Delight Love… Devotion Love… Dear Love… — Part – 3

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She got hold of Anita with her hands around her legs. Anita sensed someone’s hold and stopped and found little Ira. She kneeled in front of her, freeing her hand from her mother’s grip. She caressed Ira’s face who was in tears. The little Ira hugged her tight. And they were bonded to each other strong. The whole family was witnessing their bond and Rohan was shocked to see Ira’s closeness towards Anita.

Rani asked Anita to come along breaking their emotions. Ira got hold of Anita’s hand and was teary eyed. Rohan came forward, released Anita’s hand from Ira’s clutches and took her inside her room. Both Anita and Ira were in tears. Anita was about to run behind Ira, but stopped by Rani, who forcefully took her from there. The whole family was shocked seeing Rani’s act, especially Raj. Aleena and Aryan eyed each other and left to respective homes.

Back at her room, Anita cursed her continuously for letting go of Ira’s hands and cried hard. As someone opened the door, she wiped her tears and tried being normal. A voice echoed, “Need not act, at least not in front of me…” She lifted her head to find Aryan in tears, with food in his hands. He sat near her, she leaned on his shoulders and shed tears. He extended his hand around her shoulders, comforting her.

Next day morning, Rani went upstairs to take a glimpse of Anita, she was shocked to see Anita and Aryan. The position was the same as they were before, but their face were filled with tears and sadness. She was able to sense the moisture of tears in Anita’s face. She realized that the duo went asleep just a while ago. Anjali and Asha entered the room, who slept in Aryan’s room last night and found their mother at the entrance of the room.

Without uttering a word, they took their clothes and proceeded to get ready. Rani was hurt as she sensed ignorance clearly. The whole family was upset. Above all they were confused on Rani’s act. The mother who always stood along with the family sounded strange. The reason behind remained a hidden secret. It has been two days, the environment was the same. It was a Saturday morning. All siblings remained at home all these days as Anita was unwell.

In spite of being weekend, the family’s sleep was broke early. Still complete silence filled the air. The doorbell broke the silence, Rani opened the door and was shocked. Seeing her speechless, Raj went to the door and asked, “You…” Aryan went to him and called, “Rohan bro…” Anita came running to the doorstep and found Rohan with Ira in his hands. She was excited but still shocked to see them.

She asked him the reason behind his tensed face. He just looked at Ira. She grabbed Ira from his hands and sensed high temperature. She enquired him about the same, holding Ira close to her heart. In fact she yelled at him. He said with a lower tone, “She was been crying since you left. And by the same night she fell sick. Every passing second she was getting more and more worst, so …” Anita yelled at him before he could complete and took Ira to her room.

The Arora’s followed her. Ira was shivering very badly. Anita wrapped her with blanket and checked her temperature. Seeing her care and love towards the little girl and her condition Rani was taken back. Even Rohan reached the place. He saw Ira safe and comfortable in Anita’s hands. He was speechless. As she noticed him, she asked, “Have you lost your mind? You took so long to bring Ira to me…” cried Anita.

He left the room as he wasn’t able to see their pain, both Ira and Anita. Her tears brought tears to him. He was confused on his feelings. Aryan followed him and stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. He turned behind and Aryan hugged him saying, “Everything will be fine bro…” His tears flowed down tremendously and he too hugged. Anjali and Asha were along with Anita. Rani was heartbroken and went to her room, which was noticed by Raj.

Raj followed Rani to their room and found her completely broken. He sat behind her, pulled her head gently towards his shoulder and caressed her hair. She felt care under his arms and tightened her grip on his shirt and cried. He was left crying. Rohan and Aryan sat silent in the garden. Phone rang breaking the silence. Rohan picked the call and promised to meet them tomorrow, no matter what. And disconnected the call.

It was almost night ten, Rohan went to Anita’s room along with Aryan. Meanwhile, Rani and Raj arrived the place. Rohan bowed down as he couldn’t face Rani, and moved forward hesitating. He went to Anita and moved towards Ira and took her and comforted her on his shoulder. He moved off with Ira. Anita came running and stopped him, enquiring “What are you up to?” they stared each other, she continued, “Where are you taking Ira?”

Without uttering a word he moved out. Anita was taken back seeing the two souls who mean a lot to her moving away from her. She stepped backwards and ran to her room and closed it on Rani’s face, who was just behind her. And sat down leaning on the door, crying. On the other side, Rani was crying placing her hand on the door and asking her to open the door. Raj took Rani to their room and made her sleep with much difficulty.

Aryan requested Anita to open the door, whereas she requested him to let her stay alone for a while. Seeing the situation, Anjali and Asha were completely worried. Asha was unable to understand and was scared. He understood their state of mind and pulled them towards him and hugged them, assuring everything is fine. He then requested them to go to his room and sleep. They left on his compulsion. He sat leaning his back on the wall near the door.

Next day, Anita opened the door, found her little brother about to fall, she got hold of him and caressed his hair and kissed on his forehead. Tears rolled from his eyes and slowly opened them. She gave an impossible look and both smiled at each other. But deep in her heart, she was crying, which was very clearly seen by him. She was sure, does anyone understands or not, he’ll understand her. Still they remained silent in spite of knowing the truth.

It was almost ten in the morning, Aryan received a call. A smile appeared on his face seeing the caller’s name, Aleena. He attended the call and heard her asking, “Give a smile Aryan, you’ll feel better…” He smiled out of all his sadness. He said, “You always bring a smile on my face Aleena…” and smiled. Her eyes sparkled by joy. He realized what he said, closed his face with his hand and said, “I mean you always bring smile in anyone’s face.” She smiled.

She said, “Hmmm… Aryan, can you meet me now? Our project…” The project struck his head and he banged his head on the wall. She said, “Careful…” with concern. He said, “Yeah… I’m fine…” He stopped and asked shocking, “How did you come to know I’m hurt? I didn’t even uff…? How come?” She paused for few seconds, he called out her name. She said, “Look out through your window Aryan…” He found the sparkling eyes and lips carrying a smile.

He was dumbstruck seeing her. He was simply admiring her beauty. She again asked, “Could you meet me?” with a pleading face. He said, “I’m coming…” with a smile. The call was disconnected. He stood there staring her for few seconds and moved out to meet her. He went out of his house and met her. She was carrying a pleasant smile on her face, both her lips and eyes were smiling seeing him, which took away his breath.

He cleared his throat and asked her, “What are you doing here?” She said hesitating, “I know you’re struck with your personal life… But you can’t put your studies and career in …” she paused, and continued, “So I thought, I’ll help you by getting few concepts and did a basic study on it…” She showed him the document. He got it in his hands. She continued, “Select the best concept, I’ll work on it and you may join me later when you feel better…”

Saying this her eyes were filled with tears, a blink was more enough for it to drop down. She again continued saying, “If you didn’t like any, no problem… I’ll re…” She felt his lips on hers. She was shocked initially, but couldn’t restrict her. She reciprocated his kiss. She slowly moved her hand towards his head and got hold of his hair. His hands were around her waist. Their grips tightened as they deepened the kiss. They broke the kiss, feeling lack of oxygen.

Still they were in each other’s embrace. They were able to feel their hot breath on each other’s face. He tried to contact her eyes. But she laid her head crashing on his chest and her hands around his waist. He put his hands around her and took her into his embrace. His chin was resting on her head. Tears rolled out of her eyes, and a wide smile appeared on her face, which he sensed. She said, “I love you Aryan…” and tightened her grip around him.

Tears rolled from his eyes. A tear drop fell on her face. She lifted her head to see him with a confused look and found him in tears, which was full of love. His eyes were sparkling. She went on her toes, cupped his face and kissed his eyes. By doing this, she hugged him tight by placing her hands around his neck. He reciprocated the hug by placing his hands around her waist. He confessed, “I love you… Aleena…” And tightened the hug.

Anita, in her room, came near the window. She found a couple hugging each other. Her eyes were filled with tears and closed her eyes, and saw Rohan with Ira in his hands, smiling at her. She opened her eyes shocked, and was unable to understand what she saw right now and why. Peeping out of window, she found the couples still hugging. She was about to turn. But stopped and inverted her gaze on them again and was shocked.

She went out of the house informing her mother whom she met on the doorstep saying, “I would like to go for a walk…” without waiting for her reply, she rushed out. She reached the location where Aryan and Aleena were present. A voice disturbed them, “Great…” they turned towards the direction the voice came and was shocked and broke their hug. They were shocked seeing Anita standing in front of them with her arms folded to chest and staring.

They didn’t dare to utter a word and stood silent, with heads hung down. The area was filled with silence, which was broke by a loud laugh. They raised their head and was surprised to see Anita laughing. Aryan was at the brim of his joy to see his sister laugh after a long while. He was about to run to her to share a hug. But was dumbstruck to see Aleena running to her embrace and was comfortable with his sister.

Anita without any delay hugged her tight and said, “I’m so happy darling… You’re the best for my emotionless little brother…” and smiled. Aryan smiled listening to her. She extended her hand towards him. Even he went into her embrace and the trio shared a lovely hug. As they broke the hug, Anita cupped Aleena’s face and said, “Stay happy…” and turned towards Aryan with fake anger and said, “You…” and laughed inside feeling her grown up little brother.

Aleena said breaking the brother sister’s eye lock, “Happy to see you smile again sis…” Anita smiled again and kissed her forehead cupping her face. Then she warned the duo not to romance like this, at least not in public. The duo was embarrassed and smiled sheepishly. She asked them to go ahead and left. As she left, Aleena turned towards Aryan, found him happy for his sister and simply stared at him. Later they left to their respective homes.

Anita was happy for Aryan and Aleena. She wished Rohan and Ira with her and went asleep. Aryan came to Anita’s room to share few words with her, but he found her sleeping peacefully, pulled the blanket covering her and left the room silently. Rani sensed a sudden change in their moods and felt happy, but confused too. But decided to ignore it. The family had a deep and peaceful sleep after a long time, seeing the change.

No… One soul was still worried, Anjali. She was missing her Mr. Krishna Sinha. She was very eager to meet him. On the other side, Krishna was still confused on the identity of the guy, who was with Anjali. And his worries increased as she didn’t turn back to college after that incident. He was angry on his own state of mind. He decided to put an end to this by having a frank talk with her tomorrow, even if she doesn’t turns up to her classes.

Next day, the Arora’s got ready and focused on their routines, as Anita was getting ready to go to hospital and seemed normal. The four siblings went to their respective destinations as usual. Krishna witnessed the same guy dropping Anjali, which screwed him up. Anjali was all lost in her thoughts and was silently walking in the corridor. Even the journey to her class room seem to be like climbing Himalayas for her.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her under the stairs. She was about to shout, and a hand closed her mouth. She was shocked to see the person. It was Krishna Sinha. He warned her not to shout and slowly removed his hand from her mouth. He looked around to find anyone watching them. She was staring him with a smile. His eyes met with hers at one point and was immersed deep into it. Hearing someone, he broke the eye lock.

She asked him, “Sir… What are you doing here? And what are you expecting from me?” she stared at him with fake anger. He said, “Shut up…” with his finger pointing her. She was pissed off and said, “Mr. Krishna Sinha… Stop showing me your attitude and say me what you want?” with no interest mood. He didn’t like the tone she used and said, “I demand an explanation Ms. Anjali Arora… and that too now…”

She was confused and asked “EXPLANATION?” He said, “Yes… Explanation… Did you get that?” She asked him regarding, before she could complete he said, “Regarding the man behind you… The one who drives you around the world.” She was shocked hearing him. He demanded an answer. She said nothing, as she realized he was enquiring about her brother, with whom she rounds the whole world with a doubt filled eyes.

Without uttering a word, she tried to move. But he stopped her holding her hand, dragged her back and pined her to the wall, holding her shoulders tight. She was hurt, he was hurt seeing her hurt. Still he demanded for an explanation about who the hell was she hanging out with. She lost her control and slapped him at once and said, “I don’t find any necessity to explain you who am I or what am I… And go to hell Mr. Sinha…” and left.

He was dumbstruck seeing his love getting away from him. She rushed to the washroom to hide her tears. He fell on to the ground crying. What was the reason behind this nice guy’s sudden change and later breaking down like this? Who is he? What is he? Maybe time reveals the truth. But, one thing he realized, her love for him is pure and deep. Maybe for this love story to continue, there is a long way to go.

On the other side, Aryan went to his class and found Aleena missing. As it was time for the project, no regular classes were held. Students are scattered here and there in groups with their worried faces and stress to complete the project, as it decides their career. He was searching her all around the college. But he didn’t find her anywhere. He tried to reach her number, but in vain. It was switched off. He was worried. In fact scared of losing her.

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