Hiii friends…
Its Merin.
Thankyou guys for your supports.. I know that you guys are eagerly waiting to know the pairs..I didn’t decide it yet or i don’t know what will happen even in next episode..Iam just writing what iam feeling right now,,..The only thing i can say now is..according to my plan i will show swasan,ragsan ,raglak and swalak scenes,..not sure,,but i will try my best..If u don’t like my ff..please don’t read..dont bash me for pairs..Sorry for my buck buck.. Here is the second episode..
Note: shaurya Goenka-shaurya of ek hasina thi..
Adharsh Sinha-Adharsh of dehleez .. Yuvraj Malhotra-Yuvraj of tashn-e-ishq..
Episode 1

Episode 2
Ragini smiles evily.. Laksh:Ragini..can you accompany me in tomorrow’s meeting??Its at 7:30pm.
Ragini:Ofcourse sir..
Laksh and Yuvraj leaves. Shaurya:Ragini..can you give your phone number..
Ragini:Hmm?but for what?? Shaurya:ohh..dont misunderstand you are in this office if you have any doubts regarding any office matters then I can help you..
Ragini:Ohh..thats so sweet of you,…but its okay..i have Laksh sir’s number..i will manage.. Shaurya:Ohh..then okay..bye..(sad expression).
Shaurya leaves..
Ragini in her Mind(angrily) want my number..Dont worry Mr Shaurya Goenka..within some days you will get my full details phone number,address everything..And that day will be your end..Ragini angrily leaves from there.
Evening At home

Ragini is thinking about her revenge…She enters a dark room…She switch on the lights.. Ohhh..the room is full of many weird paintings like masks,a hand,a rope etc…and a notice board in which some photos are clipped.In the centre,it is swara’s photo…then some news paper cuttings related to her death..then Shaurya,laksh and yuvraj’s photos which are connected to swara’s photo by a thread.Two blank spaces are also there where a question mark is written.. Ragini:Swara…I will not leave any of those people who were the reason of your death..Its my promise.. Hmmm..I will have to find two more people… Laksh,Shaurya and Yuvraj can only say me the names of the other two..

Ragini comes out of the room and is going to her room.She is shocked to see someone passing through the window.
Ragini:Oh god..he is the same person who came yesterday night..Actually,who is he??Why he is coming here daily.?What does he want..
She finds a note nearby the window ..She opens it reads”I can help you at the same time I can destroy your plan..its upto you.. Tomorrow you should not go with laksh to that meeting..if you go,then you will have to pay for it,..” Ragini:God…whats this..How does he know about the meeting??Is he shaurya?? ..hmmm..i will have to him at any cost,else he will be a thorn in my path.

Precap:Ragini and laksh coming back from the meeting at night..

How was it..guys??

Credit to: MERIN

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  2. hey abhi , dear that was as always aswesome…………………so swara is dead……………..i guess the scenes will be in flashback……………….eagerly waiting for who’s that man ………………………..thanks a lot for updating……………………… happy dear……………………

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