Delight Love… Devotion Love… Dear Love… — Part – 2

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In girls’ room, Anjali was enjoying the shower. Asha was yelling and asking her to come out soon, complained Anita the same and left as she was least interested to wait anymore. Anita was lost in her thoughts. Her mind and soul was revolving around Ira and the tough man who turned out to be weak and emotional in minutes. She wasn’t able stop thinking about them, especially him. Anjali came out and asked her to freshen up.

She was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize what was happening around her. Anjali noticed the same and a smile spread on her face. She went near Anita, and called her, “Darling…” No reaction. She silently came out, brought the whole family to their room and showed them Anita lost in thoughts. All were smiling broad looking her. Rani walked forward and went near Anita, and sat near her. She called out her name, still no response.

Everyone behind laughed aloud. On hearing them, she came back to sense and found her ma near her, looking at her with love and smile. And others were laughing behind. Anjali and Asha asked in whose thoughts she is been immersed in a teasing tone. She said, “No one…” Rani kept her hand on Anita’s right cheek, kissed her on forehead and wished her happiness and got up. She stopped her mother and said, “Ma… Nothing as you think…”

She sat back and said, “Sweetheart, its fine… When you wish to say, you can… No compulsion…” she said, “No ma… Nothing to hide…” Rani continued, “Hmmm… Maybe you didn’t realize your heartbeat yet…” Rani gave her a sweet smile and left. As she left, she took others along with her. Anita was struck with thoughts, she was disturbed with what her ma said. She took a long breath and got freshen and went downstairs.

They dined together. Throughout, Anita was lost in thoughts, she hardly ate. Her sisters were making fun of her. Raj was happy seeing his daughter thinking about herself for the first time. Rani was speechless and was with tears praying for her daughter’s happy life. Aryan was confused seeing his sister. Because he was able to feel, it is beyond his family thoughts. After dinner, all continued their work.

The clock struck ten, Raj and Rani was asleep in their rooms. Anjali and Asha were also asleep in their room. Aryan was checking the doors been locked or not and was heading towards his room. As he crossed his sisters’ room, he found his sister, Anita still awake and lost in some thoughts. He went downstairs and came back with two cups of coffee and sat near her. She saw him and reacted positively. He handed her the coffee. Silence covered the room.

She asked him to speak, as she was sure he wants to discuss about what happened to her. And turned towards him. He was looking at her. She went into his arms. He asked, “Sis, are you fine?” she said, “Hopefully yes…” Slowly she disclosed about Ira and the tough young man whom she met today. She added up saying, “I didn’t know how he was related to the lady who is in coma. He was hurt very badly and that’s what I know. Tears rolled from her eyes.

He wasn’t able to digest his elder sister’s tears who always stood along with him as a mother does. Slowly she went asleep in his arms. He didn’t want to disturb her sleep so he carried her on his shoulders the whole night and was awake. Anita’s thoughts were disturbing him. His phone beeped. A smile appeared looking on to the name, Aleena, “Problems and worries to be ended up before sleep, for a new beginning, a new day… Good Night…”

Reading this he was boosted up and wished for a good day ahead and went asleep, thinking about her. Morning, Rani entered the girls room to wake them up, but found the brother sister duo supporting each other. She gestured a kiss to them standing far and blessed them to be happy and together forever. Raj entered the room calling for Rani. Their sleep was disturbed and Aryan and Anita woke up. Seeing the duo disturbed, Rani gave Raj a deadly glare.

Anita went to her dad and hugged him, Aryan went to his mom and hugged her. They realized time is twenty minutes past seven and hurried up. Rani pulled Anjali and Asha from bed and went downstairs. She kept the food ready for all. And was checking the arrangements. Raj came saying, today definitely I’m going to be late to shop. She said calm down you’ll be on time, first have your food.

All the four siblings came downstairs all set for their routine. Rani, Raj and Aryan found a hidden joy behind Anita’s smile. All went to their respective destinations. Aryan reached his college, he was absent minded. Which was noticed by someone. Two cups were placed in front of Aryan. He lifted his head to see the person in front of him. And found smiling Aleena. He managed to give her a forced smile, which she realized.

While having their coffee, suddenly he realized about the project. And jerked with shock and started apologizing to her for not yet initiating the project. She tried to relax him, but in vain. Finally, she placed her soft hands on his mouth to stop him and he did. Realizing her hand on his mouth, she pulled it back and asked him to relax. He again apologized for his carelessness and promised to start it right now and complete it on time.

He started to gather information from books and internet, but was unable to find any, as his mind was filled with Anita. Aleena understood his disturbed mind, closed all the books around and pulled his phone and laptop from him. He was puzzled. She said, “Until your confusions aren’t cleared, until you don’t fix your problems, until your heart is calm you won’t be able to do anything else.” With a smile, she continued, “Need my help?” and waited for his reply.

He realized, she was able to understand even his silence and was looking deeply into her eyes. She placed her hand on his, and said, “Trust me, we’ll do it.” A tear escaped from his left eye, which was reciprocated by her. He wasn’t able to control his feelings and got hold of her hand with both his hands and pulled her hand close to his heart, closing his eyes. She placed her other hand on his head and caressed him. He felt himself calm in her protection.

After few minutes, he was disturbed by her soft voice, “Common let’s get the trouble fixed.” He looked towards her and reciprocated her smile. He said her the whole incident. He shared his concern towards his sister, Anita. After hearing his side, she said, “In order to bring things to normal, to clear the confusions, it is necessary to visit the place and learn the situation and people with a cool and open mind”, she smiled saying this.

He thought about her words and a smile filled his face. He smiled at her and started to leave. As he got up, he found her on his chest. They were able to feel each other’s hot streaming breath. He realized her hand was in his tight grip still. He looked at her face, which was heading down. With his left hand he raised her face, holding her chin. Both were lost in their eyes. She said, “Anita sis…” he came back to conscious.

He released her from his grip, thanked her and left. Throughout his travel to Anita’s hospital, he was thinking about Aleena and their closeness. He reached the hospital. He ran to Anita’s cabin, and noticed a cute little girl with her. She was enjoying the little girl’s presence. The little girl was hardly responding her with a nod. As he was about to enter the cabin, a hand stopped him, holding his shoulder, the same young, tough man.

Aryan asked him to remove his hand. The tough man asked him not to dare to disturb his love and asked him to leave. Hearing this Aryan fumed in anger shooed his hand and proceeded towards the room. The tough man pulled him back and pinned him to the wall, with his hand on his vocal cord. Suddenly, a voice pleaded him, “Bro… bro… please don’t… Leave him… Please…” The duo turned towards the voice. It was Aleena with tears.

The tough man removed his hand and stepped backward. She caressed Aryan’s face and enquired him if he is fine. He nodded yes and asked her about being here. She showed him his phone. He took it from her hand. She turned towards the other and asked him for the reason behind his behavior. For which he stood silent. She continued saying, “You can’t stop a brother meeting his sister.” He said, “Sorry… I’m really sorry…” and left with tears.

Aryan and Aleena were left with thoughts about his sudden change in his behavior. They followed him to the entrance of the ICU. And found a lady laid with all equipment attached on her. Her condition seemed to be critical. They were puzzled and looked at each other. As a nurse passed them, Aryan stopped her and she recognized him to be brother of Dr. Anita and confirmed the same with him. He asked about the lady out there.

They were shocked to hear about the lady. Yes, they were really shocked. Aleena got hold of Aryan’s hand and her grip tightened and made him feel the pain as the nurse continued saying. She was in tears. He extended his hands to wipe her tears, but she went into his arms with her hands around his waist. Her grip was tight and she was in tears. The tough young man saw the duo and went near them. And asked them not to hurt themselves.

He called out her and said, “Hey little sis… Don’t cry… It hurts…” with a slight smile and tears in his eyes. She ran towards him and hugged him without saying anything. He caressed her hair and consoled her. And pulled her back and wiped her tears. He looked at Aryan and said, “Sorry young man, I didn’t know that you’re brother of Dr. Anita”. Aryan smiled saying fine and enquired him about his sister’s condition and little angel. The other man stood with tears.

Then, the trio went to the canteen and sat with a coffee cup each. The young man started narrating them the whole incident. Yes… He started introducing himself as Rohan Srivastava. The lady in ICU, is his elder sister, Rashmi. And the little girl, his niece, Ira. He continued saying his brother-in-law was dead, when Ira was six months old. His sister raised her by her own and said no even for his support.

He added up saying, she was strong and independent woman. Two days back the mother and daughter was on their way to meet him to wish him on his birthday. But it turned to be the dark day. Three mad dogs surrounded them and pulled Ira away and dragged Rashmi to the jungle near. Ira kept following them calling out for her mama. She witnessed her mother being brutally raped by three mad dogs and continuously stabbed on different parts of her body.

Seeing all this Ira went into shock. As they left, she approached her mama, and found her unconscious. They spent the whole night in jungle. A couple who passed through the way found someone’s presence and found my sister naked and immersed in her own blood. The lady covered my sister with the clothes she had. The man took Ira in his arms, who was clinging on to my sister. They brought them to hospital and I was informed about them.

As I came, I found my loved ones in utmost pain and he cried badly. Aryan and Aleena were in tears and holding their hands tightly. Aryan broke their hold and moved to Rohan and hugged him tight. Later, the trio entered Anita’s room. Ira was uncomfortable seeing other’s presence and hugged Anita tight and turned towards other side. Aryan signed Rohan to move towards Ira and he did.

Rohan kneeled in front of Anita and Ira. He hold Ira’s shoulder and made her face him. He hold his ears and apologized for not being with her, when she needed him. Ira looked at Anita, who signed her to accept. The little Ira obeyed her and got down, moved to Rohan and hugged him. He hugged her tight and cried aloud apologizing. Anita was full of tears. She couldn’t control her that she hugged them tight. And they reciprocated the same.

Aryan and Aleena were witnessing their pain and love. Rohan felt consoled and safe in her arms. But realizing him in her arms, he moved back and apologized. He took Ira in his arms and was about to bid bye. Suddenly a nurse rushed and informed, “The patient’s condition is critical, she is dying”. He was shaken and was about to fall, Anita got hold of him and got Ira in her arms. He went running to Rashmi. By then it was late, she took her last breath.

He stood shocked. Aryan, Aleena and Anita with Ira in her arms were shocked too. Anita handed Ira to Aryan and moved towards Rohan. She held her hand on his shoulder, he hugged her tight and broke down to tears. She tried to convince him and finally calmed him down. They broke their hug as Dr. Dixit called for the patient’s relative. Rohan moved forward, signed the papers and completed the formalities.

He was informed that Rashmi will be brought after post mortem. As they brought her, he kneeled in front of her and kissed her forehead. Ira saw her mother and moved forward and pulled her hand to wake her up. But in vain. She looked at her uncle who was in tears. Anita approached her. Little Ira jumped into her arms and hugged her tight. Aryan was standing with tears, Aleena was crying holding his hand and her head laid on his biceps.

Later in Rohan’s house, they started with the last rituals of Rashmi. Aryan, Aleena and Anita were also part of it. Ira was still in Anita’s arms. Aryan received a call from his mother, he excused him and went out. She enquired him about his whereabouts and of Anita, as they didn’t pick their sisters and didn’t reach home yet. He narrated her the whole incident. Rani was in tears and disconnected the call.

Raj noticed her and enquired her about it. She narrated him the whole story. They went to Rohan’s house, Anjali and Asha were also along with them. They performed last respect to Rashmi. And stepped towards Rohan convincing him and asking him to be strong for sake of Ira. Aryan, Aleena and Anita were standing on the other side. Anita was busy pampering Ira that she didn’t notice her family around.

Rani approached her and kept her hand on her head. Seeing her mother she broke into tears in her arms. But made sure she doesn’t make any noise, which would disturb Ira. The family was confused seeing her care for Ira. After all the rituals, everyone left. Only Arora family was there along with Aleena. Rohan came to Anita, got Ira from her and thanked her for being a great support. He also thanked the whole family.

The Arora family was about to leave, but Anita was struck there. Rani called out for her, she didn’t respond. She was just staring at Rohan and Ira in his arms, which was noticed by him. Rani went near and called her by placing her hand on her shoulder, and asked her to come. She was confused what to do. Her mother took her by pulling her hands. Ira watched Anita leaving and was emotional. She got down from Rohan’s hands and ran towards Anita.

I hope you like this… Lots of Love…

— Anci

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