Delight Love… Devotion Love… Dear Love… — Part – 6

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All were shocked to hear their little sister. Even the word shock was less in front of what they witnessed. Aryan was the first to recover from the shock as he had already seen the trailers long back. He pulled her to him and embraced her placing a kiss on her head. Seeing Aryan there, the other three were little worried about his reaction. Understanding their expressions, he signaled Asha to have a look at them. Both started to giggle.

Again the other three were left confused. The duo walked out laughing with a hi-fi, shocking them more. Aleena came out of the shock and patted Anjali on her shoulder and asked her to stop thinking about her brother and sister and concentrate on her love, for which she smiled sheepishly. Now Aleena and Anita teamed up and laughed at her. Then the trio went down and found the other two still talking and giggling.

The duo even didn’t mind to give a look onto them. They went and sat along with them but found nothing interesting or funny. Pity ladies they didn’t know that this duo was smart enough that they changed the topic as they found them stepping down. Next it was their parents turn to get confused seeing their behavior, but they were sure about something getting cooked between them, as they are the deadly combination.

Like this the night was passed. Next morning, the sun’s rays kissed it’s every single children with love and let them towards the new day, the new beginning. All the Arora’s were busy to get back to their routine. Even Raj was fit enough to get back to his work. Aryan was ready to fix his sister’s sorrows and also of his love. He turned towards his room door and found his little devil come princess standing with a mischievous smile.

As Aleena opened her eyes, she found Anita besides her stroking her head softly with a smile. She loved being cared. She snuggled closer to her and buried herself in Anita’s embrace. Later she noticed her dressed up. She lifted her head to see Anita. She understood Aleena’s disturbance. She bent down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead and assured her that she’ll be back soon. Aleena controlled her feelings and obliged with a smile.

Anjali came all ready to meet Aleena and Anita before going to Krishna. The duo wished Anjali best. They hugged each other and they left Aleena to rest. She looked around and found all the necessary things at the reach of her hand. She felt blessed seeing the care and love. Before leaving even Asha visited her and shared her part of love by kissing her cheeks. Even Raj, visited her before leaving for his work.

Last was Aryan’s turn. He came to her, gave her a warm hug, and placed a tight and long kiss on her forehead with all his love. They were in each other’s embrace lost in each other’s eyes. They were disturbed by Asha scream for Aryan. He once again pecked her forehead and slightly on her lips and moved out of the bed. But was shocked as he encountered his mother at the door step. He hung his head down and went running before she could question.

Now it was Aleena’s turn to hang her head down, as Rani was looking at her. Rani walked slowly to Aleena sat beside her. As she lifted expecting angry glares of her to be mother-in-law, her heart was beating hard and fast. But was surprised to see her smiling with lot of love. Rani caressed her head and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, blessing her. Aleena was overwhelmed with joy and hugged her tight. She got the motherly hug which she wanted.

Meanwhile, Anjali entered the City Hospital. She was searching for Krishna’s room. Someone placed a hand on her shoulder, she turned and found Mrs. Sinha with a broad smile. She reciprocated the smile. Mrs. Sinha showed her the way to room. She proceeded through the same. As she opened the door, she found her love, her life on the bed. She walked towards him closing the door. Her heart beat was increasing for her every step.

She placed her hand on Krishna’s hand, which was enough for him to open his eyes. He was surprised and shocked to see his lady standing in front of him with tears. He sat straight and pulled her into embrace assuring her that he is fine. She too hugged him back tight with all her love. Suddenly reality struck her and she pulled herself from his embrace and stepped back. He understood her silent act.

She lifted her eyes and asked him straight, “Why did you behave so?” He maintained silence. It irritated her, still she controlled her anger. Even after ten minutes he didn’t try to utter a word, which didn’t go well with her. She screamed at him to open his mouth, but shut her mouth immediately noticing his tears. She moved forward, cupped his face and lifted it facing her. His eyes were closed. She waited patiently for him to open up.

After few minutes, she kissed off his tears and placed her forehead on his. He got hold of her waist, pulling her close and placed his head on her chest, and cried hard. She was able to feel his pain. She comforted him and waited for him to calm down. As he was calm, she lifted his head to face her without breaking the embrace. Looking straight in to his eyes, she spoke, “Until you tell me what is bothering you, both of us will be gifted only with tears and sorrows…”

They had an intense eye lock. She continued, “Speak up sir… I can’t see you breaking down… I want my love come what may…” After few seconds she continued again, “Don’t you find me worthy to share your pain? Don’t you trust your love?” with tears flowing down her eyes continuously. He felt immense pain seeing her tears. She was about to continue when she felt his hard lips on hers comforting her. She gave in, as she was sure they both wanted it.

After breaking the kiss, he looked straight into her eyes and said, “Trust is a small word when it is you… If there is someone to whom I can share my heart, it’s you…” She cupped his face and was continuously caressing his cheeks with her thumb to assure him she is there for him. He continued, “There are two reason for my behavior… One my father’s experience and the other…” he cried out not able to control. Her thumbs kept caressing him.

After gaining some courage he continued, “And the other… Preethi…” He tried to read her eyes, as he was shocked to see her still calm. She gestured him to continue. He started narrating his past, “Ma and Papa were married after their courtship of eight years. They lived happily. But it didn’t go well with a wolf. I still remember, it was my eighth birthday, that wolf came running with her dress torn and crying badly.”

He stopped to control himself and looked straight into her eyes and continued, “She was my parent’s class mate. Ma considered her as her sister. When ma enquired about her state, she said Raman, his father did this to her. Ma was startled. Meantime papa came in all tired and even his clothes were dirty. Seeing the wolf in that state he enquired the same. Ma was out of her control and slapped him hard.” He broke down saying this.

She took him in his embrace and stroked his hair continuously. After few minutes of silence, he continued, “Ma narrated the same and questioned him about it. He was startled listening to the allegations. Not by the ones raised by the wolf but of ma’s. He wasn’t able to control his tears, without uttering a word he stepped out of the house and drove off. Ma took the wolf into her room and made her rest.” Tears were flowing down his eyes continuously.

He continued, “After a while we got a call asking us to come to Savior’s Hospital. As we reached we found only the lifeless body of my papa. Ma and I stepped forward towards him. She broke down into tears and I kept trying to wake him up. The wolf who saw papa lifeless ran to us, she lost her mental stability and she blurted out her plans to get him as she loved him for ages. Ma was completely broken listening to it.”

He wasn’t able to continue as his voice choked. She pulled him out of her embrace and offered him some water and sat beside him. He pulled her towards him and placed her head close to his heart and hugged her tight. She too circled her hands around his waist. He took a deep breath and continued, “Ma neither questioned her nor punished her, she left as such and walked off, as she considered it was her mistake to doubt her love.”

She lifted her eyes to look straight into his eyes and asked him, “Still you doubted me, why?” He felt like someone stabbed on his heart as he realized his mistake, which his mother committed years ago. He apologized genuinely and she accepted by hugging him tight. After a while, the doctor came in to check the patient. He prescribed some new medicines and asked her to take a good care of him and walked out.

In hospital, Anita was treating her patients. After the last patient’s exit, she was left alone as there was no scheduled appointments. Being alone and idle her mind started to think about her love, Rohan and Ira. A lone tear escaped her left eye. She took out her phone and dialed a number, which was left unanswered. She knew this is going to happen still her heart ached. She just said, “Why?” and cried silently.

She leaned her head over the headrest and closed her eyes thinking about Rohan and Ira only. On the other side, Rohan felt very bad avoiding his love, his first and last love. He turned to his left and found little Ira lying lifelessly on the bed with eyes wide open. He knew she was missing Anita. But felt helpless to put off the pain which was evident in him, Ira and Anita. He slowly went and sat beside Ira and caressed her head, she didn’t show any reaction.

In Krishna’s room, as the doctor stepped out, Anjali went back to him and crashed her head on his chest. A smile appeared on his face looking at her never ending love for him, he caressed her head continuously. After two minutes, she softly asked him, “Preethi… Who is she?” and lifted her head to see him. His eyes brimmed with tears. She understood he was hurt. She again crashed her head on his chest and hugged him tight comforting him.

After good fifteen minutes, he spoke, “The lady to whom I lost my heart for the first and last time.” Her eyes filled with tears and they flowed out not able to hold any more. He felt his shirt wet and lifted her chin with his hand. His heart pained to see her tears. He wiped it off and placed his forehead on hers and continued, “But realized what love is after meeting you.” A gasp escaped her lips. He opened his eyes and smiled witnessing her smile.

In Rohan’s home, he was trying hard to feed Ira, but she sat mum, emotionless, like a stone. His little angel’s state was killing him, he didn’t know what to do. He closed his eyes tight out of immense pain. He opened his eyes determined and saw her. He promised himself that he’ll get her cured at any cost and smiled little. He picked lifeless Ira in his arms and marched out of home and drove off.

In college, Aryan collected few books regarding his project from the library and walked out. Before moving back to home he decided to meet Rohan and went to his home. But found it locked. He tried to reach him but the call was left unanswered. He was worried now as Rohan never misses his calls or at least calls back within minutes. But today it had been twenty minutes, still he didn’t pick his any calls or didn’t call back. He left after a while.

Rohan was talking to a man in his late fifties with little Ira in his embrace. Actually he was narrating the complete incident to him right from his sister being brutally raped in front of little Ira. Yes, he was in front of a psychiatrist. He was seeking his help to get back his little angel’s liveliness. After hearing him completely, the doctor gave him a smile and wrote something on his notepad, saying, “Searching for cure, in spite of having it in your own hands…”

Rohan was taken back hearing doctor. The doctor lifted his head with a smile and extended the sheet stating this is the medicine for your little princess. He got it and was shocked and looked towards the doctor. He continued, “Yes Mr. Srivastava… The lady who showed unending love is her cure…” pointing to little Ira. He was dumb fold. The doctor walked towards him and sat next to him, caressed Ira’s head and said, “Only she can get your Ira back…”

In Krishna’s room, they were staring into each other’s eyes. He continued, “We were dating each other, I was madly in love with her. Everything went fine till the day I saw her in arms of a random man. Meantime someone tapped on my shoulder and said this is her truth. I just looked at him puzzled. He continued that he was the one she dated before me and he found her with random guys and even before him there were many.”

She was looking into his eyes intensely, she could feel his pain. Tears were not stopping from his eyes and the same go with her. She wiped off his tears, lifted her torso and placed a long kiss on his forehead. He closed his eyes as response. She looked at his pained face and crashed her head back on his chest and held him tight. After a long time, they felt solace in each other’s embrace and they lived their moment. They didn’t talk anymore.

As he stepped out of doctor’s room, Rohan was completely broken and confused. Doctor’s words were running in his mind again and again. For the first time he felt so helpless in spite of being a successful business man and felt lonely in spite of being brought up all alone, as his only family his sister was staying away from him, due to various reasons. As thinking further, his grip around Ira tightened. He drove off with her.

He stopped his car in front of Arora house. He was fighting inside him whether to move forward or not. Not able to take a decision he closed his eyes tight. Meantime Aryan reached his home and found Rohan’s car. He marched towards his car and knocked the window glass to bring Rohan’s notice on him. He got tensed seeing tears in Rohan’s eyes. Rohan opened the door and stepped out, and tried to be normal.

Aryan found his actions strange and asked him about his visit. Rohan didn’t know what to answer. Aryan continued, “Why didn’t you answer my call?” That’s when Rohan checked his phone and apologized him for it and said he didn’t know as it was in silent mode. He was again enquired about the reason behind his visit. Rohan was about to say something, they heard a voice and turned, and found Raj who came for his lunch unusually.

Raj asked them why were they standing outside and asked them to step in. He noticed little Ira inside the car and took her in his arms and rested her head on his shoulder comforting her. Rohan felt overwhelmed seeing him and tears flow from his eyes. Aryan and Raj noticed this and realized something is wrong and took Rohan and Ira inside. Seeing Raj at this hours, Rani stepped forward and was shocked to find Ira in his arms and Rohan behind.

She didn’t know how to react. Raj asked Rohan to take his seat and sat beside him. Raj’s voice asking for water bought Rani back to sense. She obliged and sat along with them as Raj wanted her to be there. After silence of ten minutes, Raj started, “What is worrying you son? Why I sense intense pain in your eyes?” looking into Rohan’s eyes. Aryan was observing every move of Rohan.

Meantime, Aleena stepped out of room slowly, feeling bored. Seeing Rohan and Ira, she was about to call them out excited, but stopped immediately listening to Raj. He continued, “What is it son? Speak up…” Aleena walked down the steps slowly with much difficulty. Rohan who lifted his eyes to answer Raj, sensed someone stepping down and looked towards the stairs and found her struggling. He ran to her immediately and supported her.

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