DEHLEEZ : Mere Dil Ki… part 4


S’’miss swadheentha u r my sons girlfrnd the 1 whom he loves I know u from last 6-7 months and u never thought of telling me about that’’
F’’ma’am I always wanted…’’ b4 she could complete suhasini spoke ’’ I am yet not completed with my talks. So u were lying 2 me from last so many months (they both nods no) oh! I m sorry u might not be knowing each other from months. Lov at first site this is the problem of this 21st century’s generation . U know lov is a very short word and the intresting part is that its effect is very intense but it is 4 a very short period u know . what u both hav in between is not lov its just physical attraction and if I allow u 2 change your stupidity into a committed relationship then I will be more stupid then u . so think about your futer and forget all that what happened between u both ‘’ saying so she gets up to leaves from the café and before leaving she says ‘’ swadheenta thanx 4 the coffee and adarsh I am waiting 4 u in car com fast’’ and she leaves.

Adarsh is about to say something to apologize but b4 he could speak freedom keeps her hand on his mouth 2 stop him from speaking and nods no
F’’u trust me ‘’
A’’ more than my self’’ he cups her face 2 and looks into her eyes
F’’ so I promise u that I will covert this no into yes ‘’ and saying so she hugs him she ask him 2 giv his car keys 2 her and leave

Freedom takes his car keys and sits into his car suhasini questions her again and again but she does not stops the car and drives it 2 her home after reaching there she gets down and too ask her 2 get down she holds her hand and takes her inside her houseand then 2 a room

PRECAP: swadheentha confronts suhasini………….

Frndz tomorrow will be a maha episode so don’t miss it and plezzzz support me and do comment plezzzzz and also write suggestions

Credit to: sunna

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  1. The pre so is a bold move. I am proud of Swadeetha

  2. Soujanya kundu

    Very interesting ff

  3. awsm,plss continue

  4. I like it………Very interesting… Keep writing.

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