Dekha Hazzaron Daffa Aapko… Phir Bekarari Kesi Hai? (4)

Chapter- 4

Hey dear readers and friends! I am again late, very late but I hope you haven’t forgotten me. Hemi! So, let’s begin now.

In morning, all are ready with their luggage. Sanskaar with Laksh is waiting for Swara and Uttara to arrive. Soon their eyes catch them and Sanskaar’s heart beats fast as Swara moves her hands in her hair. She reaches near him but she doesn’t look at him which disappoints Sanskaar.

Uttara in a low voice asks Laksh, “It’s going to be tough, we have to convey them that they both don’t dislike each other.” “You don’t worry Uttara. I have executed the first part of plan.” Laksh replies and moves forward while asking everyone to pay attention.

All looks at him and he says, “Good morning guys! All set?” All shouts, “Yes!” He smiles and continues, “Ok then! So, what we are waiting for? Let’s get into buses and enjoy the luxurious journey!” All shouts in joy except a least interested Sanskaar and Swara who comes up with a query. She asks, “That’s fine Lucky but what about plan of sitting arrangement?”

Sanskaar stares at Swara while she gives adorable expressions. Laksh replies with a wide grin and turning her towards Sanskaar’s direction, “Why you’re worrying for it? Are you too small to sit alone?” He laughs at her and Swara glares cutely. She stamps his foot as she says, “Just shut up! I’m not a kid! I can even go alone.” He moans in pain and holds his foot.

They both are busy in the argument while all sits in the buses. They realise it when Uttara calls them up. Laksh rushes to the bus and Swara’s eyes falls on Sanskaar who is approaching her. She is just getting the flashbacks of yesterday. She turns her back as she climbs the stairs of the bus in no time. Sanskaar feels bad but he is relieved too as he still can’t face her.

Uttara calls him up from window and he enters the bus. Now, the plan begins where Sanskaar finds no vacant seat. Laksh is trying to supress his laughter and Uttara hits him playfully. Sanskaar’s eyes fall on Swara who is sitting in corner with no one. He obviously doesn’t go near her but is leaving.

He is stopped by the professor who orders him to go back and sit with Swara. This catches everyone’s attention. Swara’s face has no expressions but her mind is full of thoughts. “I can’t go back sir!” The professor eyes him and Swara gets angry as she thinks that he is showing her attitude.

He in a pleading voice requests, “Sir, if you want, I can stand at the door, sit at the top but please don’t send me back. I…” He is interrupted by Laksh who takes him after saying, “Is this a time to joke Bhai? I know you dislikes sitting at last but we should cooperate! Unity in diversity Bhai! Unity! I’ll explain you, come. Sorry sir!”

Sanskaar’s face shows clear irritation but Laksh drags him to Swara. Sanskaar’s pull is of no use and Laksh calls Swara. He says, “Shona, you are too prude of your so-called bravery, right? So, here I get a challenge for you to sit with Bhai. Can you accept it?”

It’s very odd challenge for Swara which makes no sense. But, she agrees because she wanted to show that she actually doesn’t care. Sanskaar silently sits beside her but his face is not in her direction. This makes Swara angrier but poor Sanskaar is unknown of this.

Swara looks outside whereas Sanskaar steals glances. The journey is quite long and our Shona with no talks, gets bore and soon fall asleep. She is trying her best to not keep her head on Sanskaar but what can she do in front of the destiny. After some struggle, her head comes on his shoulder and Sanskaar shivers a little.

He looks at Swara who is sleeping peacefully but on none other than his shoulder, who hasn’t looked at her from few hours. He tries to call Laksh but the chatting noise is not allowing his stammering voice to be heard. He leaves the useless tries and takes deep breaths.

He is not realizing it but his heart is jumping upside down. He stares at Swara, it is the best feeling for him where he can enjoy presence of her without any worries. He is just lost in her innocent beauty and remembers her cute, naughty expressions.

He laughs a little but suddenly, her crying eyes comes in his mind. Those tears were because of him but he also thinks that why she felt too bad. However, he knows that he was rude enough and that too without no reason. He is thinking about all this but is interrupted with Swara’s movement of head.

She holds his blazer and that too tightly. Sanskaar’s heart skips several beats and he with shivering hands and closed eyes, tries to remove her hands. But, his luck good or bad, Swara holds his arm with other hand. Sanskaar, in mind, says, “Is she thinking me her teddy bear? Of course, she is not less than a kid but if she heard it from my mouth then, she will surely beat me black and blue.”

Uttara turns back and surprises to see SwaSan. She clicks their photos and shows Laksh whose mouth is left open. Sanskaar isn’t looking calm as he feels Swara’s closeness first time. “Am I the only person you got today God? Why me? What if she wakes and get angry? What should I do?”

The driver, all of sudden, stops the bus and the jerk shakes everyone badly. Swara is going to dash with the back of seat, in front, but Sanskaar places his hand on her head and holds her tight. Swara opens her eyes wide and finds herself locked in his arms.

She stares Sanskaar blankly and he moves his gaze towards her. They are lost in each other’s eyes that seems to be blank. Laksh rushes to them and Uttara gets worried to see Sanskaar’s hand bleeding. Swara moves back and a tear rolls out from her eye as she looks at the blood. She quickly but softly holds his hand and asks Uttara for some ointment.

Sanskaar tries to avoid the treatment but Laksh forced him. Swara applies the ointment; she stretches his hand which makes him shiver. Laksh holds his shoulders and Swara thinks that he is either scared or it is paining a lot. After the first aid, Laksh and Uttara goes back leaving SwaSan. And, the journey starts again as the bus repairs.

To Be Continue…

I don’t know if I should post the stories or not. Even, I don’t get time but my sweet friend asked me to update. Actually, I feel to leave TU forever, feel suffocation sometimes. Keeping peace is better and about story, I don’t think now anyone is reading. Moreover, awesome stories of amazing swasan writers attracts a lot from wattpad. Let’s see what comes next.



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