Delight Love… Devotion Love… Dear Love… — Part – 4

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Meantime, his thoughts were distracted by a call. It was Anita on other end. He was shocked by her call at this hours. He prayed to all Gods for no more tears. He finally picked the call. Anita said, “Reach hospital immediately Aryan… No delay…” and disconnected the call. This increased his nervousness. As he entered hospital, and moved in the direction as the receptionist directed, he was shocked.

Anjali and Asha came running and hugged him crying. He was hell shocked. And he looked around and found his mother fine, seated on the chair. His eyes searched for his father, and found him busy in a call, who was facing his back towards him. He was unable to understand why all are here and their state was serious. He tried to enquire the same to Anjali and saw Anita coming out of the ICU with the team of doctors.

She was worried and was unable to look in to his eyes and tried to avoid the eye contact and began to speak. He cut her and asked her to look in to his eyes and then speak. Tears escaped from her eyes. He was hell scared and ran towards the room from which she made her exit with the other doctors. He was hell shocked as he peeped through the glass in the door. He stepped backward and was about to slip and fall.

Two pair of hands got hold of him. It was Anita and Rohan. He started to move out. He was completely lost that he didn’t react to anyone’s call. Anita followed him. He was out of conscious and was about to get slipped off from the stairs. At neck of the moment, Rohan got hold of him and gave him a tight slap. Aryan came back to his senses and fell on his knees. All were relieved that he was safe.

Mixture of emotions were filled in everyone’s face, even confusion took its place. But two pairs of eyes didn’t have any confusion as they could understand his pain, Rohan and Anita. Rohan knelt in front of him and tried to wipe his tears, but for everyone’s shock Aryan hugged Rohan tight and cried loud. Without any hesitation he comforted the poor crying Aryan, one hand caressing his hair and the other patting his shoulder softly.

Anita knelt behind Aryan and caressed his hair, her hand met with Rohan’s hand. And they shared an emotional eye lock. She broke the eye lock and hugged Aryan from behind and placing her hand around Aryan and Rohan together. With hesitation Rohan caressed her hair with his one hand and she felt comfort in his embrace. The trio shared an emotional hug. And their hug lasted for around fifteen minutes.

Aryan broke the hug first and moved towards ICU, leaving Rohan and Anita behind. She was about to stop him. But a hand stopped her by holding her hand. She turned to find Rohan and pleaded him to let her go, through her eyes. For which he sighed her no shaking his head slightly. She understood his indications and stepped back and stood along with him. He side hugged her to comfort her. In turn she held her hands around his waist tight.

All these were noticed by a pair of eyes, Rani. But she moved from there without reacting to the happenings. Aryan reached the ICU room and placed his hand on the door emotionally. Tears escaped from his eyes and all their moments came to his mind. Raj came behind him and placed his hand on his shoulder. He turned to find his father with bandages on his forehead and hand. He was shocked and enquired him about it.

In turn he hugged him tight and said, “If this girl wouldn’t have saved me, I would have been in this bed today”, without breaking the hug. He understood, that she saved his father by putting her life under risk. He broke the hug and said his father, “Papa, please sit…” and made him sit on the chair. He continued, “She is strong lady Papa… Her heart is filled with love and care, she won’t leave this world without fulfilling her love…” and smiled thinking about her.

Anita lifted her head listening to Aryan’s words. Both Rohan and Anita’s eyes were filled with tears and were looking at Aryan and the depth of his love. They both realized that they were in each other’s embrace and found it very difficult to move away from each other as they found comfort and love in each other’s arms. They walked towards Aryan and stood on either sides supporting him. And yes, it was Aleena who was in ICU.

Seeing Asha’s scared face, Rohan went towards her and kept his hand on her shoulder and made her turn towards him. He wiped her tears with his thumb and cupped her face saying, “Everything will be fine dear…” She instantly hugged him tight around his waist, laying her head on his chest. Whole family was surprised to see her free with someone, as she never tried to even speak friendly to anyone else other than her family members.

Rohan caressed her head and promised her that he is there along with her, not to worry. She felt secured and cared in his arms and smiled. She said, “Thank you jij…” broke the hug and said, “Thank you bro… I know no matter what you’ll be around us, safeguarding us…” They both smiled, he caressed her head and she hugged him again. A wide smile filled the faces of Anita, Aryan and Anjali.

Seeing her little sister in safe and secured hands with love, Anjali too ran and hugged the duo. Sensing her, Rohan extended his hands around her and caressed her head too. Anita was in tears, seeing her in tears Aryan walked to her and side hugged her. She laid her head on his chest and side hugged him. Seeing their kids, Raj was happy and eyes were filled with tears. On the other hand, Rani was filled with mixed emotions and walked towards the window.

Raj noticed her moving and sensed her confused state. He went to her and side hugged her, and made her lay her head on his chest and caressed her hair. Tears rolled from her eyes wetting his kurta. All their emotions were distracted by the scream of the nurse calling for the doctor. Anita went running into ICU, followed by Aryan, others were stopped by the nurse and the doctor who reached there.

Anita tried to stop Aleena from hurting herself because of the fits. Her complete body was hitting on the metal frame of the bed. Her hand was bleeding as the wounded area was also hurt, the trips tube got removed and the blood was oozing out. Aryan rushed to her and got hold of her wrist tight, so that bleeding stops. He got hold of her other hand too and saved her from getting hurt more.

Anita got hold of her legs tight. Doctor examined her and asked the nurse to prepare the injection to bring her back to normal state. Anita’s grip was getting loosened, and was about to fail. All of a sudden a pair of hands got hold of Aleena’s legs, Anita looked towards the direction and found Rohan holding her legs. He sensed her stare and turned towards her and signed everything will be fine. Doctor injected Aleena and she was back to normal.

Everyone loosened their grips and stepped backward, except Aryan. Doctor instructed the nurse to correct all the machines and trips and also to observe the patient keenly and walked out requesting all to leave the ICU. The nurse did the same and was about to correct the trips and requested Aryan to step back, but he didn’t react as he was lost in Aleena’s tears, which escaped from her eyes.

The nurse patted him on his shoulder to bring him back to sense. He was brought back to his sense and nodded yes. Before stepping backward, he handed over her delicate hands to the nurse and wiped her tears with his thumb, caressed her face and kissed on her forehead and went near her ears and said, “Get well soon love, I’m waiting… Love you…” and walked backwards and reached the door.

Rohan and Anita joined him on either sides and the trio shared an eye lock, smiled and moved out. Aryan went and sat on the chair and rested his head back. Rohan came and sat near him and got hold of his hand tight, Aryan opened his eyes to see him and smiled. Anita came and sat on other side of Aryan, and offered him a glass of water. He accepted it and had a sip and made his sister to have some and later extended the glass towards Rohan.

Rohan caressed his head and accepted the water. Later Anita got the empty glass from Aryan. He was very emotional that he tightened his grip on Rohan’s hand. As Rohan turned towards him, he gave a smile, tears were also flowing from his eyes, and hugged him tight. Rohan reciprocated the hug and cared for him like a big brother, which left all the eyes wet. Anjali and Asha too went to him and hugged him tight.

Anita without uttering a word, moved from the place, she noticed her mother and gave a smile to her. But one could strongly say that her heart is filled with pain by just looking into her eyes. As she wasn’t able to control her tears and before it could escape from her eyes, she broke the eye contact and walked fast, and ran to her cabin. Rani was left out with tears and pain seeing her daughter’s pain, which was noticed by Raj and Rohan.

After a while, everyone were dispersed. Anjali and Asha left to home along with Raj and Rani. Aryan was seated in the same place, waiting for Aleena’s recovery. Anita was in her cabin crying badly that she closed her mouth with her hands to avoid others hear her cry. Rohan with two cups of coffee, came to Aryan handed him one, caressed his head and went. Aryan was looking in the direction he left and a smile filled his face.

Rohan was about to open a door, and found her crying very badly. His heart pained seeing her tears. He opened the door and stopped seeing her gaze towards him. Her complete face was filled with her tears. She lost her control, got up from her seat and ran to him. She jumped on him and hugged him tight, with her hands around his neck. He placed the coffee cup on the side table and reciprocated the hug.

He hugged her tight around her waist. After few minutes, he realized what he was doing and tried to break the hug, but she tightened her grip. As he tried to break the hug, she tightened her grip around him. Finally he lost and hugged her tight, as she meant much more to him. She was caressing his hair and on other side his hands were moving from her shoulders to waist comforting her. They felt their life complete in each other’s embrace.

He slowly took her in his arms holding her from waist to his level. Her legs were off the floor. After a while, she moved her head backwards to take a look on to his face, without breaking the hug. She wiped his tears with her cheeks and kissed on the sides of his eyes and placed her forehead on his forehead. They were breathing heavily, with eyes closed. He said, “Let me go… Don’t push me to such a situation that I can’t let go of you… Please…”

She opened her eyes and saw him and said, “Why do you do this to me?” He opened his eye. She asked, “Why?” He made her stand on her feet and turned to step out. She got hold of his hand and stood crying. He walked forward trying to free his hand from her grip. She moved along with him and after a while his hands were getting removed from hers and finally freed. She stood staring in the direction he left and fell to ground with tears.

Other side, Rohan came out of the hospital and fell on the ground crying loud. People around were only staring at him. After a while, he left the place, driving his car. Nurse came out and informed Aryan that she gained her conscious. He was about to step forward, but thought of informing Anita and Rohan about her recovery. Nurse stopped him and asked him to meet his love first, and ensured that she will inform Dr. Anita and Rohan about her recovery.

He thanked the nurse and ran in to the room and found Aleena’s delicate eyes staring at him with love and pain, with a smile on her lips. He stepped forward completely fallen deep in her sweet smile and eyes filled with love. He sat beside her on the bed, pulled her softly and carefully towards him and hugged her tightly, without uttering a word. Tears rolled from their eyes. She too reciprocated the hug and placed a soft kiss on his neck.

The lovely moment was disturbed by the sound of the opening door, Aryan laid her carefully on bed. Anita apologized and was about to leave, Aleena called out sis, and asked her to come to her. Hesitating initially she reached the bed and bent towards Aleena and caressed her hair. They both shared a lovely eye lock with tears in their eyes. She moved forward and kissed Aleena on her forehead and said, “Welcome back princess…”

Aleena tried to sit. She wasn’t in the situation to listen to anyone. Later with Aryan’s help she got up. Instantly she leaned towards Anita and buried her head on her chest and pulled Anita’s hands around herself. Anita smiled and tightened her grip around Aleena and kissed her on her head. Aryan was dumbstruck witnessing their bond. And said, “Oh hello… Don’t complete your love on each other, save some for me too…” and the trio laughed.

Suddenly his thoughts hit on missing Rohan and enquired Anita the same. She didn’t even try to utter a word. With her head down, she finally said, “I have some work… Catch you later…” she carefully laid Aleena on bed and ran out controlling her tears. He understood something is wrong and tried Rohan’s number, but it was switched off. He was frustrated on what is happening and looked towards Aleena and found her questioning face.

He sat beside her, bent close to her face and said, “I’ll make things fine at the earliest…” seeing her worried and in order to light the situation he continued, “and the so called project too…” and they both laughed. Later he paced his head on her left shoulder. She was able to sense his pain and state, and to make him fine, she turned her face towards his side and kissed his cheek, which left a smile on his face.

They both stared into each other’s eyes with a smile. Meantime doctor entered the room for routine checkup. After examining her, he said, “Now she is out of danger. Nothing to worry…” before he could complete, she interrupted, “So, can I get discharged and go home now?” with complete innocence. For which the doctor laughed and Aryan gave an impossible look to her. The words hit her mind and was embarrassed.

The doctor turned to Aryan and said, “If you want, you may take her home, but please take good care of her and keep her away from any kind of stress.” Aryan thanked doctor and asked him to get the discharge papers ready by tomorrow morning, for which he agreed and left. The night ended with love filled eyes of Aryan and Aleena, pain filled eyes of Anita and Rohan, and teary eyes of Anjali and Krishna, Rani staring Raj and Asha already slept.

I hope you like this… Lots of Love…

— Anci

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