Our Delicate Bond ~ A Twinj Story (Five shots) by Bulbul (Shot 1)

A very big thanx to everyone who cmnted on my intro m very happy with the response though it is in small quantity but I will not let u guys down who have cmnted (I think so)
So let’s start the shot with a beautiful smile and whole five shot will be in kunj ‘s voice if I need I will introduce twinkle’s voice soon
And guys plz cmnt na love u all



I was in the playground of our army base cent training the newly entered cadets about basketball ,I was in my sports uniform wearing blue sando and blue boxers ,my whole body was full of sweat by hair were wet due to swaet including my body so my clothes I was continuously dribbling the ball and I was about do make a basket just then one staff member came and told me that general sir is calling all members in tha hall as he wants to discuss something important .That is ok but why sir want to discuss at this important point of time when I was about to basket man ! Still this is called experiences sometime gud sometime bad .I instructed my juniors to keep practising as I can’t leave them free and I proceed towards the hall ..

Shit man ! M again late this time ,everybody was present there excluding me u silently came and stood at the back
“Brigadier kunj Sarna plz come in the front place” said a strict voice ,I closed my eyes tightly as I know that m gone this time I silently came and stood at front still maintaining an army officers posture .I stumped hard on the ground and stood in attention position .”Mr kunj sarna can u tell me why u r late and not in ur proper uniform “.”I am sorry for being late I was in playground instructing my juniors but I had to come fast so came in this dress only ” .”hmm ok don’t be Kate from next time “said Mr GG( gussail general )
” so cadets now u all are here so I want to tell u that we have noticed some unusual near our base kent and they r not on a large scale but still they r there other armed forces are bounded by there own rules and they can’t investigate about the unusual activities but Indian army can do it so I want the army people group to go on a mission for one month and investigate about the activities so m I clear to u all “said Mr general

Yes Sir said all of us together and ,”now I will make groups so first group contain Mr kunj sarna twinkle taneja Sahil sharma nisha sharma and nitin Patel ” said sir .I was happy with my team members and was excited for my new mission I know Sahil nisha and nitin bit I don’t know twinkle may she is the new posting here but whatever it is I am so excited .
Here I am finally with my team members ready to start our journey basically we will be civilians and will be acting as civil people we got our falt keys and guess what we all are near each other in same building in the same wing my room was opposite to twinkle and in my left nisha’s room and in my right Sahil’s room and next was nitin’s room
We all reached in our rooms but I was really amazed by twinkles elegance and beauty she is breath takingly beautiful
Whenever I saw her I felt so good man this feeling arghhhhh god save me

Next day we left in pairs for our misssion
It was decided ke me and twinkle will be together nitin will be alone but when they told me ke I was with twinkle I was on the seventh sky and was flying in it

Soon we were on the road roaming and walking
Hi I m kunj sarna

“I know that ”
Well that was rude but now its obvious that she is not like me not at all

“I was just saying”



“So”she said sarcastically

“I mean tell me something about ur urself ”


“So mera nam to tum jante hi ho ”

“Wapis bta dogi to I will not mind”

“Will u let me say some thing ”

“Ok ok sorry mam”

“So my name is twinkle taneja I am from amritsar”

“Really Amritsar m also from Amritsar ”

“Will u let me speak

“So my name is twinkle taneja I am from amritsar and I graduated from st. Xavier’s”

“Xavier’s se really m also from Xavier’s which batch ”

“Acha baba sorry say ”

“Hmm better ”

“So my name is twinkle taneja I am from amritsar and I graduated from st. Xavier’s and in my family I have my ma and papa and only one sibling my sister now tell me something about ur family

Well nam to mera tumhe pta hi hoga m too from Amritsar and from st.Xavier’s too and in family I have my ma papa bebe and my brother

Oh okk nice family

You too

We were walking when suddenly we noticed some people in long coats and black shades were taking a girl forcefully with them

I quickly wet there and started to beat them black and blue and I except the fact e twinkle is a very good fighter the way the she kicks oh my god it is just awesome theway she punchesis oh god its terrific man ..we were beating them and we were able to save the girl but suddenly everything went white ya ya white{ are uskee ser pe danda Wanda nhi Mara }

There was smoke every where I was finding twinkle and with each passing sec I was getting worried for twinkle and hoping she was fine
Finally I found her coughing and searching for me
I got hold of her hand and walked out from the smoke
I was coughing and she was also coughing
“Are u alright ” I asked her
Ya and u
M also fine
I suddenly saw nitin coming towards us and he was also tensed

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it ???????
    Awesome episode……. But bit Twinkle is a bit rude …. attitude ha …. it’s fine ….. Kunj is so sweet ? can imagine how hot he might be looking in his sports dress and this sir was behind his uniform ?
    Love you post soon ??????

  2. Sohi

    Liked it
    Kunjs pov was good
    Hmmm twinkle

  3. Sohi

    Liked it
    Kunjs pov was good
    Hmmm twinkles character is interesting
    Do continue and post soon bye

  4. SidMin23

    Nice keep posting

  5. Presha

    Hey bulbul awesome yaar Just loved it

  6. Chiku

    Woaaaah!! Lovely. Loved it
    ??post soon

  7. Cutieeee

    bulbul..its awsm loved it..plz post asap..love u

  8. Awesome bulbul I loved it

  9. Roshini125

    Cute m nice…loved it to core n u nailed it…do continue soon

  10. Hey bulbul,
    This is soooooo AMAZING ????? Kunj is soooooo swtttttt???? and funny to ???? and twinkle is just dangerous man ??? oh god twinj talk and the way kunj describe twinkles fight ????? just Lovely,??? Now plzz post soon ☺☺ Love you ???

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous epi

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow this is a great start.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  13. RUTU.....

    Fabulous episode dear

  14. Kruti

    Nice one brownie
    Continue asap

    Love u?

  15. Ramya

    Bulbul ita awesome amazing just loved it

  16. Aanya_pandey

    Such a refreshing thought.. that ws just amazing start!!!
    Both of us just loved it

  17. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey chulbul
    Sorry for commenting late was busy… Its amazing… Loved it to the core… Uff I’m still droolling imagining Kunj in sports uniform hayeee kinna hot lagta hai wo?????????

    Love you?

  18. Shalini15

    Ohhooo my maina kya likha hai yaar loved it … it was suprb epi… loved this kunj n twinkle… too much tashan… agar apni di se pyar karti hai toh post next asap….

    love you♥♥

  19. Affaa

    Anarkali… Do you remember me… I’m affa di… I miss you so much… Love you my baccha… How are you… U hope ur fine… And what u wrote Anarkali I’m proud of you yaar… Outstanding… Keep it up… I’m so excited for coming shots… I’m sure u’ll rock… Please do it fast…… I have many more ffs to read… I’m back tu… Keep writing.. Insha Allah I’ll try to read all ur shots… Love you

  20. Baby

    ohhh god bulbul☺
    amazing dear oo good☺♥☺
    plsss plsss dont end ur ff yr
    plssss i love it srsly too amazing it is
    loved d episode very mch it was fab twinkle kicking fiting wow☺
    quite serious person she is hmmm n attitude bhi patakka wala hehe☺
    love u lods ☺post both soon plsss dont end☺☺

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