Delight Love… Devotion Love… Dear Love… — Part – 5

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Morning, Aryan collected the discharge papers and reports of Aleena and moved to make the payment. Anita’s sleep was disturbed by a call and she picked the call. She was stunned and disconnected the call, thanking the person. She rushed out from her cabin. Yes, the whole night, she spent in her hospital cabin. Aryan entered Aleena’s room and said, “Now, you’re all set to go home gorgeous…” and smiled.

Anita interrupted saying, “Yes… She will… But to Arora’s house…” which stunned Aryan and Aleena. As they were coming back to sense, Aleena asked her, “But why sis?” for which Anita didn’t bother to give a reply and asked Aryan to help her in getting ready and walked out. After a while, she came back alerting them to be quick, and said that the cab was ready. They were still shocked. Anita continued with her work, gathering things.

Aleena gathered some courage and said, “Sis… Its fine, I’ll go to my home… Please don’t trouble yourself…” Before she could continue, Anita gave her a deadly stare which made her mum and lifted her head to find shocked Aryan’s face. He signed her to be silent. He asked her about their parent’s permission and before he could complete, she said, “Papa and ma are waiting… We should leave…” and walked out with Aleena’s things.

A wheel chair was brought in to the room and Aryan helped her to get seated on it and took her out. Anita was waiting for them in the entrance near the cab. As they reached, she opened the door indicating them to enter. Aleena was about to say something, but got struck by Anita’s stare. All the three left to Arora’s house. The whole Arora family was waiting for them at the doorstep. Rani did aarthi of Aleena and she was took inside by Aryan and Anita.

She was given the guest room where Anita got shifted along with her, to take care of her personally. Anita after the shower, went to kitchen, took a plate of food along with her to upstairs. She entered Aleena’s room, placed the plate on the side table and sat near her. She carefully made her sit and started feeding her without uttering a word or allowed Aleena to speak. Aryan was silently watching the duo from the doorstep.

Later in Aryan’s room, his mind was getting eaten up by his thoughts. Anita, Rohan, Aleena and the incidents. He wasn’t able to understand the reason behind Anita being stubborn and bringing Aleena home, Rohan’s missing. The whole family was tired, but still the little girl, Asha went to school alone. Anjali was not ready to go and planned to stay back at home. Anita too took an off and was completely involved in the mission pampering Aleena.

Raj was resting in his room, Rani took care of all his needs. Seeing Anita’s motherly care, tears escaped from Aleena’s eyes, which she hided from all. But Anita was so quick that she noticed her tears, still remained silent waiting for something. What was she waiting for? Lots of hope to know the reason soon. By afternoon, Anjali joined Aleena and Anita, they duo leaving Anita enjoyed their company and shared a strong bond.

It was evening, Aryan planned to pick up Asha and went to her school. But before reaching the campus, he stopped his bullet near the corner of the road as he saw Rohan waiting in the school premises. As Asha came, she ran to Rohan and hugged him tight. He caressed her head and pulled her back and was asking her something, maybe enquiring. After few minutes he took her along with him and safely dropped her at the corner of their street.

Suddenly Aryan came there and stopped his bullet in front of her. She was shocked and on seeing him she relaxed. She beat him hard on his hand and shoulder for scaring her. He apologized and asked her to accompany him to the nearby ice cream parlor. She instantly got on to his bike. They went to the parlor and ordered their favorites. As she was in mid of finishing the ice cream, she enquired him about the sudden change in his behavior.

He said, “Mmmm… that… there… nothing… complete your ice cream we’re getting late…” She figured out something wrong in him and asked him to say what he wants to ask her. After a long hesitation he started, “Princess, I know you’re too young and it’s difficult for you to handle such questions. But trust me I don’t have any other option so…” She interrupted, “Are you about to ask about Rohan bro’s visit, in school?”

He was dumbstruck and enquired her, how come she understood. She said, “Obvious bro, the brother who loves his sister a lot, will think about lighting her life with joy. And trust me, even I wish the same, and Anjali di too…” He was shocked to learn that his little princess had grown so matured and took her into his embrace and pecked her head. She broke the hug and said, “Now enough of this emotions… What next?” with an interrogative tone.

He smiled and said, “No idea…” for which she stared at him. He continued saying, “Maybe I would get an idea about what next after hearing it from you…” She nodded positively and said, “Rohan bro came to check whether all are fine and stressed when it was about Anita di… He had lots of pain and emotions in his eyes… Bro please do something na…” He promised to make things fine. She smiled wide and hugged him tight saying, “Love you…” and he smiled.

The duo went to home, he dropped Asha home and went driving his bullet. Rani was waiting in the doorstep. Asha dropped her head down and went straight to her room, leaving her mother behind. Rani composed herself and went to kitchen and prepared food for all. After a while, around eight in the night, Aryan came back home. He straightly moved to Aleena’s room and asked Anjali and Asha to go to their rooms.

Aryan was just staring at her, in fact he was fuming. She sensed his anger and was confused on the reason behind his anger. Plenty of thoughts occupied her mind. Finally she got struck thinking, “Whether he came to know my truth? Oh God… No… I can’t afford losing him…” she closed her eyes tight with her head down. He understood her uncomforted state. Without uttering a word he left.

After a while, she opened her eyes hearing to Anita’s voice and was shocked to see Aryan missing. Looking at her puzzled, Anita enquired about the same, for which she just nodded negatively. Anita was not convinced but remained silent. Aryan was lying on his bed, closing his face with his hand. Anita came there and stopped seeing him asleep and didn’t bother to disturb him. As she went he removed his hands, opened his eyes and tears were rolling out.

The day ended with complete silence. Aleena was left confused about his sudden change. She prayed that truth never came in front of him. She wasn’t able to sleep. As Anita rolled herself to the other side facing Aleena, she noticed her still awake. She woke up, switched on the light and enquired about the same. For which she said nothing and was about to sleep. “Is the thought of your truth coming out bothering you?” she asked.

Aleena was shocked and looked towards Anita. Tears rolled out of her eyes and of Anita’s too. She hugged Aleena tight and consoled her. She just asked, “How?” Anita said, “Shhh… Calm down…” After a long time, because of tiredness and sedatives, Aleena fell asleep. Anita made her sleep comfortable and was about to move back to her position, but was stopped by a hand. Aleena was having a tight hold of her hand.

The duo slept the whole night in the same position. Next morning, Aryan came out of his room and marched towards Aleena’s. But got struck at the door only. He witnessed her hugging Anita tight and asleep. As he stepped forward he also found tear stains on their faces. He tightened his fist on the sight. He wanted to grab them in his embrace and assure Aleena that he is, will and always love and support her, come what may.

As morning races extended its fresh embrace through the window, Aleena and Anita’s sleep was disturbed. And finally they opened their eyes, to witness Aryan with tears and eyes closed tight. Aleena lost her control seeing him lifeless and managed to get up silently from bed and walked towards him without making any sound and comforted him with her embrace. Anita silently went to washroom and closed the door.

Aryan realized her touch and wasn’t able to control himself and hugged her back. As time passed, she sobbed hard and he tightened his grip on her. Without breaking the hug, he pulled her face resting on his chest and wiped off her tears, while reading the pain in her eyes and kissed her forehead with love. She closed her eyes as a response and tears flowed down. She again crashed her head on his chest and they stood hugging each other.

Their love was witnessed by a pair of eyes from the entrance of washroom. She was about to leave the room without disturbing them and found Anjali at the entrance of the room with wide opened eyes and mouth. She silently stepped towards her. Before she could reach her, a hand moved forward closing her wide opened mouth. The duo turned towards the same direction and found Asha and stood puzzled.

Asha laughed and went in running and said, “Bro… Now stop your romance and let these two pity ladies to take their breath, pointing towards Anita and Anjali. For which he responded a smile and pulled her to his embrace and pecked her forehead. She smiled and said, “Mission 1 accomplished…” and both gave a hi-five puzzling the three souls around. Looking them confused, the duo laughed and went out, before their interrogations begin.

The rest three were thinking about what just happened and were about to discuss, mean time Aleena felt her soft lips been peaked by hard lips and ran away, embarrassing her more. Two pair of eyes were looking at her, she lowered her gaze and was silently cursing Aryan for embarrassing her more. The sisters laughed and the three shared a hug. Anjali said, “I’m so happy Aleena… I wish that at least your love story is happy and complete…”

She realized what she said and excused her and went running to her room, before the tears burst out. Anita and Aleena realized something fishy, but still decided to stay silent as it is not right time to discuss. Anjali back at her room, entered her washroom and sat behind the door crushing herself on the floor and cried closing her mouth tight, so that none could hear her. Her thoughts were revolving around Krishna, from their first meet till his allegations.

Krishna in his room was sitting on the couch, resting his head back. Tears were flowing from his eyes. He was thinking about Anjali and her antics, a smile filled his lips. Which didn’t last for long, as he remembered her sitting close behind a guy on the two wheeler and her avoiding him. He got up from the couch and threw the things around making it a mess. And screamed aloud. His mother heard his scream and cried, then decided to put an end to it.

Later, by evening, in Arora’s house, they heard a door bell ringing. Aryan moved forward to check and opened the door, there was a lady in her late forty’s with a smile. He enquired about her. She said that she is here to meet Anjali, and enquired if she is at home. He said yes and invited her in. As they entered in, Raj got up and went to them, greeted her and enquired about her as he didn’t recognize her. Aryan said that she is here to meet Anjali.

Anjali, who heard this came forward and said, “To meet me? I’m sorry Aunty I didn’t recognize you… Have we met earlier?” The lady went near her, caressed her head and said, “Hi dear… I’m Mrs. Sinha…” She was hell shocked, but composed herself and said, “Hello aunty… Please come… We’ll talk in my room…” to avoid her family from knowing her state. Mrs. Sinha instantly accepted and joined her to the room.

As they entered the room, she shut the door and before Mrs. Sinha could say a word, she said, “Aunty I’m sorry. I’m in no mood to talk to you. Especially when it is about your so called son, Mr. Krishna Sinha…” in a breath. For which she responded with a smile, came close to Anjali and said, “I’m here to talk to my daughter”, guided her towards the bed, made her sit and sat along with her, holding her hand.

Mrs. Sinha said, “Dear, I know you’re hurt. And I’m sure my son is on fault and I want to rectify it and see you both happy. Could you please help me out? Could you please tell me what exactly happened between you both?” Anjali said, “You could have asked your son about it aunty… Maybe he could answer you better… Because even I don’t know what my mistake…is” with tears in her eyes.

Mrs. Sinha took her mobile out of her wallet and said, “You’re right dear, but what to do he isn’t in the state to answer me or even react to anything…” Anjali was confused. The mother extended her mobile to her and she was shocked and tears rolled down to her cheeks. She was completely shattered. Mrs. Sinha got up and was about to leave. When she reached the door, she said, “If you could show some mercy, then City hospital, room no. 112…” and left.

Tears were silently pouring out from her eyes as their lovely moments crossed her thoughts. She closed her eyes tight thinking about him and fell on the bed sobbing. Aleena who was watching her, came towards her, sat beside her and leaned to her side, caressed her head and stayed close to her. Anjali reduced the distance between them and covered her hand around her waist and sobbed more. Aleena cuddled her and caressed her head.

They were in the same position for a long time. Due to stress and tiredness, Anjali went asleep in Aleena’s embrace. They didn’t move even an inch. Aleena didn’t want to disturb her sleep. But gradually her hand started feeling immense pain as she wasn’t completely cured. Anita who came to the room after a call, saw tears flowing from Aleena’s eyes. She rushed to her and enquired her about the same.

Anjali’s sleep was broke by Anita’s question. Then she realized she applied pressure on her hurt hand and sobbed uncontrollably apologizing. Aleena assured her that she is fine and wiped of her tears. As she controlled her tears, Aleena cupped her face, looked straight into her eyes and enquired, “Why do you hurt yourself so much?” Tears were flowing down from all the three pair of eyes.

Anita who was kneeling in front of them, made her place beside Anjali, cuddled her from behind around her shoulders. She continuously kept rubbing her shoulders comforting her. Anjali sobbed more closing her eyes. They let her cry, so that she can open up herself in front of them. After good twenty minutes, she opened her eyes, got hold of Aleena and Anita’s hands tight near her chest.

She narrated everything to them. Anita felt bad listening to her little sister’s pain, which she didn’t want even in her wild dreams. She turned Anjali towards her, cupped her face and said, “Go, listen to him and then decide…” paused for few seconds and then continued “Behind any strange or worst behavior there is a reason, which could be understood only by a heart which carries immense love…”

Anjali nodded her head in acceptance and hugged her sister to her heart’s content, dragging Aleena along with her. The trio shared an emotional hug. In all these, they failed to notice Aryan near their door listening them. He didn’t want to let them know about his presence and planned to move silently. But was shocked to see teary eye Asha behind him. He immediately went to her and took her in his embrace assuring her everything will be fine.

It was more for the little girl to take and accept. She broke the hug, went into the room, pulled Anjali from their embrace and hugged her tight. Remaining were dumb fold seeing her. She without breaking the hug, looked up into her sister’s eyes and said, “Sis… Do as Anita sis said… And even if he has a valid reason for his harsh behavior, give him a tight slap or beat him to your heart’s content and then forgive him… Ok?”

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