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Hai friends…
Its Merin

Hope you all will support me.. Episode 1
The episode starts with a girl ,who is writing something in a dairy.Her eyes are shown.Its filled with hatred.Her room..its very dark all over.And also its filled with many weird pictures,like devil,mask,dark forest etc.Suddenly she heard a noice and when she turn,she found someone passing through the window.She ran towards the window but she couldnt see him. She switch on the light.Her face is shown,she looks like an angry young girl.She is Ragini Gadodia.
Ragini Gadodia-Her present name is Ragini Mehra.She had a dark past.Due to that she had to change her identity from Gadodia to Mehra.Her life’s only aim is to take revenge.That too from the 5 people those who killed her sister.
Ragini:Who will be that??Why did he came here??I think i should be more careful.
She closed her dairy and sleeps. Next day morning
Sun rays starts falling on her face.She slowly opened her eyes. She went to washroom and got fresh. She wore a pink top and blue jeans.She looks beautiful.
Ragini:Its my first day in the office.I should be very careful about my identity.
Suddenly she noticed a paper piece near the window. She opened it and reads”I can help you to complete your revenge”.

She was little shocked.
Ragini:What!How does someone knows about me??who is he??What he really wants??He only can answer these questions..I’ll have to find him at any cost.
Ragini leaves to office.
@ office
She was gonna step in to the office.We can clearly see the hatred in her eyes. Finally she stepped in. At the same moment a file fell down from someone’s hand.He bent down to take the file.Ragini enters his cabin.
Ragini:Sir,may i come in?
He raised his face to see her.Its Laksh .

Laksh Sinha-A person who is very well mannered,honest and caring towards everyone in the office.If we ask to anyone of his office about his behaviour,then everyone will say the same things which i stated above.He has an elder brother Adharsh Sinha.Adharsh sinha went to London two years ago.So he is managing the whole business alone.His parents died two years ago.He also has a younger sister Uttara.She is doing her second year engineering. Laksh:Yes ofcourse..
Ragini enters his cabin. Laksh felt something strange seeing her. Ragini gave a letter to him. Laksh read it.
Laksh:So you are my new personal Assistant.
Laksh:Iam Laksh Sinha and you? Ragini:Iam Ragini Ga.. Ragini Mehra. Laksh:I don’t know why but iam feeling that we have seen somewhere.
Ragini:No chance..because i was in Kolkata since my childhood.Its just being one month i came here.So i don’t think so.
Laksh:Hmm..Maybe iam mistaken.Okay come with me i will introduce you to all the staffs.
He started introducing.

Laksh:”So these all are the staffs” Suddenly two people entered the office.
Laksh:Here are the most important people whom you should definitely meet.He is..
Boy:Shaurya Goenka Laksh:Yes and he is ,…….
Another boy:Yuvraj Malhotra Ragini:Nice meeting you both.
Ragini looks at them angrily but they didn’t notice it..
episode ends..

precap:Ragini and Laksh…

Hope you guys liked it..

Credit to: MERIN

  1. Awsm..full of suspense

    1. Thankyou so much..

    1. Thankyou so much..

  2. I love it. Awesome update Cant wait for the next part

    1. Thankyou so much…

  3. Nice start….plzz update d next part soon ?☺

    1. Thankyou so much..n i will post soon

  4. I hope is it raglak story

    1. Didn’t decide the pairs..

  5. Is it raglak ff?

    1. Didn’t decide the pairs

  6. nice intro… looking forward… upload it soon… one small request.. dont change the title… will be too difficult to find ff by pages…. i used to search it by links.. so if u didnt change the title.. i can simply change the epi number in link to go to next epi…. so pls… its a kind request….

    1. Thank u and i will not change the title??


    1. Thankq…n i didn’t decide pairs,..

  8. nice start waiting for next part…..

  9. Don’t make laksh -ve in u r ff plzzzzzz

    1. I cannot promise u..sorry..

  10. channel v panch ka story..??

    1. No..n thanks..

  11. Very nice dear and raglak plz

    1. Thanq…didnt decide the pairs..

  12. where is swasan .is swara her sis who died. and its nice episode

    1. Thankyou..n its a suspense..??

  13. hey my new friend , first of all i am angry on you………………is today your birthday?? i think so but you didn’t tell me………………………HAPPY BIRTHDAY , you became my friend so i can be angry on you too…………………………………..ok leaving you this time , but your ff , its start is amazing , i just love these suspense and revenge based stories……………………….and dear adarsh sinha , do you mean dehleez one??? same with shurya goinka ?? you mean ek this haseena one???
    please one request , please specify the actor who is playing which role, it will help us to visualize it ………………………………………………the start sounds great…………….looking forward to this beautiful story……………………………be happy dear…………………

    1. Sorry….?…..
      N thankyou..
      U R right..U hv the right to get angry on me…u r my frnd na…
      Then thanks for liking my ff..
      u r right..
      Adharsh Sinha is Harshad and Shaurya is from ek hasina dhi..
      and yuvraj is Yuvi of tashn e ishq..

      Thank u once again …

    1. Thankyou?

  14. Nice start
    i hope this one also ragsan

    1. Thankyou? n I didnt decide the pairs,

  15. Nyc I hope it’s ragsan

    1. Thank u n I didnt decide the pairs..

  16. Nice update, keep going

    1. Thankyou…??

  17. Hey dear its interesting…. I know u didn’t decide de pairs..And one reqst I know u like swalak and rags an..BT if u can plz make swasan… All ur ff r ragsan … Not compelling just a reqst.. Its up to you

    1. According to my plan swalak,swasan,raglak and ragsan..everyon’s sceneries will be there

  18. Okay I am late and I am sorry… Happy belated birthday Abhi!!!!!! You rock and hope you enjoyed your bday.. I read most of your stories and they are so good. Thank you for commenting on my ff. I hope you still do and also I hope you had an amazing birthday~Nusz

    1. Thankyou so much.,,
      And ur ff is awesome yaar …its really different..?
      And u r right..i celebrated my birthday very well…enjoyed a lot…

  19. Where s epi 2 when will u post

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