Delight Love… Devotion Love… Dear Love…OS

A man around forty five years old is walking down the stairs with the newspapers in his hand. A voice is heard warning him with care and love, “Raj careful…” He turns towards the alert and found his lady love, his soul mate, his wife, Rani. Then he turned towards the direction she was looking at with fear struck face. And found himself stepping towards the sharp edged show piece pointing upwards. He moved from his path realizing it.

He found Rani still shocked and ran towards her and hold her shoulders and tried to bring her back to conscious. As she came back to conscious and found him safe, she hugged him tightly and cried badly. Why she was very much effected by looking him in danger? Question to be answered. Maybe time gives us the answer. He assured her that he is absolutely fine and asked her to calm down. At once she was calm, the lovely Arora couples smiled at each other.

The clock struck seven in the morning, she realized the time and went running asking him to have his tea, which is placed on the table. He shook his head with a smile and took his tea cup and sat on the couch in the hall. She entered a room and found them completely covered with the comforter and pulled it off from them. Where three beautiful darlings woke up from their sleep wishing her, “Good Morning”.

She stared at them with disbelief and said, “You lazy darlings, pull up your socks, you’re getting late”. One encountered her saying, “Mama, we aren’t wearing any socks, just look at our legs” and removed the comforter completely and showed their legs. This mischievous darling’s name is Anjali, second daughter of this lovely couple. All three sisters laughed. And turned towards their mum and realized her staring at them, and rushed to wash room.

As they left, Rani blankly smiled wide and left the room. Three sisters were getting ready for hospital, college and school. Yes, the eldest daughter of this couple, Anita, is a psychiatrist, the second daughter, Anjali, pursuing her graduation in law and the youngest daughter, Asha, pursuing her higher secondary classes. They heard a voice alarming them to be quick. It was a tall, handsome and good looking young man, son of this couple, Aryan.

Aryan, the second among the siblings, younger to Anita and elder to Anjali and Asha, pursuing his post-graduation in business, joined his father in the dining, wished his parents. He alerted the ladies to be quick. The ladies replied in chorus, “We are here”. They all dine together. All four bid bye to their parents and left from home. Anita took Asha along, in her pink scooty and Aryan took Anjali along, in his bullet. Raj bid bye to his wife with a lovely kiss on her forehead.

Anita and Aryan dropped Asha and Anjali in their respective destination, and proceeded to theirs. Anita was one of the best psychiatrist. In hospital, as she entered, she found a little angel sitting in a corner weeping. She enquired the nurse around there about her. She came to know about her, which is been muted. She went to the little angel and took her on her lap, and shared a talk with her.

Later, she took her to her cabin, informing the nurse. There she tried to cheer up the girl, but in vain. The little one just uttered, “Mama…” Anita was able to feel her pain from her voice. She took her closer to her heart and hugged her tightly, kissed her on forehead. The little girl reciprocated the hug. Anita was left out with a smile and teary eyes. She offered the little angel with water and asked her name. She said, “Ira…”

Simultaneously, someone was calling out for Ira and running around the hospital like a mad man. As he crossed Anita’s room, he found Ira and opened the door harshly and shouted, “How dare you?” The little Ira was scared. She hugged Anita tightly and she reciprocated the same, assuring her the protection. Anita looked at the man with utmost anger and signed him to leave. And signed the ward boy to take him away.

After a while Anita came out alone. He pulled her to the wall, holding her shoulders tight and screamed “How dare you touch my love?” They stared at each other. She pushed him, freeing her from his clutches and said, “Don’t you dare…” and continued shouting, “None leaves their love all alone in a strange place like this”, her eyes were red out of anger, and love towards Ira. He sensed the same and just uttered a single word, “Sorry…” and was about to leave.

Before leaving he peeped into her cabin, finding the little Ira asleep and left silently. Anita was puzzled to see his reaction. But neglected him and went to Ira. She caressed her head. The little Ira just uttered, “Mamaaa…” continuously. Anita continued to caress her with all love and care. Meanwhile, seeing them together and comfortable with each other, the tough man was taken back. Feeling someone’s presence, Anita turned towards the door.

She found the same tough man. She was about to yell at him, but stopped seeing him with a tray in his hand. He moved towards Ira, handed over the tray to Anita, kneeled in front of Ira and kissed on her forehead, with tears in his eyes. Close to her ears, he said, “Sorry love…” and rushed out. Anita placed the tray on the side table, and followed him out. She searched for him and finally found him crying badly out of pain.

She was able to feel his pain and tears rolled out of her eyes. She realized her tears and was puzzled, and immediately wiped them off and walked away. She came back with a water bottle and approached him with lots of hesitation. Meantime, a ward boy passed her. She asked him to hand it over to the man over there, pointing towards him. The ward boy went towards him and offered him with water and walked off. He kept it aside. She felt helpless and went.

Aryan, in his classes, was very attentively listening to his lecture. Someone was admiring him hiding. He felt someone gaze on him continuously and turned towards that direction. But found none. He continued with his lecture, least bothered about the surrounding. The lecturer announced about a project that is to be done in duo and they are given time of two months to complete it. Pairs were announced. And Aryan was paired with Aleena D’cruz.

They duo shared a smile and shook their heads as acceptance and welcome. He never knew why, he always felt thousand words spoken through her eyes at a single glimpse. He took a deep breath thinking the same and settled normal with much difficulty. For the first time, she sensed his discomfort and actioned him enquiring the same. He nodded negative and turned towards the lecture. She felt something fishy but ignored later.

After the lecture, they met. She enquired him whether he is uncomfortable with this pairing. He instantly said no. She giggled silently. He realized his act and bit his tongue turning towards the other side. They moved to canteen. They started discussing about the project. But never missed a chance to admire each other at every possible means. They weren’t able to control from staring each other but made sure they are left unnoticed by the other.

They were about to leave, when she moved her leg forward to get up, it hit him. She realized and apologized for what she did. He readily accepted her apologies, before she completes. He walked off with a broad smile which swept her off her feet. She was sitting blank thinking his smile. After moving few steps, he found her fixed to the place. He moved to her and alerted her to move. She gained conscious and left running, feeling shy, which left a smile on his face.

Meantime, Anjali in her class, was bored with the lecture. She planned to put an end to it and raised her hand. Her lecturer asked her if she had any need. She frankly said, “BREAK…” The whole class laughed. The lecturer was highly tempered, and before she could say something, the senior lecturer, the HOD, entered their class. Seeing him the whole class turned active and happy, including Anjali. He was called as “Supercool Guide”, Krishna Sinha.

Krishna, twenty eights years old, good looking, handsome, unmarried and highly talented advocate in practice. He asked the lecturer to make the lecture interesting so that they feel to turn back to class, in a very lovely manner. The lecturer nodded yes. He continued saying to the class, “Let’s make it interesting…” His session was interesting as usual. Students and the lecturer left the session brisk and happy. Anjali always admired him.

She followed him and stopped him. With complete coolness he enquired her if everything was fine. She nodded yes. She was breathing hard as she was running towards him. He relaxed her and waited for her to become normal and asked her to proceed. Without any hesitation, she said, “I love you…” He was dumb fold. She realized what she said and said, “I’m sorry…” He relaxed. She continued, “Not for the “I love you”… But for making you feel awkward.”

She smiled saying this and gave a killer look. He was lost in her beautiful grey eyes. But came back to real world by the noise around. He simply said, “Shut up…” and walked away. But left smiling. She said to herself, “One day I’ll make you reciprocate my love… It is a promise Mr. Krishna Sinha”. She smiled and went in opposite direction. She smiled throughout. She didn’t realize her friends call. On the other side, he didn’t realize students wishing him.

It was post lunch, Asha at her school, was practicing hockey. She turned behind as she felt someone gaze on her. But found none. Later her whole hockey team joined her in the hockey field. She was the strong player of her team. And good at studies too. They started with their practice. Their coach joined them. He instructed the students how to succeed the inter-school hockey match, scheduled a month later.

They were informed about the extended practice from tomorrow. The team practiced for the upcoming match. After an hour practice, they went back to their respective classes. It was evening, Asha was practicing hockey after her classes. Her watch struck six, she packed her stuffs and ran to the gate. And found Anita waiting for her. She apologized for being late and they left for home.

On the other side, Anjali, was waiting for Aryan after her music classes. It was 15 minutes past six. She wondered, her brother who always maintains time has not yet turned to pick her. Meanwhile, Mr. Krishna was driving his car, crossed Anjali. He took a glimpse of her, which left a smile on his face. His mother who was sitting beside him, noticed his smile. Realizing her stare, he controlled his smile and gave a fake smile to her.

His mother, Mrs. Bhawani Sinha, said, “Advocate sir” he responded, “Yes ma…” she continued “Hiding one’s feelings is a bad sign, especially when it is to a mother or his lady love”. She giggled saying this. He scratched his forehead and squeezed his eyes turning to the other side. Meanwhile, Aryan reached Anjali apologizing. She gave him deadly look and got on his bullet. They crossed Krishna, who was left confused about the guy with her. He was left upset.

The sudden change in his mood was been noticed by his mother, but she ignored for time being. Later at home, Krishna was thinking about the guy and Anjali. He was completely struck with their closeness. His mother came with two coffee cups and offered him one. And sat near him. She found him not having the coffee. She hold his hands and enquired him about his sudden change in mood which she noticed in the car.

He asked her, “You noticed it?” She gave with slight smile and said, “I’m your ma…” He sat on the floor, laid his head on his mother’s lap. She realized the problem is with the same girl who brought a smile on his face. She just said, “Dear… Sometimes misunderstandings kills. It’s better to talk, let opponent talk and clarify the misunderstandings. If not…” tears brimming her eyes, she continued “I’m a living example of it.” They shared a hug.

Back at Arora house, Rani was waiting for her family, sitting on the door step with her chin resting on her right palm. There came Raj with hot and spicy samosas in his hands. She had a broad smile seeing him. He came to her and handed the samosas in her hands and kissed her on forehead. This entry and exit kiss is usual with this couple. They were always a living example of how life is to be taken forward in spite of all hurdles, to their children.

All the four siblings reached home, witnessing their parents love. Asha ran towards her father and hugged him. The rest followed her and all entered the house. Rani asked them to freshen up. All went to their respective rooms. Rani was preparing to dine together. Raj came out first and hugged her from behind. She was shocked and asked him to let her go. He said no like a teen and smiled. They had a lovely moment.

I hope you like this… Lots of Love…

— Anci

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