DEHLEEZ : Mere Dil Ki… part 3


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RECAP : adarsh told suhasini about his relationship.
A- mom plz don’t b angry.
Suhasini, takes a deep breath nd then smiles adarsh is confused by her reaction
A’’ mom r u all rite’’
S’’I want 2 meet her 2morrow’’
A’’ yes (he tells confusingly) what!(he exclaims)
S’’ r venu has came now first attend the marriage and 2morow I will meet the girl ok ‘’
A’’thanx mom’’ and hugs her.
S’’ I just said yes 2 meet her not 4 this alliance’’
A’’she will compel u 2 say yes once u meet her’’
S’’ lets see 2morow, now shall we attend the function’’
Adarsh nods nd they both leave.
In marriage hall

Suhasini is busy with her frndz and adarsh is getting bored as there is no one 2 company him, suddenly he feels som1’s presence and turns, it is non other than our freedom he wants 2 inform freedom about suhasin’s reply. he calls som child gives him a chocolate and wispers something in his ear the child nods and leaves .
Some children r running and one of them spills juice on freedom’s dress ,she excuses herself and goes 2 washroom 2 clean it .
In washroom ,
Freedom is cleaning her dress when som1 comes and locks the door and hugs her from back she is unable 2 see the face and 2 the amazement of that person (adarsh) she turns and kisses him on cheek .
A ‘’swadhee what is this any 1 will com and hug u like this then u will kiss him’’
F’’ u r not any 1 and by the way 2 know that you r present near by my eyes r not needed, my heart is enough 2 know that nd your touch is not any 1s touch doubts cleared. now tell me what brings you here?’’ nd she raise her eyebrows
A’’ uff! how can u talk so much in 1 breath and I came here with mom I saw u so thot 2 tell u the good news’’

F’’ with suhasini mam ! and what good news? Let me try u told her about our relation ship m I right.’’
A ‘’ absolutely’’and hugs her she 2 hugs him back they are disturbed by a nok at door they break the hug adarsh goes inside and freedom opens the door and says sorry 2 the lady .once she goes inside swadrsh leave they hav food and later leave 4 their respective house.
Freedom is writing her diary then she closes her eyes and remembers something
(Its delhi university where our main lead completed their higher education)(no raging track)
Freedom is in first year of her LLB and she is studing in library when som1 com and sits beside her they study 4 long even witout looking at each others face 4 once. It is 5pm when freedom looks at her wrist watch and exclaims ‘’oh! its alredy 5 I need 2 leave’’
Suddenly the 1 sitting beside her signs her 2 be quite and she looks at his face for a min. and then wispers ‘’adarsh sinha DPS RK Puram Delhi’’
‘’yes but how do u know’’
F’’don’t u remember me seriously annual day play’’
A’’oh Swadheentha Ram Krishna sorry I hadn’t expected u here so a little bit surprised ‘’
F’’me too (she again sits on her chair) can we meet 4 a coffee and talk actually I miss my school frndz very much plz don’t say no ‘’ saying so she holds his hand and drags him 2 canteen even witout waiting 4 his reply

A’’so u didn’t changed same 2 same ‘’
F’’ u too I identified u in 2 sec I was just thinking if I got wrong ‘’
Adarsh simply smiles.
F’’so what r u doing means what r u studing ‘’
A’’ BA in economics 2nd year and then IAS prepration and u’’
F ‘’u were always clear about your destination weren’t u and I am in llb 1st year’’
And there conversation goes long and they met frequently after that sometimes in library, in canteen or outside the campus
F’’ it was a time when we didn’t met 4 7 months and it is a time tody that it never happens that we didn’t meet each other every single day’’
And she sleeps ………..
Freedom comes 2 coffee shop after her hectic day in office and waits for adarsh and suhasini waiter comes and keeps the water glass
F’’today bring 1 black coffee also with the order’’ he nods and leaves.
Suhasini enters and sees freedom sitting there so she excuses and sits with her and freedom is lost in her thoughts 4 somtime
S’’ surprised 2 see u here’’

F’’ ma’am aap’’
S’’ my son bought me here to introduce me 2 his girlfrnd ‘’
Freedom nods ‘’oh I see’’
By the time order arrives and suhasini says ‘’I feel someone will acompny u so I should leave’’
By the time adarsh arrives and sits ‘’ no need mom we r the only one who will sit here she was waiting 4 us’’
S’’so u are his girlfrnd ‘’she replies in shock
Swadarsh nods yes

PRECAP: freedom says 2 adarsh I promice I will convert mam’s no into yes belive me.

Credit to: sunna

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