Hiiiiii my darlos
Pehchana ofcourse not
Dis is ur ramya an accident I MET MY SOULMATE ff writer n I guess ab tak tho pehavhan liya hoga
Well dis os ke baare mai last mai bataungi
But ha for first time I have wrote complete ia in pov so plsss ignore mistake n plsss do comment

Enough of my bak bak
Let’s start os wid a cute sa smile



A beautiful room is shown where a girl is sleeping peacefully by covering herself wid blanket den suddenly her alarm had started to ring n girl removed d blanket from her face n she is none other ofcourse u guys have guessed it right she is our Punjabi pataka Twinkle

Twinkle pov
I was sleeping peacefully when my alarm started to ring n i forcefully pulled my blanket down n turned off alaram n opened my eyes n saw dat it was 5:30 I got frm my bed n quickly got ready n went to near park for jogging as it was winters season it was full of dark I have plugged my earphones n started to do jogging n no one was der as it was quite early fr jogging but i cant help myself bcoz of hectic schedule.
After 5 – 10 minutes to my disbielief d power was gone it was slightly dark but was enough to do jogging but i was irked by it .
At 6:00 I finished my jogging n went to my house n went to my room to get ready fr clg I have took bath n got freshen up in my clothes n went down to have my bf
I have reached down n went to my mom n wished her “gud mrng mom” N mom gave a reply “gud mrng twinkle come have ur bf ” I gave a smile n completed my bf n left fr college but before giving a peck on my mom cheek
I took my car keys n went fr clg as it starts at 8:45 n it will take nearly 30 – 40 minutes to reach clg.
As I reached clg I have parked my car n went to my class n met my frnds den our class got started .
After first hour our class incharge came n called half students at first I denied as I was least intrested but my frnd said me to go as it will be fun as she went yesterday as other half students have already went for it.
I forcefully accepted n went out n we all sat in bus n it took us to dental college com hosipatal which is not dat to far we all reached inside dental hosipatal n gave our names n den left for checkup der.
We reached near a room n der first a lady checked me n I think she is a student n when I was about to go again she called me n said to wait I sat der for a while den dis time doctor came n checked me. Then he said something like technical doctor words I was irritated at d same time excited don’t know y later dey said me to go to room no 9 where dey will help to clean my tooth I don’t know y dey want me to do? But I agreed n went to room no. 9 dey called me after 10 minutes into inside d room n asked me to sit on dentist chair I srsly don’t know what dey call dem as I sat on chair a boy came der wearing a doctor coat, a mask. I can see only his eyes n der r completely perfect. That boy came near me n took his gloves. A doctor came der “Mr.kunj sarna” she called him n I thought kunj such a nice n unique name n dat boy I mean kunj replied “yes mam” dat doctor said “u should treat her ” n kunj simply nodded in yes n he wore his gloves n came near to me n said “please adjust urself on chair ” I simply nodded n den he asked me to open my mouth n he is seeing or observing but I was completely lost in his eyes n I came back to my senses when something hurt n it was his some dentile tool (sry guys I don’t know what all will call it ) “I’m sry ” he said n I just nodded my head but der was a slight fear in me after seeing dat tools .
End of twinkle pov

Kunj pov
Today for first time my tool hurt someone (dat dentist tool guys ) n I said sry to her n she simply nodded her head. When again I’m going to start my work I can sense some fear in her eyes so to calm her I spoke “r u frm jbiet (it’s my clg don’t get confused as I don’t have much ideas about clgs which have both mba n dental)” n she said “yup” her voice was so cute i should accept it. Later I started my work arre my treatment guys n I can see she is panicing a lot. At dat time a sister came der n asked her “r u Twinkle taneja” n she said “yup” n I should admit she have such a cute n unique name offo kkunj stop ur self talks n concentrate on ur work n I concentrated on my work again n after about one and half hour my treatment got complete so I called my doctor n she said “gud job” I felt so happy n I said to her to go with heavy heart don’t know y.
Kunj pov ends

Twinkle pov
After pretty long time nearly after one and half hour my treatment was over n while treating I lost lot of blood n I felt very bad obviously I will bcoz after a lot of process blood will forms I know I’m sounding funny but really it hurts later I went to doctor she said ” ms. Taneja u should take dat machine treatment too I doesn’t takes much time n itss compulsory ” n without my wish I nodded my head in yes later dey took in inside room n asked me to sit on dental chair n dis time it was machine treatment n I wanna frm der but I can’t help n I wanna curse her for forcing me uff n den dey started der treatment n after 15 minutes it got complete den I left frm dat room n when I was leaving room my eyes were searching fr kunj sarna I don’t know y but I wanna see his face atleast for once but I have not found him anywhere n I left frm der disappointedly.
I reached clg nearly after lunch time as I reached class next class had started so I not had lunch n I’m not in a mood to have bcoz my mouth is aching. Our last was leisure so my frnd asked me to have my lunch I simply ignored her question n said I’m ok but I was not ok bcoz I’m feeling hungry but I cant eat my mouth is aching I wanna curse dat kunj sarna I know it’s not his fault but still ufff. After completing clg i went to home while going I buyied a ice cream bcoz when I was in 9th class I have studied dat after dentist treatment if we will eat a ice cream or cool drink u will feel relief so I have buyied one n had it n trust me it really works I felt so relief after I reached my home n mom made a cool drink fr me n I felt so happy as it helps me a lot.

After a week

It was nearly one week I have not met again dat kunj sarna yes I miss him n even I went to dat dental hosipatal but I had not found him even I don’t know how he looks I kept thinking while driving n my car got punctured I came out of my car n stood outside , I don’t know wt to do as it was completely isolated place.
After a while a car came n stopped infront of me n I can see d cars window is opening slowly. There I can see a boy who is handsome I should accept it as he looks n was sitting in driver seat he looked at me n have me a smile i ignored him but he spoke “do u need any help?” I said “no” he sais “r u sure bcoz it’s isolated placen n no vehicle comes here at its going to be dark ” I said “no need” “r u frm jbit(guys it’s twinkle clg) ” he enquired n I was surprised dat how does he knows so I asked him “how do u know?” I asked him in amazed he said “ur id card” pointing towards my id card. In hurry I forgot to remove it n I smiled at myself but my thoughts were broke by him “even I’m frm jbit dental clg” by listening dis der was a small Ray of hope in my eyes dat by dis I can know about dat kunj so I repied “ohh” “so come I’ll drop u” I just smiled n took my bag frm car n sat silently in car bcoz I feel dat I know him. It was complete silence but my phone got slipped frm my hand so I bent down to pick it but wid phone I got a thread like thing when I lifted it what I saw was shocked me it was his id card. No no I have not got shocked by seeing his id card but was shocked by seeing d name as it was d same “kunj sarna”
Twinkle pov ends

Kunj pov
It was complete silence in order to break silence n looked at her n what I saw she was stairing me “what ” I said she just showed me id card it was mine but how it came to her got it it had fallen down oops silly me “thankyou ” I replied. “R u kunj sarna ? D dentist ” she questioned n I said “yes ” ” do u know u have treated a patient last week ” she again questioned n I replied “oh ya at dat time my practicals r going on so I was asked to treat a patient n I was firstly scared n was slightly frightened also as I was doing alone for first time n patient got blood also I felt bad fr her but bcoz of her only now I got first in dat ” I said n I can see her facial expressions r changing n she spoke “stop d car ” “what” I said. Dis time she spoke some loudly ” I said to stop d car” n had put breaks n she immediately left frm d car I have also camed out n went near to her in order to know wt happened “hey listen wt happened ” she ignored me. “Arre say wt happened ” N she turned towards me n she spoke in a go “u kunj sarna sry u sadu sarna u deserved to be called as sadu n u know y bcoz u have treated a person fr first time dat without any experience n bcoz of dat girl u have got first n u don’t know who she is urghhh u stupid atleast u don’t remember her n u r saying she got lightly blood u not bothered to know how she was feeling u r such a khadoos I have met in my life ” she spoke n I was shocked dat how can she speak such a long in a go n at d same time I smiled at her childishness I said “so u think I have not bothered to look at her miss.Twinkle taneja ” n I can see her shocked expressions she thought I forgot her but no I have not
End of kunj pov

Twinkle pov
I was very angry on me n I shouted at him After All I will bcoz of him my tooth pained a lot but I was shocked when he spoke ” so do u think I have not bothered to look at her miss.Twinkle taneja ” I was shocked listening to dis bcoz I have not introduced myself to him n how does he knows my name n does he remember me or he knows me frm first several thoughtsr learning in my mind n my thoughts got broken by him “hey where r u lost ” I said “no where but how do u know my name?” I asked him he simply smiled n said “how can I forget my first patient whom I have treated fr first time n bcoz of her I got first ” by listening to dis my anger was vanished n I had a smile on my face, I was so happy as he also remembers me dis is best I felt but again my thoughts broke by kunj “does it pained after treatment ” he asked concernedly n I said ” s a lot n bcoz of dat I have e skipped my lunch at dat day n it pained a lot fr three days dat I found difficult even to talk” n I kept a pout n he said “I’m sry I have no intention to hurt u but unknowingly it happened I’m sry” he said by holding his ears. He was so cute n by seeing dis I forgiven him later he said “friends? ” he forwarded his hand n I smiled n nodded in yes n shaked his hands “ice cream ” he exclaimed I looked at him surprise he said “at dat time bcoz of me ir tooth ached a lot na so dis a treat in a way to say sry n also a small treat fr d start of our friendship ” I smiled at him n i was as I love ice cream n we both went to ice cream vendor n took ice creams of our favourite n after having it kunj dropped me at home n left

In dis way we both became frnds rather to say best frnds n I really love his company n now he had became my habit. I love to meet him daily n to fight wid him, argue wid him n these fights never brought any distance btwn us instead bcoz of dem our bond became very strong n day by day it’s going more n more strong.
A fine day kunj asked me to come at xyz place n gave me a dress. So I have dressed in it n it was a red colour long gown n I did a light make up n went to dat place. After reaching der I called his name but der was no response. I have seen a card in which it was written “get inside urs kunj” i smiled at him n went inside n d scene made me surprised it was a date setup wid red n white combo, a table was placed in middle wid two chairs wid a champagne bottle n all red n white balloons r scattered on floor. Someone came n placed his hands on my eyes n I know ofcourse he is my “kunj” he removed his hands n asked me “do u like it ” I said no , I can see his face had became dull but den I said “infact I loved it ” n I can see a spark in his eyes again I looked at arrangements n when I turned towards kunj I can’t see him anywhere later I found him on his knees wid a bunch of roses In his hand n I was shocked by his behaviour.
End of twinkle pov

Kunj pov
I sat on my knees wid a bunch of roses in my hand n I can see d shocked expressions of twinkle j spoke ” twinkle for d firsttime I have seen u I have fallen for u I don’t know y n I was lost in ur eyes. I have seen my life in it. Later we came frnds N u have became my habbit without whom I can’t even think to survive. Yes twinkle I love u I love u to moon n to back will u marry me? Will u accept dis sadu sarna as ur life partner ? Will u grow wid me older ? Will u be my Mrs.sadu sarna ? ” I asked her n I can see tears in her eyes for a moment I thought she doesn’t loves me so I closed my eyes but I felt two arms hugging me I opened my eyes n have realized dat twinkle is hugging me while hugging she spoke “I love u to kunj n I love to be ur wife ” by listening dis my happiness have no boundaries I hugged her back tightly. After a while I separated her frm me she spoke “if in future if I’ll get any dental prblm u will treat me nicely na widout any blood dis time? ” she asked wid do much of innocence God I love dis innocence of her n I nodded my head in yes n pecked on her forehead n we joined our foreheads .
Later we both got married eo


So here it ends how was it u liked it
Wait I wanna say something jaise twinkle ke saathhua mera bhi saath hua
Nahi nahi pyaar vyaar nahi dental appointment

I also went to clg as usual n dey room me to hospital frm clg it’s our clg hosipatal der a student treated n trust n ab tak dard ho raha hai
Yesterday only I went n I really wanna curse dat girl but later I got dis story in my mind so I wrote it so in a way I should be thankful to dat girl bcoz when she is doing checkup dis story hit in my head

Ok acha plsssssssszssszz do comment whether positive or negative

N sry for dis bak bak

N I’ll try to post my ss soon

Love u keep smiling guys

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  1. Sameera

    Hahahaha so cute yaar ramya loved the os each and every thing every part of it yaar my gosh so cute kunj twinkle awesome yaar and ur dental check up too ????????

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou Sam
      But really dental checkup is worst n it hurts a lot
      Love u keep smiling

  2. Sohi

    Hahaha your story was so adventures and funny
    But which you written on twinj it was fabulous and amazing I loved it
    For a while when I read your college name I felt it was your story till the time treatment and it was true
    Liked the love story in different way
    Do continue

  3. Sohi

    And last but not the least the dialogue of twinkle in the last was sooo awesome

    1. Ramya

      Great u r understanding me very well
      Love u keep smiling

  4. Just ????? ur shoooooo much intelligent yarr ramya,?? tumare sath bhi ayhi tha n?? I love this,❤❤ love this os shooo much Yarr,❤❤❤❤,plzz post soon,
    Love you,❤❤❤

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Priya … kya yarrrr … me ne ff post kiya hai .. us mein tere liye koi msg bhi hai .. padh ke reply ker na … jaldiii ..
      I am waiting

      1. Are yarr mene tere ff par rat ko bina sleeping kiye bhtttt dilse long cmnt kia tha ? but uss TU disgusting people nai mera cmnt post nai kia ?isliye mene dubara cmnt kiya parne OK,once again sryyyyyyy meri jaan,☺❤❤
        And ramya m shooo sry yarr mai rat ko bhttt nind mai thi isliye kya likha pata nai and long cmnt bhi nai kar payi sryyyyyy OK,☺☺❤

    2. Ramya

      Thankyou priya
      N plsss don’t be sry yr
      U r frnd na frnd s never says sry
      Love u keep smiling

  5. SidMin

    Loved it …. I really liked the cute dentist and his patient….?
    Amazing idea .?… I mean your real life experience and this story…?
    Love you and take care ….. ❤❤❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much sidmin
      It means a lot
      Love u keep smiling

  6. Purvi128

    Hehehe ramya ,
    This was awesome … loved it … too cute ,..,!
    Last lines of twinkle were so sweet … i loved each nd every bit of it ..!
    Love u❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much purvi
      Dis was so sweet of u
      Love u keep smiling

  7. So cute???

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much taanya
      Love u keep smiling

  8. Presha

    Mere saath bhi yahi hua hume pejct k life bheja tha pr yaar u r great tune toh story bana dali lekin mazaa aa gaya … L9ve u ramu
    Muaaaas ??????????

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much presha
      Tumhare saath bhi yahi hua
      Lekin it hurts allot
      But mai bhi kya karti vaha baite baite bore ho gayi thi aur vo half and hour se zyada aur achanak yeh idea aagaya mere dimaag mai

      Love u keep smiling

  9. Maggi

    Awww!!!trust me ramya, this was beyond cute….the idea was fabulous, their meet n twinkles anger, it was jzz awsm dear….
    Write more of these n take care of ur tooth…..
    Luv u ?

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sooo much maggi
      I’m happy u liked it
      N ur care really means a lot
      Love u keep smiling

  10. Asna

    Fabulous n so much romantic os…

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou asna
      Love u keep smiling

  11. Aanya_pandey

    Aahhaaa.. that was so so so good.. just amazing

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aanya
      Love u keep smiling

  12. ramya di…it was awsm….
    so cute os….
    loved it….
    luv u….

  13. Kritika14

    This was so cool! I mean the way you linked your story with this was so good! Do write more like these! Love you!

    1. Ramya

      Thnakyou kritika
      Love u keep smiling

  14. Ramya

    Thankyou aaduu
    Love u keep smiling

  15. Shalini15

    Omg Ramya what an OS it was ?????? yaar koi toh pakdo mujhe I’m laughing like a mad ???????? really yaar it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode ??????????????tumne apna experience itne achhe se describe kar liya matlab apne funny nd experience moment ko story mein convrt kar diya wow salute you yaar ???????by the way I thought it’s your love story ?????????????but so sad just hospital scene was your story ?????????? well loved it????????????

    keep writing like this more OS

    Love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou diii im so happy I made u laugh
      Thankyou diii
      Love u keep smiling

  16. Baby

    ohhhhhh god ramya di☺
    srsly too cute awwww………..u too had a dental checkup well srsly it hurts haha☺
    lovely os every bit of it wow fabulous
    love u lods☺☺

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou baby
      Really it hurts a lot
      Love u keep smiling

  17. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey ramya,
    too cute love story yaar… its that I loved it too much… hehehe tujhe abhi bi pain ho raha hai… anyways loved it

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Ramya

      Thqnkyou tamanna
      Ab pain nahi ho rraha
      Love u keep smiling

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