apart from each other, Sonakshi clutching the back of Dev’s shirt, and Dev holding her.
Even Neha, Ria and Nikki come there, and are shocked to see their brother in such a position.
DevAkshi’s eyelock is disrupted when Neha shouts, “Bhai, get up! What are you doing?”
Dev gets up at once, and even Sonakshi stands up, embarassed.
Dev: I am sorry, Dr. Bose.
Sona: I am sorry too, Mr. Dixit!
They both hurriedly walk off in opposite directions.
Ishwari (in her mind): Oh god! Dev had to come in between. Now, what else do I do?
Sonakshi (POV): I think Aunty ji is purposely trying to get me out of this house, because she doesn’t want me here… No problem! I will definitely convince her!
The episode ends, showing Sonakshi and Ishwari’s tensed faces.

Precap: Ishwari makes the floor very slippery. Sonakshi slips and sprains her leg. Dev carries her to the room.
Now, Ishwari is trying to get Sonakshi out of the house. Will she succeed? Or will Sonakshi convince her? To know, keep reading ‘It all depends on my family’…


Guys, I know it was short and boring. But, I promise, will try to make the next one longer.
I have sprained my hand, so I can’t type much… But I will try my best to post soon.
Thanks a lot for reading, and do comment!

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  1. Asmita...

    Sona… I mean Ms. Bose… No, I mean Dr. Bose…

  2. V.V.harshita

    Hey it was really awsome plzs post soon

    1. Niki645

      Thanks a lot!!!!
      I will post asap????



    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much!!!!
      Will post asap???

  4. Awesome episode dear

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Princess?????

  5. Priya12

    I m glad ur back..and the epi was not boring …really amazing….
    Awesomee…and take care of ur hand….post asap..

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  7. Hey Niki di!
    Well, it’d surely been long since you’d last posted, but looking at my own record, I don’t think I have the right to say anything on this topic??
    Anyways, the episode was amazing! It seems like Dev has already fallen in love with our Dr.Bose! And if I’m not wrong, Sonakshi too won’t take much time to fall for Dev, right?
    Please do try to post soon, if you can. And, please take care of your hand!!
    All love,

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Anshi????

      Yes, Dev is already in love, and it won’t take Sonakshi much time to fall for Mr. Obodro???

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  8. Priya9876

    no-no its not boring…its very nice…
    tht scene whn trio sister’s are shocked to see their brother in such a position……. hahahah…lol… 🙂

    take care..

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much di!! I am so happy to see that u didn’t find it boring???


  9. Really awesome… And boring doesn’t suit with your writings…
    Love ❤❤❤

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Maleeha di!!!????

      I am happy to see u don’t find it boring ??

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  10. Simplesweety1

    FINALLY YOU POSTED THE CHAPTER! Thank god you posted it yaaaar! Otherwise we would have kept waiting for the update! Lol! ??Anyways, coming to the point, the chapter was fantastically awsm! loved it yaaar! Update the next chapter as soon as possible! (Whenever you get the time to update it!)

    P.S.: Dev: Sona, i mean miss Bose, i mean Dr Bose! lol! ??

    1. Niki645

      Ikr di, it was a LOT of time since I posted ??

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  11. Heshine

    Hey Niki…!! Finally I gotta read ur ff…!! And this chap was awesome…!??
    But ishwari is ishwari always…!! Uff..!
    But sure dev will be by sona…!! Right??
    Pls post soon dear..!and devakshi’ unexpected romance was…!! Simply…❤❤❤????????????????
    Will be waiting fa ur next

    1. Niki645

      Hey Heshine di, thank u sooooo much!!!!

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    1. Niki645

      Hey Ria di,
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      1. Ria

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