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People in the court



The episode starts with Swadheenta getting tensed n thinking about how to reach the court on time. Aadarsh asks” ur mobile has network now…so let me call my driver n then I will drop u at the court.”
Swadheenta replies ” but it will take much time and we will not be able to reach on time.” Aadarsh then holds Swadheenta’s hand and says” come with me.”
Swadheenta asks” but where r we going..?” Aadarsh replies” we’re going to the main road where ur scooty stopped working n my car’s battery went down.”
Swadheenta asks” but why..?”
Aadarsh replies ” to know that u have to wait.”

They reach the Main road n Aadarsh then tells Swadheenta ” it’s morning now, n so this road will be no more silent so we would take lift from some one”
Swadheenta says ” I hv no other option than this. ”

They try to stop the vehicles that pass by the road but no one stops n move forward. Swadheenta says ” we only have 40 mins….how will I reach the court on time now… I think I’ve already lost the case.”
Aadarsh then says ” how can u lose hope so easily…we will find a way.”

And just then Aadarsh sees a man on a bicycle moving there. He stops him and asks him for his cycle n in return gives him some money. The man agrees to give the cycle n leaves from there. Aadarsh calls Swadheenta n says her “if u want to reach the court on time, then u need to go with me on this cycle.”
Swadheenta says ” ok but will we be able to reach on time..? ”
Aadarsh replies her ” yes! N that’s my promise.”
Swadheenta smiles at him and sits on the cycle. Aadarsh sits behind her n starts paddling the cycle. Swadheenta sees Aadarsh romantically ( Jiya re plays ).

On the other side, in the court, the judge comes n sees that swadheenta has still not arrived. He asks the farmers” where is ur lawyer..?” Singhvi replies to the judge ” ur honour, it’s her first case n I think that she has got scared n had ran away.” Everyone in the court laughs. The judge hammers the hammer n says ” order! Order! Silence in the court. And Mr. Singhvi nothing happens from ur thinking.”

They reach the court but Swadheenta does not get to know it n continuously sees Aadarsh.
Aadarsh says ” Swadheenta..! ”
But she is in dreams n doesn’t listen.
Aadarsh again says ” Swadheenta..! ” n moves his hand in front of Swadheenta’s eyes.
She suddenly gets out of her dream n gets shy. Aadarsh smiles at her. She see’s that they hv reached the court n says ” thank you so much Aadarsh. I don’t know how to than you.”
Aadarsh says ” leave this thanku n go inside the court. I think ur hearing had must be started.
Swadheenta says ” oh no! Ok bye n thanks again ” and leaves.

In the court, Singhvi says ” ur honour, its high time now. We should not waste the time of the court n u must close the case.”
And just then Swadheenta commea n says ” I’m sorry ur honour for the late arrival this will not happen again.”
The judge says ” proceed with the case ”
Singhvi shows the judge the land papers n says that this land belongs to Mr. Naveen Ahuja. Swadhenta says ” objection my honour” she then says that that land is fertile n is meant for agriculture n not for construction of buildings. She then shows the fertility report of the soil.swadheenta then adds ” n in order to stop me from reaching the court, Mr. Ahuja had sent goons to kidnap me.” Singhvi says ” is it a joke…? How can u say this without any proof…?” Swadheenta says” when did I say that I don’t have any proof …ur honour I need the permission to play a video to prove myself.” The judge says ” permission given.” Swadheenta plays the video n everyone sees it. The judge says ” on the basis of the proofs n documents given by Ms. Swadheenta Ramakrishnan ,the court has decided to punish Mr. Ahuja for the wrong he had done n the land is declared to be of the farmers n Mr.Ahuja has no right to do any construction on that land.”
Swadheenta gets a very confident and happy smile on her face.

PRECAP : At night Swadheenta n Aadarsh both think about each other and the moments between both of them n get shy n jiya re plays.

Hope u like n enjoy this episode too. N the SWADARSH love story will start soon. Till then take care n keep reading my FFs n keep commenting more n more.

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Credit to: Nisha Singh

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  1. Fantastic episode Nisha
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  2. Yes! I agree to Anjali. I too loved the cycle part n the whole epi was fantastic.

    1. Thanks Priya.

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  3. Wow Nisha..! Well done yaar. Loved it.

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  4. It’s a fantastic update. Loved it. Keep it up.

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