dehleez- how will swadheenta prove asad innocent

Dehleez has made us all emotional with two sudden and unexpected deaths. The shocking twist was Asad being blamed as a terrorist. A teenage boy full of life and fun shot to death because of being in a misunderstood situation. So many innocents have been shot and later blamed of being terrorists, so this new twist is somehow realistic.
The important thing to be expected in later episodes is swadheenta fighting to prove asad’s innocence. But the question is how will she do this? As you all might be thinking this I have some important points which can be seen in upcoming episodes and swadheenta might use them. You must be wondering what? …..
Like radhika is missing and I feel she can play a very important role. Like radhika is the witness that they went to flat and another important witness is the key maker who opened the lock which will prove asad didn’t have the keys. Secondly Asad’s phone data will be the most important. As he after radhika called Yash and after Yash abhay. Swadheenta can also be shown tracing out arvind through the shopkeeper where adarsh and she went for buying shewani and surely she wouldn’t be able to do all this without adarsh’s help.
Another important twist will be seen where swadheenta and suhasini will be shown fighting case against each other.
So I am looking for alot of drama in upcoming episodes and I hope they won’t disappoint us. Only time will tell whether my predictions are true or not.
Regards umara.
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  1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Yeah this is one of the best show … I know we r disappointed with this track as we have never expected this terrorist attacks and death drama
    but now I love this show more …as swadheenta will fight for innocent ppl and go against her in-laws … which we can’t accept from ekta or rashmi Sharma shows …
    and to those who thinks she should support her in laws should know that she is lawyer …she will always support truth …
    SHE DOESN’T NEED TO BE MAHAN like OTHER daughter in law

    I hope adarsh will help swadhu

    1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      Expect not accept

  2. i don’t think adarsh will help her. This will create a great rift between swadarsh. May the reporter padma help her. poor swadheenta i really feel very sorry for her. Really hope ye sab misunderstanding jaldi khatam ho.

  3. i like ur serial dehleez too much.really this serial is full of romance , suspense. full day i eager to to watch next episode. only problem in this channel is that ur serial repeted editio is not coming in day time. so please show its repetation in day

  4. I m agree with u umara!u have told wt is in my mind….
    I think that swadheenta will do it very nicely……..
    I m waiting to see what happened next….

    Anyway,thanx a lot umara…..


  5. exactly! this is what gonna happen i am pretty sure! swadheenta will be in the opposition of suhasini sinha and most probably it will create misunderstandings between adarsh and swadheenta.
    looking forward for the twist in the show.
    hope this matter get sorted soon within few episodes
    happy to see that starplus is now repeating dehleez episodes at 3:30pm too!

  6. Dehleez has come up with a very sensitive issue hope they end up the misunderstanding with grace, swa can prove asad innocent with the help of college principal n radhika.

  7. Ya u are absolutely right

  8. Thank you everyone for the feedback. Regards, umara.

  9. Yaa umara I m also thinking the same I hope these all misunderstanding would winde up in some of the episodes

  10. Hope swadhinta can prove asad and hyder innocent as soon as possible lots of tension is being created aur kitne din ye case chalega yaar……swadhinta ko kuch tho sabut mile…..

  11. I heard that the show is gonna end very soon… This series is a billion time better than Saath Nibhana Saathiya… Wish i could c more of Nail biting episodes of Dahleez rather than watching the always crying faces in Saathiya… Wish sathiya goes off air and they Telecast Dahelez with more twist and turns

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