Dehleez Review: Sauvé leads add definite interest in this promising tale

Star Plus’ new release Dehleez brings a love story of Adarsh and Swadheenta. Adarsh is a righteous IAS officer, while Swadheeta helps people get their rights by her law profession. Adarsh falls in love with Swadheenta. How their love story builds up and they reach marriage phase form the initial part of the story… The show remains a court room drama which affects the lovely relationship of Adarsh and Swadheenta.


After Adarsh and Swadheenta get married, Suhasini becomes Swadheenta’s mother in law and mentor. A new saas-bahu relation will be seen tested in the court trials. Adarsh promises to stand by Swadheenta always. Adarsh and Swadheenta work for the same motive – fight for right thing. Their love solves the upcoming complications in their lives.

Main Characters:

Adarsh Sinha:

dehleez08Adarsh Sinha is an honest IAS officer. He works as Additional Director, Home Ministry. He is from a respected and influential family. He resides in Delhi with his family, which comprises of his parents, two brothers and sisters in law. Adarsh can be regarded as the most eligible bachelor in town. He is smart, witty, attentive, handsome, and a brave guy. He is determined to do honest work and make changes in the system. He stands against corruption. He falls in love at first sight with Swadheenta.

Swadheenta Ramakrishnan:
Swadheenta is an aspiring lawyer. She is sweet, homely, beautiful, humble, bold and an intelligent girl. She speaks out her mind and never gives false hope to anyone. She wants to become voice of the poor people. She wants to make the most of her law degree for the benefit of the weaker section of the society. As per her name, she really wants to bring freedom around her.

Suhasini Sinha:

dehleez31Suhasini is Manohar Sinha’s wife and Adarsh’s mother. She is a successful lawyer, who has lost very minimal cases in her entire career. She believes in honest work, fighting for the right cause and not supporting the wrong people. She stands by her ethics always. She owes her success to her husband, whose support made everything possible. She is one of the best lawyer and an inspiration for Swadheenta. Suhasini gets impressed by person’s qualification and real talent. She guides Swadheenta in her law career and becomes her mentor in court.

A K Singhvi:

A K Singhvi is one of the top lawyers of Delhi. He is egoistic, arrogant, and a sharp minded man. He believes in winning all the way. He manipulates the truth to stride in victory. Swadheenta gets her life’s first legal case against Singhvi. Singhvi is Ahuja’s friend and stands against Swadheenta. He plays a vital role in the court trails. Singhvi does not accept failure easily. He has been Suhasini’s best competitor in court.


Harshad Arora as Adarsh Sinha
Tridha Choudhury as Swadheenta Ramakrishnan
Amit Behl as Manohar Sinha/Adarsh’s Father
Meghna Malik as Suhasini Sinha/Adarsh’s Mother
Manish Wadhwa as A K Singhvi
Mohit Chauhan as Swadheenta’s Mamu
Chirag Mahbubani as Asad/Swadheenta’s Brother
Meer Ali as Jaideep Sinha
Hunar Hali as Jaya Jaideep Sinha
Aryan Pandit as Abhay Sinha
Nazea Hasan Sayed as Simmi Abhay Sinha

Story So Far:

dehleez12Adarsh gives a hint on his soulmate, whom he is finding since long. He attends a sangeet function and sees Swadheenta there. He finds her smile true and sparkling. He records Swadheenta in the camcorder after falling in love at first sight with her. The guys and girls make team to compete in sangeet. Swadheenta challenges the guys team to win against the girls team in the sangeet dance.

dehleez13Adarsh wins the dance competition and also the challenge given by Swadheenta. More of Adarsh’s family is shown. Adarsh’s brothers Jaideep and Abhay, with their wives Jaya and Simmi attend the function with Manohar and Suhasini. Suhasini gets upset seeing her younger daughter in law Simmi dancing roughly. At home, Suhasini scolds Simmi and Abhay for bad behavior at sangeet. Adarsh turns helpful to Swadheenta after some men try to eve tease her on the way. Adarsh feels the moment very beautiful and is sure love will happen between them.

dehleez14Swadheenta’s sweet brother Asad and her family is shown. Swadheenta’s parents stay in another city, while she resides with her uncle/Mamu, Mami and brother Asad in Delhi. Swadheenta completed her law degree and is nervous about interview. Adarsh lessens corruption by getting a corrupt police officer arrested. He helps the poor people. He spots Swadheenta passing by and wishes to meet her. Swadheenta reaches court and gets her life’s first case. It is a major land dispute case against Ahuja construction, fought by top lawyer A K Singhvi.

dehleez28Swadheenta is asked to just drag the case till three hearings. She finds it tough and loses hope. Ahuja is Simmi’s father. He invites Sinha family in a party, where the poor farmer Prakash enters drunk. Swadheenta meets the farmers and gets more info about the case. She reaches the party to stop Prakash from making mistake. Adarsh sees Ahuja’s trap for Swadheenta and signs her not to say any offensive word. Swadheenta is then laughed off by Ahuja, Simmi and Singhvi.

dehleez26Swadheenta gets nervous by Singhvi’s challenge. Singhvi challenges to fail her in three mins in the court. Ahuja gets confident. Swadheenta feels just Suhasini can help her win the case. Luckily, her friend Shraddha calls her up and invites her in wedding. She asks Swadheenta to meet her idol Suhasini there. Swadheenta and Adarsh reach the same venue again. Adarsh and Asad have a funny encounter at the wedding function. Asad feels Adarsh is following Swadheenta and tries to give him a scary dose. Adarsh returns back the dose and finds Asad cute.

dehleez06Adarsh imagines Swadheenta in a musical sequence. Abhay finds Swadheenta with Adarsh and likes them as a pair. Simmi disapproves Swadheenta. Abhay then asks Adarsh not to get friendly with Swadheenta. Swadheenta shares case details with Suhasini and takes some guidance. Suhasini happily helps her. Adarsh meets Swadheenta again and asks her for coffee. She refuses to him and leaves dropping her earring unknowingly. Adarsh tries to track Swadheenta’s house to return her earring. Swadheenta spots him near her house and goes to meet him. She believes he is following her.

dehleez20Adarsh returns her earring and asks her for coffee. She refuses again. Swadheenta tries to help farmers by Suhasini’s advice. She meets Mishra at land revenue department. Mishra works for Ahuja and calls Swadheenta to collect papers the next day. Meanwhile, Asad makes a new friend Radhika in college. Swadheenta gets the papers at final moment and reaches court late. Adarsh drops her to the court, when her bike breaks down on the way. Singhvi makes her nervous by dominating her in the court. He makes her fall short of arguments. Swadheenta takes next hearing date. She feels sad for not being able to fulfill the farmers’ expectations.

Our Take:

dehleez07The show has a lot of potential. Having a good run this first week, it has many things to unfold with interesting weaves in coming weeks. The first impression sets the viewers’ liking for this court room fiction plus romantic love story. The musical title of the show Jiya Re adds up more to the amazing chemistry between Harshad Arora and Tridha Choudhury. Harshad is brilliant as Adarsh, while Tridha brought the right charm needed in Swadheenta’s role. The supporting cast has got well known names already in the first week.

dehleez17Amit Behl, Meghna Malik and Manish Wadhwa along others play their part very well. There has been not much dragging till now. Being a court room drama, there could be high expectations from viewers. The story pace is quite good right now. Few fun elements by Asad’s character and stress relieve college scenes are good. Dialogues and one liners at proper place help in creating chemistry between the leads. The show has enough logic and well sketched characters. There is much more to see of Harshad and Tridha.



Enough charm brought in by the leads. One can simply watch the show for the leads, if story seems less interesting. Concept is apparent and going on at good pace. Dehleez is a good entertaining show with clear-cut logic.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. It’s nice story…..

  2. nice story with a very good casting……….

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    5/5 my score guys superb story line and pair are amazing

  4. Lifñâ ñàväZ


  5. yes 5/5 for harshad n tridhas chemistry loving dehlezx

  6. Good review everything is so correct and 4/5 is very good ratings , this show storyline is good and lead pair is awesome. The cast is also very good

  7. i 2 rate ii 5/5 amazing story

  8. tellyupdates team i tried to upload a page by d name os swadarsh–important links

    it wasn’t exactly a ff, but it had some imp. website links related to d serial……………………………….why isn’t it here as of now???????

  9. Loved the character of suhasini.

  10. Actually this showis good.but mmz was rated 4.5/5…. I think so far it is highest rated.but SP stopped airing it only because of TRP.they never care 4 storyline,performance etc. Only TRP.even both slots r same.
    So it’ll be always in danger zone if it has low trp…???

    1. riya(die hard fan of rivanya)

      Same slot ? and same production too….. I mean mayballine produced mmz and now dehleez

  11. I like this concept!!! Something to new and different here ….Deehleez is entertaining till now…the leads are impressive and dialogues are perfect..not to forget the beautiful theme song which brings the perfect charms to Swadharh’s romantic scenes…..Suhasini is perfect in her character and I think this show will give us something beyond just regular saas-bahu drama!!!

  12. Nice story . I will give 4.5/5 to this drama .


    Aray what is this? unfair……….. it needs 5/5……………. its awesome…….. fabulous….. fantastic…… amazing…………. we dont have words to portray it…… hatts of to the team…………….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ww we should be happy becoz tu have 4/5 becoz only show got 4.5/5 is RAM kapoor show I don’t know name and not Bade acche lagte hain. Except that no show have got that rating

  14. Why they r potraying swadhinta as a weak woman.when i saw the promos i felt its different story with a strong female lead.but whenever i see this series swadhinta is crying,confused or seeking a help.sry if i am wrong coz i havnt watched the full episodes.but if she is a lawyer,she should be more tough(this is wht i feel).

    1. Hi Anu how r u yaar

  15. So far the character of Suhasini has been very good. How a working mother keeps balance between husband and her grown up children is very well depicted. However the character of Swadheenta has been not well thought of or the director is not able to show properly. She is shown as weak in some scenes and strong at some places. Also she may not fall in love with any guy just bcoz he helped him or what but her behaviour towards him shld not be rude as if he is a rowdy. She may not accept the coffee offer but she can not be shy or can be friendly to persons she knows already.That to when she knows that he is an IAS and friend of her friend’s groom. However all artists are doing well till now. Directors to improve. No need to rush the love or romance. If it comes slowly the only it is good.

  16. Loving it do far and always look forward to next episode

  17. Nice story n liked the selection of actors they truly filled life for the character sply suhasini I just love her acting

  18. I live the story very much. I would suggest that svadhinta should fall in love with adarsh as fast as possible because I love them together….

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