Dehleez : SWADARSH A LOVE STORY (Episode 2)



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People involved in this episode are:



The Goons – sent by Ahuja


The episode starts with Swadheenta turning back and getting shocked to see some goons behind her. She tries to escape bur one of the goons hold her hand tight and do not let her go. The boss of the goons receives a Call n he answers it n Swadheenta being smart takes out her phone hiding it from the goons n records the conversation of the boss n the caller and she gets surprised when the boss says “yes Ahuja Ji I have done ur work” to the caller. By listening this Swadheenta understands that all this is done by Ahuja n she starts shouting for help. The boss disconnects the call n all the goons start laughing n the boss tells Swadheenta to shout as much as she can but no one will save her as there was no one all around. And just then the headlights of a car could be seen all the goons take swadheenta behind a tree to hide her one of them keeps his hand on swadheenta’s mouth so that she doesn’t shouts.

The car comes n stops there n yes it is our hero Aadarsh in the car, being an IAS officer he stops the car on seeing a scooty in the middle of the road at late night to inquire if someone was in trouble. But after a few minutes he decides to move forward as he could not see anyone there but just then Swadheenta bites the goons hand and runs from there n starts shouting “Help someone, please help me ” on listening this Aadarsh understands that something is wrong. The goons follow Swadheenta who was continuously running and then Aadarsh see’s one of the goons running he follows him. Finally the goons catch hold of Swadheenta n the boss becomes angry on her n was going to slap Swadheenta but Aadarsh holds the bosses hand and pushes him back. He falls down n becomes more angry and then he stands up and all the goons start fighting with Aadarsh. Aadarsh defeats all the goons n all of them fall down. Aadarsh asks Swadheenta if she is fine n asks her to come with him in his car. They both were just going leave when suddenly a goon stands up and picks a metal rod that was lying on the ground and hits Aadarsh’s head it. Swadheenta gets scared and shouts loudly “Nooooooooo….”.

PRECAP : Aadarsh is being beaten by the goons n the boss tries to go near Swadheenta.

How will Aadarsh save Swadheenta and himself from the goons…? To know plzzz keep reading my FF….

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Credit to: Nisha Singh

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  1. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Hi nisha your epi was very good…I liked it so much ….and your epi’s cover pic also soo good…

    1. Thank you so much Sudharshna đŸ™‚

  2. its awesome nisha please continue


    so heroic dear………. loved it…………. keep going……… u give lot suspense………… i m eager to read the next ff…………

  4. I’m glad that you all are liking my FF n I’ll surely continue it…luv u all…

  5. really gud yaar………….. but make it longer…. đŸ˜›

  6. Thank you Sweety n I’ll surely make it a bit longer the next time.

  7. This epi is sooooooooooo interesting… waiting for the next epi

  8. Thanku Shivani…i’ll try to upload the next epi today only.

  9. Its Amazing Nisha
    Eagerly waiting for ur next FF
    I just loved it u create very gud suspense

  10. Thanku so so much Anjali…

  11. Craze about skr

    Superb…….waiting for next 1 dhi……… Ur cover pic toooooooooooooo good

    1. Thanks for the compliments…

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