It all depends on my family- A DevAkshi FF: Part 11

Hey! I am here with the next part of my FF! Didn’t want to make you guys wait much!
Anyways, let’s start!

Recap: DevAkshi spend some romantic time together.
Sonakshi’s POV:
As the clock struck eight, I had to leave. I wanted to inform Dev, but he was busy talking to Auntyji. I decided to just leave, but I was really sad.

As I was going out of the mansion, someone hugged me from the back, quite shocking me. “Sonakshi!” I spun around to find Dev standing there. Oh Dev… I was relieved.
“How can you come without informing me?” he asked me, very sadly. “Sorry Dev… tum Auntyji se baat kar rahe the, mujhe tumhe disturb nahi karna tha,”I replied to him.

He held my cheeks, and gently kissed my forehead, “Sonakshi, itna yaad rakhna. It is never possible that you disturb me. Tum mera sab kuch ho. Please aise bina bataye kabhi mat chali aana! Chalo main tumhe drop karta hu.”

He took my hand, and walked me to his car. As he made me sit down, I smiled at his words, “Tum mera sab kuch ho.” He got in, and started driving. We chatted for a long time, and I never realized when we reached my house.
=======(POV ends)======

Dev: Chalo, ghar aa gaya.
Sonakshi (smiles at him): Ghar jaane ka man hi nahi hai.
Dev: Then come, let’s stay in this car forever, and chat and chat and….
Sonakshi: Ok ok…. I am going.
Both of them get out of the car. As Sonakshi is going to go, Dev holds her hand, and brings it near his lips, while gently planting a kiss on it. As Sonakshi blushes, he hugs her tightly, stroking her forehead.

Dev’s POV:
As I hugged her, I felt like never letting go. The most pretty girl on the earth, I felt myself as lucky as ever to have her as my lady-love.
Finally we broke the hug, and she waved a goodbye, as she entered her house. As I got into the car, the entire journey, I found myself smiling, thinking of her.

=======POV ends========
The next day, Sonakshi comes to the Dixit mansion, and finds Dev very excited.
Sonakshi: Kya hua Dev?
Dev: Goa chalogi mere saath?
Sonakshi (surprised): Goa?

Dev: Haan baba, Goa.
Sonakshi: Par kyun?
Dev: Just as an outing. Away from the pressures of life, no work, only us… in one of India’s most beautiful places, Goa.
Sonakshi: Dev, wo….
Dev (holds her shoulders): Do you trust me?

Sonakshi: Ya Dev, but that’s not the point. What will we tell our family?
Dev: Look, main kahunga ki mujhe business trip ke liye jaana hai. Aur tum kehna ki tumhe ek patient ke liye Kolkata jaana padega. Same kahenge to shakh ho jaayega.
Sonakshi (half-heartedly): Ok.
Dev: Kya hua? Why are you so sad?

Sonakshi: We are telling lies Dev…
Dev (pats her cheeks): Sonakshi, it’s only a matter of a few days. After that, we’ll surely tell our families about our relationship.
Sonakshi: Ok. To kab jaan hai?
Dev: Tomorrow.

Sonakshi: What?
Dev: Ya! I have booked the tickets. We are going by plane, and you will love the place where we are going to stay. Come, let’s go tell Maa. I’ll say the ‘business trip’ thing, and you say the patients thing.
They run to find Ishwari. As they reach her…

Sonakshi: Auntyji, actually I need a holiday for one week, because I have to go to Kolkata for a patient.
Dev (acting): Arey, what a coincidence! Maa, I am going to Goa for four days, for a business trip.
Ishwari (POV): Are these two hiding something? No, no, how can I think such things? It’s just a coincidence. (speaks out loud) Of course, ok!
Sonakshi: But you have to take good care of yourself.
Ishwari: Ok, baba!
As Ishwari leaves, Dev and Sonakshi hi-fi each other.
As night comes, Dev drops Sonakshi to her house.

Dev: So, see you tomorrow in the airport!
Sonakshi: Yup!
Both of them wave a goodbye to each other, as they go to their respective houses.

Precap: DevAkshi in Goa!

To have more of DevAkshi’s romance in Goa, please continue reading ‘It all depends on my family’.
I know this was too short, but I promise, next one will be much longer! Thanks for reading! Please do comment!

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