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I promise you all that Uday’s character would be horrible. So don’t bash me. The story line is same as dekha ek khwaab but its different at some parts.
Lets start with the epi.

Manya drove very fast. She was furious. She came back and went to meet her boss.
Akash – So Manya how was your interview?
Manya gave him a tight smile.
Manya – It was horrible. That man is a pervert and a spoilt brat. I am in a very bad mood. If I write the interview for its publish right now, then I will write his true nature. Sorry sir but I really need a change of mind.
Akash – alright Manya. You can go out. But I need the interview by tomorrow.
Manya – sure sir. Thank you.
Manya came back home.
Murari – what happened beta? You are so dull.
Manya – nothing baba. Just work stress. Come lets go for shopping.
Murari – How many times have I told you not to call me for shopping and all? You go I will stay back
Manya – baba this is not fair. Anyways I am leaving. Bye

A grand palace is shown. A lady is seen climbing ddown the stairs instructing the servants about what to make and what not to. As she gets down, another lady comes calling her.
Lady 2 : Maasa
Lady 1 : Haan Komal. What is it?
Komal : Maasa Jay is not getting ready. She is sitting on her bed angrily.
Rajmatha : I will see Komal.
Komal : Jee Maasa
Rajmatha then walks towards Jay’s room. It is a beautiful room with a round bed in the centre, pinky pinky.
Rajmatha : Jay what happened?
Jay : (who was sitting on the bed) ds I don’t have even one good dress for Devgard royal launch ceremony. What do I do?
Rajmatha : If you want to shop, say it directly don’t brag.
Jay : DS plz let me shop.
Rajmatha : alright but come soon.
Jay : love u DS. Bye
Jay ran away in full speed.

In thee Mall
Manya was in a clothes shop. She was looking for an anarkali. Finally she found one. As she kept her hand on it, another hand was also placed on it.
Girl : oh fish. You want this dress? Aukaat deki apni. You don’t have money for this. Get lost.
Manya just smiled. She removed her hand from the dress and…
Manya : Don’t worry Miss. Main apni aukaat achchi tharah se janthi hoon. I can definitely afford this dress. But you know what I don’t want it. You can take it. Consider it as my gift.
Manya left from ther. The girl, who was actually Jay, was furious. She threw away that dress and went from there. Jay furiously went away from there.
Meanwhile Manya found another dress in the nearby store.….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.22.2151…0i10.Sk0YNI4ixRU#imgrc=Q-XYl2cSL3fSFM%3A
She bought it. She finally went back home and went to her office.


In Manya’s Office
Manya got to know that there is a meeting. She directly went there.
Akash : Hello everyone.
Manya : May I come in sir?
Akash : Yes Manya come in.
Manya sat in her place. Akash continued.
Akash : So as I was saying, we have a very important assignment. Devgard royal launch ceremony is going to be held in 5 days. We have to do something new and increase our trp. Now guys you have to suggest something.
Anirudh : Sir we can find out about the royal family and telecast it.
All agree to it.
Akash : Alright one good idea. Any other idea?
Manya : Sir telecasting about the royal family will be waste of time. It won’t boost our trp as all other channels will show the same. Instead we can telecast something about Devgard like about the lifestyle, food nature. What do you guys think?
Akash : Even this is a good idea. So we will split the teams into 2. Prabhu, Riya, Pruthvi and Mahi will be in one team. Anirudh, Krisha, Prerna and Vaishnav in another team. Riya, your team would concentrate about Devgard and Ani you guys would concentrate on Royal family. Manya as you are one of the senior most journalist, you would coordinate the work. Is it fine?
All : Yes sir.
Akash leaves the conference hall.
Manya : So guys lets start the work right away. Ani and Riya plan a work schedule and forward it soon. Do it soon. I need the plan by tomorrow. Is it clear?
All : Yes maam
All leave the place. Manya leaves the office and reaches home. Being so tired, she doses of immediately.

Precap : Wait and read.

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