why is dehleez not picking up in terms of its trps?

hi every one…………. i m a huge fan of swadarsh / robindom / freehood frm day 1. but i was really disappointed when d serial earned just 0.8 trps……………… n further saddened when its trps went down to 0.7 this week. 🙁 so what’s d reason?

well they r numerous………..

take for example, d wrong timings of d show…….. isn’t its 10.30 pm slot a huge disadvantage? even its repeat timings do not help bcz most of us r in our sculs n colleges at that time ( 11.00 am ) or in tuitions n taking a quick nap ( 4.30 pm )……….. so v hv to watch it on hotstar, which does not in anyway add to d dwindling trps.

another reason is d no. of villains in d show………….. we started wid ahuja n singhvi, later simmi too became a villain. as if that was by itself not enough, 2 new characters vanshika n yash were introduced…….. to act as hindrances in d swadarsh luv story. even suhu converted into 1…….. at least for d time being, by fixing adhu’s alliance wid vanshu. trust me, vandarsh ( vanshika + adarsh ) doesn’t even sound gud !!!!!

it seems like all d gud characters r in swadhu’s family……….. be it mamu, mami, or asad. they r never shown as having signs of being antagonists. but over to adhu’s family, n lo! it seems as if every god created villain was sent to d sinha house……. wid d exception of abhay n adhu.

now coming to d concept. d stury had an amazing start, what wid all d mindblowing swadarsh scenes, interspersed wid asad n abhay’s comic scenes. even ahuja was ok to sm point. but as d story progresses, d viewrs r in for a dismal shock. d swadarsh scenes hv been reduced, asad n abhay r nowhere to be seen, n all we get is a glorification of d villains simmi n her dad. even abhay seems to be too much in luv wid his wife……….. so much so that he doesn’t even think twice before tearing d f.i.r. papers against his father-in-law.

while jaideep seems to be taking a turn for d gud, at least wid regards to his brother, his ” innocent ” wife jaya is sooo sweet that she gets vanshika’s relation for adhu w/o even thinking abt his feelings. n to top it all, suhu n manohar too show that they dont care a darn for their son’s feelings n hurriedly perform his roka.

n yes, dont forget d serial moves at a snail’s pace at sm points n as fast as a bullet train at sm. take, for e.g. d speed wid which adhu reached delhi frm faridabad n changed his costume too. n there he found vanshika, waiting for him as if she’d been in luv wid him since d day she was born……. wearing a costume that was a perfect misfit. she had come wid her family all d way frm a foreign land…… even though till d day time suhu had not even said yes for d proposal!!! contrast dis wid d utter slowness wid which d banwarilal case is proceeding………. swadarsh hv not got a single clue as of now, n soon they’ll get bashed up by leela n her husband 🙁 😛

so u see, d dehleez team has been losing out on d technical aspect too…….. for which, till a few days, it had been getting too much of praise n recognition.

n yes, y is adhu always shown to be so love-stricken? get a hold on, guys. for god’s sake, show him doing sm real work………… after all he’s an honest ias officer who wanna change d system……… so how can u show him so much into swadhu related daydreams that he can’t even attend a simple meeting? that too when swadhu hasn’t even fallen for him……. she is wid him just to take his help……… plz show her doing smthings herself too…….. dont fail her at everything until adhu comes to her rescue. u cud hv shown her solving d banwarilal case all by herself…….. n then adhu falling all d more in luv wid her ( if he’s not reached d saturation point already 😛 )…………. y does adhu always hv to help her, rescue her frm goons, cheer her up, etc.????

guys i dont no if i m ri8 or wrong……. i just wrote what i felt……….me so sorry if i hurt anybody’s feelings…………. tellyupdates plz post dis positively. 🙂

n yes guys i want u all to tell me how d cvs can improve d trps n d show too…….. so that if they do care abt public opinion, they shud get what d audience wants……….. otherwise i m afraid this show will wind up even before d no. of epis its planned for …………. n i m sure v sure v certainly dont want that to happen, ri8 ????? so if u r true swadarsh fans, leave ur cmnts below.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. For me it’s definitely the timings I can never watch it at 10:30

  2. Wonder if they can make it between 7 & 8 pm

  3. Timings of the serial is not appropriate.saathiya and DABH have became boring.Hope they give any of those slots to Dehleez

  4. Dehleez is a very good show as
    1) good concept
    2) strong ensemble cast
    3) chemistry between the leads
    4) good acting
    Reason why dehleez may have low trp is not because of time slot but also twist, I know it has been only two weeks for this show but if show gets a twist or something like that viewers will start watching it, I think the reason why Manmarziyan(one of my fav show) didn’t earn trp was due to lack of twist, show had everything but maybe if there was an unpredictable twist show would have gained more trps.
    And if I m not wrong shows on star plus do well due to twists but it’s my request to makers that tey don’t spoil this show by showing something unrealistic , they should show a logical twist

    1. I agree with u fatajaro.may be twists is also one of the reason but timings of the show is also one of the biggest reason.Because most of the parents do not allow to watch TV after 10 or 10.30.The repeated telecast is also in odd times.so most of them are watching on hotstar.Most of them like me were unable to watch it on tv.

  5. we can’t just blame the time time slot. yhm got the time slot at 11.00 pm at first but it gained high trps ( even though now it lost its charm) so strongly think that its coz of its plot. It was love at first sight for Adarsh. How can any one just fall for a girl just by seeing her beauty. I just can’t digest it. I strongly believe its coz of this it can’t gain trps.

    1. Yupp! Agree with u. We can’t blame the timing. Ppl always have time to watch a great show

  6. yeah.. absolutely agree with you Sweety … the timing of this show is very ODD ..
    y cant they swap this show timing with Silsila Pyaar Ka… 8.30 show be a perfect slot…

    1. Exactly because 8.30pm I don’t watch any shows only watch Udaan sometimes as that is time I m free used to watch Silsila Pyaar Ka but then they also spoiled that show , I hope star plus do give dehleez 8.30pm slot because SPK is also not getting good trps as compared to other shows at 8.30pm

  7. Time needs to be changed and they need to show a little niceness from swadheenta. She comes across as a user, a cold hearted snake. Adarsh has been bailing her out every time but she keeps sending out icicles. Warm her up, she needs to lighten up take a chill pill.

  8. I too watch it on hotstar or read jus the written update…becoz I don’t have tym at 10.30 or in afternoon either..

  9. Timing is the main problem.

  10. I totally agree with you sweety, The timings need to be changed first.

  11. Only timing is little bit odd for such an interesting and romantic serial.All casts ate doing well.Slightly a different saga than other serials.
    This serial needs to be encouraged and time setting should be corrected.We all like acting and main cast.
    Keep it up.Best wishes.

  12. We can’t blame the timing, there’s nothing wrong with the timing, ppl alway s have time to watch a great show.
    Let me tell u some reason from me as Harshad’s Fans;
    1. The concept, yeah it’s a fresh concept. But i guess ppl prefer traditional family or History n Mythological concept rather than modern legal n political family. It’s kind of boring.
    2. The lead role. Harshad is a great actor, hi did so well while Beintehaa, he was stand out as the immature Zain Abdullah but not for Adarsh Sinha, he isn’t stand out for that role i think n Tridha too, maybe bcoz she’s a debutant.
    3. Swadarsh Chemistry, sorry to say but i don’t find it’s romantic eventhough it’s a romantic scene, comparing with Zaya in Beintehaa, every single Zaya’s Interraction was so heart touching, that’s why they were a best on screen couple, but I don’t know about Swadarsh. N also, the love at the first sight concept is so old story n odd nowadays, it doesn’t make sense that a man fall for a girl just by seeing her beauty, it’s not true love.
    4. Harshad’s fans. He cant in handle his possesive fans well. That’s make most of the old fans leave him. It makes the trp decrease.


    i feel its MAINLY bcoz of its timing………… sm time quit fast….sm times quit dragging………. adhu not doing any work……… just in his dream world………. more villains getting included……… THE MOST IMPORTANT IS SWADHU IS QUIT DEPENDENT ON ALL………… hope the trps gets increased……..

    1. hey dear…………. thank god u came back………… was missing u soooo……….. 🙂


        missed u too di…. i smtimes do read ur comments….. u really comment well about dehleez…..

  14. I thnk people came 2 no dat this show is nonsense .

    1. no bhaiyya d track is nonsense………… not d show 🙂

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