Dehleez – love triumphs (Intro and Episode 1)


Adarsh (IAS officer)
Swadheenta (lawyer)
Suhasini (adarsh’s mom)
Manohar (adarsh’s father)
Veer (swadheenta’s brother)

Adarsh got up, went to his balcony admiring what a beautiful day it is. He went down to have breakfast with everybody. Suhasini says Adarsh it’s your best friend’s wedding today what are your plans? He smiles and says mom not now please. Manohar laughs and jokes we will find a good girl for him. Adarsh starts laughing and says dad you always take a dig at me. Suhasini says lemme check on the gifts and leaves. Adarsh gets ready for the wedding, and waits for everyone in the hall. Everyone come and leave for the wedding.
They arrive at the wedding. Adarsh meets his friends, he was talking to his friends and suddenly sees swadheenta and is mesmerized.

Precap: Swadheenta met one of her old long lost friend (Adarsh’s Bhabhi) and is speaking to her. Adarsh leaves the wedding after getting a call.

Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Nice 🙂

    1. thanks Shivani appreciate it.

  2. craze about skr


    1. thanks


    wow…… mannat u too write ff…….. then why hurting another writer…….

    anyways coming to epi……. just awesome…………. continue but pls make it longer………… just a request………….

  4. Thanks everyone ??
    Happy holi to all, will upload next episode soon. Also I didn’t mean to hurt any1 if I did then sorry. I was just making an honest comment.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Really!! Then don’t comment on my ff at any time ok

      1. dont pay heed to her ranaji………. i luv ur ff n m sure many oders do that tooooo 😛

        n ur ff is 1 of its own kind…… gives me a relief frm all d exam stress!!!!

        n if u wanna reply do that in ur ff only……… not coming back here….. 😛

  5. Kindly you follow what you’re writing on my ff @ranaji

  6. mannat plz dont mind this…………. but trust me u can really not be a sibling/frnd/follower of d guyz i mentioned in ranaji’s ff………. they r way better than u coz dey talk abt d epi n not criticize d ffs………. 🙁

    any ways it was a gud start……….. but just make it longer.

  7. Dear sweety I really don’t know about whom u r talking. Also I didn’t criticize ony1 it’s my opinion, like the way ur putting up ur opinion here. M not here to prove myself if m better or not m here to write, n m trying to do that so please don’t comment here if all you gonna do is fight.
    Thanks, bless you.

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