Dehleez : SWADARSH A LOVE STORY (Episode 4)


26-03-2016 01:53:54 PM: Prashu 3: Dehleez : SWADARSH – A LOVE STORY

Hey everyone! As I had said this episode is going to be a fully SWADARSH EPISODE, so enjoy and yes plzzzz don’t forget to comment. At least this time in this episode I need more than 15 comments…plzzz.





The episode starts with Aadarsh trying to start his car but the car doesn’t start. He then remembers that he left the car started n now the car battery is dead so the car won’t work. He takes out his phone from his pocket to call at his home but because of the rain the phone got wet and stopped working.

Swadheenta asked” what happened Aadarsh..? Why are u looking so tensed…?”
Aadarsh replies” The cars battery is dead so it won’t start n my phone is also not working…Do u have ur mobile phone..?” Swadheenta replies ” yes its in my bag…just a minute…(she takes out her phone n sees that there is no network) oh no! No network…what will we do now..?”
Aadarsh says ” We can’t stay in the car so we need to find some shelter…let me see.”
Swadheenta says ” wait I’ll also come with u”
Aadarsh “ok then lets go”

Swadheenta comes out of the car n she slips, she falls in Aadarsh’s arms n he holds her (Jiya re plays). They hv an eye lock. Swadheenta then gets up n says “I’m sorry.”
They both get shy n shyly move forward. After moving for a while Aadarsh sees a shelter in the forest with dry grass fallen all over the ground. He says ” lets go there…I think we can easily spend the night here.”
They both go there n sit opposite to each other on the dry grass. Aadarsh sees that Swadheenta is feeling cold and is shivering so he takes out his coat n gives it to Swadheenta. She says ” no I don’t need it, u wear it else u would catch cold.”
Aadarsh replies” No I’m fine but u r shivering of cold u need it more than me so take it”
Swadheenta takes the coat n wears it and says “thank you”
Aadarsh smiles n goes out Swadheenta asks where he is going he replies “I’ll be back soon”
He comes back with pieces of wood n 2 stones. He then with the help of the stones lit a fire for warmth n calls Swadheenta there “Swadheenta come here u will feel better here” Swadheenta goes there n sees Aadarsh’s hand bleeding. She asks “what happened to your hand….how did u hurt ur hand..?” He replies ” Nothing, I just got hurt while fighting with the goons. But are u going to tear a part of cloth from ur dress n tie it on my hand just like the heroines in the movies…(he starts laughing). Swadheenta replies ” No! Actually I’m smarter than the heroines n so I’m not going to tear any cloth from my dress. Now u just keep quiet and take out ur handkerchief.” Aadarsh takes out his handkerchief n gives it to Swadheenta. She ties it on Aadarsh’s hand and Aadarsh sees Swadheenta romantically (jiya re plays). Swadheenta after tying the handkerchief says ” done.” She then sees Aadarsh looking at her n she gets shy again. Aadarsh then, the change the topic, tells Swadheenta about his childhood. They both laugh n share about their childhood memories to each other. After some time, while Aadarsh is talking to Swadheenta, she falls a sleep n unknowingly keeps her head on Aadarsh’s shoulder. Aadarsh sees her romantically ( jiya re plays ).

PRECAP: In the morning, when Swadheenta is still sleeping on Aadarsh’s shoulder, her hair come on her face. Aadarsh put her hair aside by his hand and blows air from his mouth on her face. Swadheenta wakes up n slowly opens her eyes, they again have an eye lock and jiya re plays…

Hope u liked the episode…plz this time I need more than 15 comments…plzzz its an request…ur comments motivate me to write more better day after another.

Thank you so much for reading…!
And don’t miss my next ff.

Credit to: Nisha Singh

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