Dehleez : SWADARSH A LOVE STORY (Episode 3)



Hello people..! Sorry for the late episode but next time this will not happen. Hope u liked my previous episodes n would like this one too. Also I have a request, plz don’t miss the next episode as I guess it is the best episode of my series and u all will love it.And yes plzzz don’t forget to comment because ur comments help us to maintain our confidence n also helps to write better every next time.






The episode starts with the goons hitting Aadarsh n his head getting injured badly. Taking advantage of this the boss of the goons tries to come near Swadheenta. Swadheenta tries to stop him and says “No, u can’t come near me, stay away. Aadarsh who was continuously beaten n who was not fully con conscious listens to Swadheenta’s voice, opens his eyes n see the boss who was just going to kiss Swadheenta. He becomes very angry and pushes all the goons. Swadheenta gets very scared n faints and just when the boss was going to kiss Swadheenta , Aadarsh comes n holds the boss from back and gives him a tight slap. The boss also becomes angry n they start with a fight. They both start punching n kicking each other. Finally after a while Aadarsh defeats the goons and says them ” Just run away from here because after this whenever I see you, I would put u behind the bars n yes do not ever try to touch a girl because it will not be good for u. Now just leave. ” The goons vanish and Aadarsh goes to Swadheenta n sees that she has fainted n is not getting up. Aadarsh holds her in his arms and takes her to his car he makes her sit on the front seat (next to drivers seat). He takes his water bottle and sprinkles some water on her face. She slowly gains consciousness n opens her eyes slowly. She gets confused n asks Aadarsh ” Who are you? Why did u saved my life by keeping ur life in danger? What are we doing here? Where r the goons? Why are you not answering? Aadarsh keeps his hand on her mouth n they have an eye lock. He says ” U

R not letting me answer, let me tell u the whole story…….(he tells the whole story from when he saw the scooty to the time when he brought her to his car) and yes my name is Aadarsh Sinha n I’m n IAS officer n saving anyone’s life who is in danger is my duty.” Swadheenta says ” thank you so much Aadarsh, nice to meet u. Our country really needs officers like u.” Aadarsh tells her that he will leave her to her home by his car and he goes n sits on the drivers seat. He starts the car but the car does not start.

PRECAP : Swadheenta n Aadarsh r in a forest ,there is a small fire lit in the front. Swadheenta sleeps on the shoulder of Aadarsh n Aadarsh sees her romantically.

So plzzz comment n plzzz don’t miss the next epi. The next episode is going to be a fully SWADARSH epi so u must not miss it. Ur comments are every thing for a ff writer so plzzz comment….

Credit to: Nisha Singh

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  1. Nice one Nisha ??

    1. Thank you Mannat…. Ur comments really help me to write better ff….

  2. v. nice nisha…….. btw dis is gonna happen in d serial too………… swadarsh just shot for a part where adhu will save freedom frm goons……… 🙂

    1. Thanks Sweety…ya I got to know about it later….

  3. Nisha this epi is the best till date… just loved it… totally heroic 🙂

    1. Thanks Shivani….I hope that the u may also like the other episodes…

  4. Nice one nisha 🙂 I understand comment means a lot to ff writer cause I also eagerly wait to see people’s thoughts on my story. Keep going!

    1. Thanks Roshini for commenting n I’m happy that u people r liking my FFs. By the way which FF do u write…?

  5. Amazing Nisha this episode was totally heroic waiting for ur tomorrow’s episode

    1. Thanks Anjali…. I HV submitted the next episode n it will be unloaded soon n I hope you like that one too….

  6. amazing nisha . continue plz

    1. Thanks Twinkle….I think I’m having a nice response n many people are liking my FF so I’ll continue it till the time u people want….


    Really superb………… waiting for ur next epi……..

    1. Thanks WW… I’m happy that u liked it n my next episode will be uploaded soon….

  8. craze about skr

    wow……………………….fantastic …………………eagerly waiting for ur next epi nisha dhi nd we wont miss it

    1. Thanku… I’m glad that you all hv liked my FFs…

  9. Omg so nice dude
    Keep writting
    Love your works :3

    1. Thanku Miss X…happy to know that u want me to write n like my episodes…….

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