DEKHA EK KHWAAB ? Intro and Episode 1



Manya alias Rajkumari Manyata (played by Priyal Gor) – A sweet 24 year old girl, lives with her dad Murari lal. Murari had kidnapped her when she was 2 years old, Monica thinks that her mom died and murari is her dad. She is very simple, good at heart, helps everyone. But she gets angry if someone shows attitude or ego. She works as a journalist for a daily “EVERYDAY TIMES”.
Rajkumar Udayveer (played by Ashish Kapoor) – Very arrogant and thinks anything can be bought by money. Similar to story.
Other characters

Rajkumari Jaynandhini – Antagonist (sister of manyatha)
Rajkumar Vijay banna – Antagonist (cousin of manyatha and jay)
Rajkumari Unnati – Protagonist (sister of uday)
Rajmatha – Very important character (grandmother of manyatha and jay)
Maharaj Brijraj – Positive (father of manyatha and jay)
Maharani Komal – positive (mother of manyatha and jay)
Maharaj Giriraj – negative (father of uday and unnati)
Vijay’s parents and uday’s mother are dead.
Akash – only for few episodes, owner of “EVERYDAY TIMES”, has a crush on manya
All other characters would be explained as the story proceeds

A small girl (around 2) is seen running in a vast garden. A voice is heard “Manyatha rukko”
But the girl doesn’t stop. Suddenly a tune is heard, like that of an alarm. Alarm …….. Manya wakes up with a start. She was again dreaming the same thing. She brushes it away and rushes to get ready. As she was getting ready, she thinks about her past.

Manya – I still remember baba didn’t want me to go to school. But I was stubborn. Baba sent me to a boarding school. But each year during holidays, I used to go to new places. I never had a home. But now things changed. I am settled in Chennai. Ofcourse with my Baba. I had full scholarship for studies as I was intelligent you see. I finished my journalism course and started working for EVRYDAY TIMES. I am one of their senior most journalist with an experience of 6 years. In these 6 years, I have roamed around the Globe. But now time to get settled.
“Manya, Breakfast is ready” “aayi baba”. Manya got ready in a pink formal shirt and black formal pant, tied her hair in a tight pony tail and had minimal makeup. She comes out of her room.
Manya – Baba I am getting late. I will have my breakfast in my office. Bye
Murari – Arey sun tho. Paagal
Manya ran and took her two wheeler. She reached in front of the Rajmahal.

Manya – Wow, Beautiful.
“Indeed you are.” Said some one
Manya – Excuse me
Unknown – You are excused sweetheart. I am Rajkumar Udayveer. What are you doing here beautiful?
Manya – Hello sir. I am Manya. I am here for an interview with Rajkumar Udayveer which seems to be you.
Uday – I was told that their senior most journalist would come. But you look too young and fresh.
Manya – (to herself why not give him a tight slap? No Manya you can’t. You need his interview. Lets out a deep breath and gives a tight smile) Sir I might look young but that doesn’t mean I am not experienced. I have 6 years of experience. I think this is enough for your interview. Shall we start the interview or you want me to send someone else?
(Manya to herself – plz ask me to send someone else plz)
Uday – Not at all. We can start the interview. Plz have a seat.

Uday had wantedly arranged a two single sofas, one for himself and other for the journalist, thinking that the person would be very old. They sat facing each other. Manya was so involved in her work. She kept asking him questions. He answered everything but was more busy in checking her out. After an hour, Manya finished her interview.
Manya – Thankyou sir. I was a pleasure chatting with you.
She let her hand out for a handshake. Uday came close to her. There was only an inch distance.
Uday – It was my pleasure checking you out. I have an offer. Why don’t you spend tonight with me in my room?

Manya moved back
Manya – No thanks sir. I am fine like this. Thank you. Have a nice day.
She turned to run away. But Uday caught her by her waist. He lifted her like that and took her to the nearby room. He held her with one hand and was about to unbutton her shirt with other.
Manya was hell angry. She held his hand tightly. She somehow turned and gave him a tight slap and ran away.
Uday was furious. He was never refused by any girl. But this girl had the guts to slap him.

Precap: Rajmatha and her family

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  1. Hey Geet! Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful fanfiction on thi serial. I still remember me and my mom watching it together. I seriously used to love this serial. Uday and Manyata made an outstanding couple. ?
    Please do continue your fanfiction because i really loved the first episode. ??

    1. Thank you so much dear. I would definitely continue.

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