It all depends on my family- A DevAkshi FF: Part 2


Hello! I am back with the next part of my FF. I know I am very late… So sorry! I had gone on a trip to Bangalore with my family, and the Internet speed was very slow!
Thank you so much: Ria di, Sagaa di, Ayushi, Akku di, Eeshi di, Aarti di, Princess, Asmita di, Farhat, Priya di, Maleeha di, Pari di, Anshi, Vriddhi di, Erika di and Anjali di…
Dedicated to you all, and all my dear readers.

RECAP: Sona accidentally kisses Dev, assuming him to be Samar. Dev is mesmerized by her beauty.
Sona hurriedly walks off, while Dev continues watching her.
Meanwhile, Samar and Sara are behind a tree. They look at Dev.
Sara: Dev Mamu, and your Bua look sweet with each other na?
Samar: Haan Sara… Aur tumhare Mama ko dekho! Abhi tak khoye hue hain!
(Ya Sara..And look at your uncle! He’s still lost!)
Sara: I think he’s lost in thoughts of your Bua only!
Samar: Tujhe kaise pata? (How do you know?)
Sara: Arey! Love queen hoon main! Mujhe sab pata hain! Teri tarah nahi! (Hits him on the head) Tujhe to kuch samajh main aata hi nahi!)
(Arey! I am a Love Queen! I know everything! Not like you! You don’t understand anything!
Samar: Ok, ok! Stop giving me that stupid love lecture!
Sara: It’s very important in daily life, ok?!
Samar: Ok, bye! I’ll go now, because I still have to finish my homework.
Sara: Bye!
The two return home, and even Dev goes back, still thinking about Sona.

Ishwari sees Dev.
Ishwari: Dev, freshen up, and then come to eat.
Dev: Yes, Maa.
The entire family gathers up in the living room, and they start having their dinner. Ishwari notices that Dev is unusually quiet.
Ishwari: Dev! What happened? I hope you are okay! You are not talking at all!
Sara: He must be thinking about Sona…..
Ishwari (shocked): What? Who is Sona?
Sara: No, no…… Ummm….. I meant, he must be thinking about sleeping. You know, Sona: sleeping….
Ishwari (relieved): Oh!
Meanwhile, poor Dev is wondering who Sona is, as he knows that Sara didn’t mean sleeping.

Dev and Sara are sitting on the bed.
Dev: Sara, who is this Sona?
Sara: Oh ho! You don’t know!
Dev: No…
Sara: You don’t know!
Dev: No…
Sara: Really?!
Dev (exasperated): SARA! I DON’T KNOW!!! CAN YOU TELL ME?!!
Sara: The girl who kissed you today!
Dev: Her name is Sona?
Sara: Sonakshi is her name! She is my friend Samar’s Bua.
Dev (POV): Her name is Sonakshi… The girl is as heavenly her name!
Dev is sitting at a doctor’s desk.
Doctor: Mr. Dixit, don’t worry. We will get the best nutritionist for your mother.
Dev: Dr. Sinha, my mother refuses to follow any diet plans, and my sisters are complaining that she eats a lot of oily food, due to which her health can worsen. I too have work, and cannot look after her. I need a nutritionist, who can actually control what she eats, so that her health will improve.
Doctor: Then I know who the perfect one for your mother is.
He calls someone, and talks to her over the phone.
Dr. Sinha: She will be here in a moment.
A girl enters, who of course, is none other than our sweet Sonakshi Bose.
Sona: Yes, Dr.Sinha, did you……
She stops, seeing Dev.

Sona (POV): Shit! I am dead today! This is the same person who I had kissed by mistake!
Dev (POV): Oh my god! The same girl who had kissed me! She is a nutritionist!
Dr. Sinha: Mr. Dixit, meet Ms. Sonakshi Bose. And Sonakshi, meet Mr. Dev Dixit. I have assigned you the task of looking after his mother, so you will have to be with his mother for a month. (turns to Dev) I am sure that your mother will recover soon.
Dev: Hi… I can see that we have met before…..
Sona: Mr. Dixit, I am really sorry for what happened the other day, you see, it was an accident.
Dev (murmurs): No problem! I really enjoyed it.
Sona: Excuse me? Did you say something?
Dev: No- nothing… So, you can join from tomorrow… This is my address (hands over a chit).
Sona: Ok, Mr. Dixit! See you tomorrow!
Dev: Bye, Sona…. I mean, Ms. Bose…

Precap: Ishwari does not want a nutritionist in the house, and even though Dev tries to convince her, she does not listen, and talks ill about Sonakshi, although she doesn’t know her. Sonakshi overhears their conversation.

Now, Sonakshi is to work at Dev’s house.
However, will Dev and Sonakshi become friends? How will they fall in love? To know, keep reading ‘It all depends on my family’, a DevAkshi FF.
Guys, I hope you liked it. Do comment! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Eeshi

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  2. Simplesweety1

    Wow! The Update Was Awsm As Always! 🙂 Update Soon! Waiting Eagerly! Do You Know ; There’s A Similar Scene In An Episode Of KRPKAB Where Ishwari Talks Ill About Sona And Says That ‘She’ll Be A Khadoos Boodhi Doctor’ Haha! I Can Imagine That Scene Now! Lol ! 😀

    1. Niki645

      Thank u very much di!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Will post soon!

      Yes, I remember that scene! Lol!

  3. Niki…….. Kamaal kar diya tune…. Superb episode thi……Loved it…..let’s see ishwari manti hai sona ke liye Ya nhi….aur dev toh pehle hi pyar ke gharhe main gir chuka hai….sona ka girna baqi hai….?

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  6. Aarti32

    Today’s episode was comedy, but I guess d next episode will be either hilarious or dramatic..

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  8. Ria

    Hey Niki,
    The chapter was such a cute and adorable. I really liked it. Aww .. you came to B’lore and didn’t meet me!? Anyway, do update the next part soon.


    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Ria di!!!
      I’m glad u liked it!!

      And I seriously would’ve loved to meet u!! Do u live in Bangalore???
      Will post asap!

      Loads of love❤❤

      By the way di, when will u post ur ff?! I have been waiting for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ria

        Yeah, Niki. I live in B’lore. Plus, sweetheart I discontinued my DevAkshi FF a month back because I was lacking time. I started a Twinj FF only because someone asked me to on their b’day so, that’s the only one I’m writing now. Really sorry! I’ll be trying to post an OS real soon.

  9. Priya9876

    The girl is as heavenly her name!….awwwww this line …..
    I remembered the proposing scene whn dev said — sonakshi Naam v khub Surat h Ar aap v.????

    Lovely episode

    1. Aarti32

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