It all depends on my family- A DevAkshi FF: Part 10

Hello! I have reached the tenth part of my FF… I am so grateful to all my readers for supporting me throughout, and thanks a lot for the love you’ve given me and my FF.
Anyways, enough of my chatter…. let’s start.
Recap: Dev proposes to Sonakshi, and she happily accepts his love.
Dev’s POV:
I got up the next morning, smiling like an idiot. I had dreamt all night about my Sona, and her beauty. I couldn’t wait to see her, and I jumped out of my bed, finished my stuff, and rushed down to greet my mother. “Dev, tu aaj office nahi jaa raha hai?” she asked me, as I was in my normal clothes.
“Nahi Maa, aaj man nahi hai.” “Arey wa!” she was quite happy, for I never missed office. But today, I was missing it, only for one reason, and that was Sonakshi. I waited and waited impatiently, and minutes passed like years. Finally she arrived, and ensuring that no one was around, I rushed upto her and hugged her.

“Hi Dev,” she said somewhat blushing. I didn’t reply, and the reason was obvious. As usual, I had lost control, admiring her beauty. “Come to my room…” I whispered after moments of silence. She smiled, and rushed into the kitchen, signalling to me that she would come in a while. I went upto my room, and flung myself on my bed, thinking all about my love.
At last, she came, and I stood up and walked towards her. She froze at her spot, as I locked the door, she became a little nervous.

I pinned her to the wall, and she looked down, blushing. I grasped her waist, and moved closer and closer. But, she succeeded in pushing me away, and I fell down on the bed, still grinning.
I tried to stop her, but she rushed away, with that sweet, ‘blushy’ smile, that always made me go mad.

As I walked around the house, I saw Keechu bhaiyya and asked him where the others. He replied that the others all had gone to someplace or the other, and he too was going to go shopping. As Sonakshi came out of the washroom, I saw this as my chance… to spend time with my Sona.
As Keechu went away, I blocked Sonakshi’s way as she was going into the kitchen. I gently took her hand, and led her back into my room.

I sat her down on the bed, as her face flushed red with nervousness. I sat beside her, and quietly moved closer to her, and kissed her forehead. Laying her down on the bed, I caressed her hair, as I kissed her cheeks. Tucking her hair behind her ear, I realised that our faces were barely apart from each other’s.
Lightly touching her cheeks, I came down towards her lips, and I kissed them. At first, what was a mild kiss turned into a more passionate and intense one, as I started exploring every corner of her mouth, and she allowed me too. She started kissing me equally deeply. Our liplock lasted until a long time, but we separated when we were out of breath. Breathing heavily, I gave her space to sit up straight.

Shyly, she rested her head on my chest, closing her eyes, and holding me tightly. I kissed her hair, and gently patted her head, feeling on the top of the world, taking her into my arms.
Suddenly, our romance was disrupted by the doorbell. We laughed, and as Sonakshi rushed into the kitchen, I opened the door to find my mother standing there. She was back from the temple, along with Neha, and Ria. Nikki had gone to college.

“Sorry beta, main tujhe batake nahi gayi. Jab main tere room ke paas aayi, tab darwaza locked tha, to maine socha ki tu zaroori kaam kar raha hoga. Tujhe disturb nahi karna tha.” Maa said. “Yes maa, zaroori kaam kar raha tha,” I said, smiling at Sonakshi who was watching us from the kitchen.
She shyly looked down and continued her work, as I laughed to myself. As Maa went up, Sonakshi rushed behind her, intending to give her the food. But, not noticing the slippery floor, as she went, she slipped, and was going to fall.

But, when I was there, how could I let her fall. I rushed up behind her, and she fell into my arms. Arms around me, she thankfully looked at me, but the food had fallen down. “How careless can you be, Sonakshi!” Neha screamed. Sonakshi was going to apologise, but I glared at Neha, “Neha! Everyone makes mistakes! It doesn’t mean you start shouting!” Neha mumbled something under her breath, as she walked off furiously.

Sonakshi looked at me with tears in her eyes. I wiped them off, as I told her, “Please don’t cry! I can’t see tears in your eyes.” “I love you, Dev! I’m lucky to have you!” she whispered softly, before Maa called her for some work.
I was lucky to have her, I thought to myself. Such a caring girl, I knew I would never get one like Sonakshi in my entire lifetime.

As she went up, she smiled at me, as I blew her a flying kiss.

Precap: Dev: Goa chalogi mere saath?
Sonakshi: Goa?

Dev and Sonakshi have already started their romance. To have more fun with the lovebirds, please continue reading, ‘It all depends on my family’.
Hope you liked the episode! Thanks a lot for reading! Please do comment!
By the way, I’m sorry if this was really short. My school’s started, and I’m in ninth now, so you know, I’m not getting enough time! I’ll post the next one longer!

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