Demon in Refrigerator


Chapter- 1
Aradhya Tulsi, an independent women currently living in the city of dreams, Mumbai and struggling to lead her dream life. She finally got job of reporter and moved out her friend’s apartment. No she didn’t buy one herself. She just got a rented flat for herself after many struggle. Seriously it was tough. No one wants to give accommodation to a single unmarried girl.
“hey guys, let’s do planchette. I got Ouija board. That’ll be cool, right?”
Yes, Aradhya forcefully had to give a party in her flat. Right now her colleague Shivani and her boyfriend, Varun only left in her house to clean of the mess the party done in her house. And Shivani had to just say about that stupid game.
“hell no” Aradhya said stoutly.

“You are no fun Aru, come on. I just bought it. Didn’t even unpack it. It’s still in my bag.” Shivani whined.
“Leave baby, Aru is afraid of ghost.” Varun said.
“I am not afraid of ghost, this game is stupid. It doesn’t work ever.” Aradhya pout “moreover it’s my new flat, people do puja in new house and what are we going to do? Will invite ghosts in new house. Very good.” Aradhya justified.
“Come on its good na? if there will be any spirit in your flat it will come out and we can be sure of your apartment is haunted or not.” Shivani tried to convince Aradhya.
“And why do you think my home is haunted?” Aradhya asked raising one eyebrow.
“honestly the apartment is quite shitty.” And Varun babbled out the line which he regretted.
Dark aura of sadness lingered behind aradhya … sob.. sob.. “what could I do. In this much money I could only get this damp, broken flat.” Suddenly all gloomy aura replace by sunshine happy smile. Don’t worry I will make it home and you will love it in some days.” She smiled brightly.
Shivani and Varun got scared “omg … bipolar syndrome.”
“what?” Aradhya asked.

“o.. nothing nothing.. lets play. Think it as a game.” Varun said and Aradhya agreed hesitantly.
Shivani was very excited to play. She set the Ouija board.
“Now don’t be afraid huh Aradhya!” Varun teased.
“I am not afraid, I said na? Ok I will only call the spirit. What do I have to do Shivani?” Aradhya asked
“ok, place your fingers on the triangle, concentrate and invite them.” Shivani said.
“ok that’s easy.” Aradhya said.
They said directed and Aradhya started to chant “ Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come.”
“ok I don’t understand how an unearthly thing will be on earth?” aradhya asked out of blue.
“uff..Aru..concentrate… don’t try to reason.” Shivani said.
“yeah, sure.” Aradhya rolled her eyes.
“ok then….. Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come. Any passing by unearthly power please come……..” Aradhya again started chanting
Suddenly temperature drop and a shiver ran down their spine and Aradhya stopped chanting and looked around confusedly … she doesn’t got any air condition?
“is there anyone here with us right now?” shivani asked timidly.
The triangle started sliding across the board, to the corner where it says … ‘YES’.
Shivani gave an exited giggle and Aradhya fought with everything in her being to not roll her eyes again. She knew its Varun’s trick. She wasn’t impressed.
“who are you? Please say.” Varun said.
The triangle started moving slowly towards the letters and varun get a nervous look on his face and tried to keep track of the latter where the triangle was holding.
“Pocat Prince….. ok that enough of stupidity… really Varun.. a spirit came in my house and his name is …. Pocat prince.. that’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, there is a limit in making jokes… its over.. enough of you fooling around. Get out of here.” Aradhya didn’t know what to do at that moment.. be angry or laugh at their funny act.
“Aru.. we need to say goodbye first, or else Pocat prince will never go.” Shivani said.
“you… child of Pocat Prince, get out of here.” Aradhya cannot tolerate it anymore.
“ok ok… why being so angry ..we are going.. sleep well with Pocat prince. Hahaha…” Varun laughed.
Aradhya pout and varun and shivani gathered all things to leave. When they are gone. Aradhya laid on her carpet and laughed wholeheartedly “Pocat Prince…. Hahaha…..Pocat Prince.”

In the car outside … “ that was nice.” Shivani said… had great fun “ you were moving the slider na? really Pocat Prince… never heard such name of anyone let aone ghost.” … varun laughed … “haha ..really what a name Pocat prince…. But why putting the credit of your work on me?” Varun said.
“what? No… I didn’t do anything.” Shivani denied.
“ok.. if it was not you and me … then Aru did it? I doubt it.” Varun said looking out glass.. all of a sudden realisation hit him….
“oh god.. a ghost named Pocat Prince just came!!!!” they shouted in union…
“ omg.. I have warn aru..” Shivani said taking her mobile out.
“hello” Aradhya’s voice came from the other line..
“Hello Aru.. listen carefully… a ghost really came.” Shivani said.
“ok… I trust you.” Aradhya said.
“youn trust me? Did something happen, that you trust it.” Shivani asked.
“yes sure I trust a ghost’s name is Pocat Prince… Seriously you two made me laugh enough.. can’t laugh anymore today.. bye.” Saying that aradhya cut the line.
“shit… Aru is thinking it a joke… should we go to her house?” Shivani asked to Varun.
“no.. not now. She will throw shoe on us the.. tomorrow.. ok” Varun said.
Aradhya was checking her mails when she heard a noise from kitchen. She ignore it thinking cat. Again noise came.. its like some one searching her kitchen. Opening cans, cupboards and boxed. She got scared. She closed her laptop and shout “who is there… see don’t think that you can take some advantage because I am a lone girl….. I … I will break your head …and call police.”
Gathering some courage Aradhya went to her small kitchen to find the place is mess but there was no one.. suddenly she heard sound of munching in her refrigerator. Slowly she hold the door and pulled open it to find a quite cute looking boy sitting inside refrigerator and eating her leftover party cake. His fingers were full of chocolate cream and he was licking his finger closing his eyes…as if it’s the best thing he ever eat… his cheek also had chocolate…. And he meowed out… in pleasure. Then purred like a cat.
Who is he????? And did he just meowed and purred like a cat?? …
Her eyes fall on the top of his head ….two cat ears sticking out his head.
Mechanically Aradhya asked.. “who are you?”
The cat the boy..well the cat boy looked at her with surprising big eyes and blink cutely..
“oh ..hi.. owner… I am the Pocat Prince.”
“what?… your name is Pocat prince? And was you ghost?” she asked.. she didn’t know how she was talking when she was scared the hell out of her life.. may be because the guy inside refrigerator was adorable.
“no.. you stupid owner. I am not ghost.. I am a demon. We are different and don’t compare me with those low class creature that you humans call ghost and my name is not Pocat Prince.. I am a prince demon and my species is Pocat…and my name is ARYAN. Understand you low class owner.” Aryan hissed showing his cute little fangs
“ Ar.. ar..yan..but…but what is Po..Pocat.”
“pocat.. is mix breed demon of polar bear and snow cat.” Aryan pout.
“polar bearing and cat!!!” Aradhya uttered… automatically her high imagination took place.. a big polar bear chasing a small cat…for know ..mating and a cat dropped on ground with Aryan’s face on it.” Aradhya started to laugh.. she couldn’t control her laughter.
“what are you laughing at woman???” Aryan hissed like cat “ and I am hungry.” Aryan said looking her way and licked his lips.
Aradhya stopped and looked at him. She blinked at him a few times and then realisation hit him. She is in her flat with a demon.
“ nooooooo please don’t eat me … I am not tastyyyyyy….”

A/N- don’t have energy to recheck.. check yourself.

Credit to: Tanu

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